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How To Apply For Columbia University 2024: Admission & Application Process

how to apply for Columbia University

Columbia has been a pioneer in academic excellence both domestically and internationally for more than 250 years. The university’s dedication to enticing and involving the brightest minds in the quest for better knowledge about humanity, ground-breaking new discoveries, and service to society lies at the heart of its broad range of scholarly endeavours. Before discussing how to apply for Columbia University, it is important to know that the school has an extraordinarily low acceptance rate (3.73%). The University accepted 2,253 students from 150 different countries out of 60,377 applicants during the most recent academic year. Through its 20 schools, Columbia University provides 90 unique undergraduate degrees, split into more than 70 majors within 21 key academic fields. 

The majority of students at Columbia University get admitted to master’s programmes. Engineering (5,512 students), Professional Studies (4,021), and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (3,679) have the highest master’s intakes at Columbia University. Before applying for admission, international students can research the prerequisites for studying in the USA.

Deadlines For Admission To Columbia University

The deadlines for applying to Columbia University change depending on the institutions and schools. For precise PG programme application deadlines, international applicants are urged to consult the website of the respective institutions. One can get all the information about how to apply for Columbia University and prepare a thorough, genuine, and compelling application right here. The approximate deadlines for UG programmes at Columbia are listed below:

Admission Deadline TypeFall IntakeSpring Intake
Early Action Priority DeadlineJanuary 15, 2024September 1, 2024
Early Action DeadlineMarch 1, 2024October 1, 2024
Schedule Decision DeadlineMay 15, 2024November 1, 2024

Columbia University Admission Deadline As Per Course

CourseAdmission Deadline
M.S Computer SciencePriority Admission Deadline For Fall 2024 Intake[15 Jan, 2024]Regular Admission Deadline For Fall 2024 Intake[15 Feb, 2024]
M.S Biomedical EngineeringAdmission Deadline For Fall Intake[15 Feb, 2024]
M.S Management Science and EngineeringAdmission Deadline For Fall Intake[15 Feb, 2024]
M.A Mathematics of FinanceAdmission Deadline For Fall Intake[4 May, 2024]
M.S Data SciencePriority Admission Deadline For Fall 2024 Intake[15 Jan, 2024]Final Admission Deadline For Fall 2024 Intake[15 Feb, 2024]
M.S Neuroscience and EducationAdmission Deadline For Fall Intake[15 Jan, 2024]
M.S Mechanical EngineeringAdmission Deadline For Fall Intake[15 Feb, 2024]
M.ArchAdmission Deadline For 2025 Intake[3 Jan, 2024]
L.L.MAdmission Open Date For 2025 Intake[1 Sep, 2024]
M.B.AAdmission Deadline For January 2025 Intake[28 Sep, 2024]Admission Deadline For August 2024 Intake[5 Apr, 2025]

Regardless of citizenship or place of residence, the admissions procedure at Columbia is the same for everyone. The university admissions team has expertise in reviewing applicants from a variety of countries, educational backgrounds, and school systems because it has one of the most varied student bodies in the nation. To choose the applicants who will benefit from and contribute to the Columbia experience the most, the university meticulously evaluates each application.

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Graduate Admissions At Columbia University

Columbia University offers graduate programmes in a variety of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, business, medicine, public affairs, journalism, professional studies, engineering, etc. Before submitting an admissions application, international applicants should bear the following in mind:

  • Gather and Submit Your Application paperwork: Compile all of your paperwork and fill out the online application form with the necessary data. 
  • Pay the USD 95 application fee. 
  • Complete Your Application Materials: For your application to be reviewed, all necessary application materials must be submitted.  
  • Your transcripts and any pending test results or letters of recommendation are all included in this.
  • English language proficiency score – TOEFL: 100 [iBT] | 600 [PBT]
  • Most programmes require two recommendation letters. However, some demand three. For specific criteria, please consult your programme of interest.
  • Describe in your resume any professional experience or knowledge relevant to your desired programme.

Tip: A summary of relevant academic research in the fields of science, engineering, and other academic disciplines may be included as a one- or two-page supplement.

Below is an overview of some of Columbia University’s most popular and lucrative programmes: 

CourseApplication Fee
M.S in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics85 USD
MPhil in Psychology120 USD
MA in Architecture75 USD
M.S in Business Analytics85 USD
MS in Computer Science85 USD

Admissions To Columbia University For Undergraduates:

We are delighted to assist you with details pertaining to how to apply for Columbia university. The College does not specify a minimum unit requirement for admission; rather, candidates must demonstrate that they are capable of handling university-level work in the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities. In some situations, it may be preferable to modify the preparation.  

For admission to Columbia University, there are a few minor differences in the requirements for international students. For non-US students, however, simply adhering to the institution’s guidelines is insufficient. You must completely fulfil all standards set forth by federal bodies if you want to pursue higher education in the US. Over 80 different bachelor’s programmes are available at Columbia University to international students.  The steps and prerequisites for applying to undergraduate programmes are listed below:

  • The Coalition Application and the Common Application are both accepted at Columbia. QuestBridge Finalists may also submit their QuestBridge Applications to the university.
  • Copies of all previous post-secondary coursework transcripts.
  • A declaration of intent for academic use.
  • Three recent endorsement letters.
  • A satisfactory TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score, if necessary. 105 [iBT]
  • Application charges. 
  • For qualified applicants, fee waiver alternatives are available.

Columbia University MBA Admissions:

Like no other MBA programme, the one at Columbia University provides real-world exposure. Through a connection between boardroom learning and classroom instruction, the programme is provided by Columbia Business School. Students may choose to participate in internship and externship programmes in a range of business sectors while enrolled in the Columbia MBA programme. Three intakes are available for those interested in the MBA programme for the semester commencing in August.

  • Transcripts
  • Resume 
  • Essays
  • GPA- 3.6%
  • GMAT- 729
  • Executive Assessment, or GRE Score
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Application Received/Submitted Application Fee
  • English language proficiency score – TOEFL: 100 [iBT] | 600 [PBT]

The application materials you submit to Columbia Business School, including essays, must be entirely accurate and original work.The GMAT and Executive Assessment codes for Columbia Business School are QF8-N6-52 and 6442, respectively. When examining your application, the admissions committee will only take into account the best score. 

How To Apply For Columbia University?

How To Apply For Columbia University

As we delve deeper into how to apply for Columbia University, it becomes clear that if you don’t fulfil all the standards, including a strong GPA and excellent SAT and ACT scores, it will be very challenging to be accepted. It’s challenging but not impossible! There are a few things you can do as a high school student to increase your chances of admission to Columbia, despite a highly selective 6.1% acceptance rate.

Columbia University Acceptance Rate:

The 3.9% acceptance rate at Columbia University shows how rigorous admissions are. The university employs a comprehensive examination process and only accepts highly competent candidates. According to the requirements for undergraduate admissions in 2024, newly admitted students must have an SAT score between 1490 and 1560. Those reporting ACT scores between 34 and 35, on the other hand. Graduate admissions have a little higher acceptance rate than undergraduate admissions. Only 1,363, or 22% of the 6,177 total applications received for MBA admissions in 2023 were accepted. The quality of the essays, personal statements, LORs, résumé, etc., in graduate applications, is assessed.

Prepare Your Applications In Advance

Having adequate time to submit the best application possible is related to everything mentioned above.  This is crucial for the reference letters, which Columbia University considers to be one of the prerequisites.  Giving instructors and counsellors as much time as they can enables them to craft strong letters of recommendation is something that students should aim to do. Every component of the application is significant and taken carefully by Columbia’s admission office since the university uses a system known as a pragmatic admissions approach.

How To Apply For Columbia University


Allen Ginsberg, Amelia Earhart, B. R. Ambedkar, Barack Obama, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Isaac Asimov, J. D. Salinger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lou Gehrig, and Warren Buffett are just a few noteworthy alumni from Columbia University. Due to Columbia’s special mix of all-around strong academic departments and proximity to New York City, both the university and its students are in a unique position to fully benefit from both the advantages of attending a top-20 university and living in a major metropolitan area.


Q1. Does Columbia provide scholarships for those applying?

Ans: The university is cognizant of the needs of its foreign students. It does not offer any assistance based on merit. However, it does offer international students who require need-based financial aid. Financial help must be requested by students who need it at the same time they submit their applications.

Q2. Is a GMAT score important for the Columbia MBA programme?

Ans: Yes, a GMAT or GRE score is required for each Columbia University MBA applicant during the application. According to the profile of the MBA class, a GMAT score of 700+ is advised for applicants.

Q3. What kind of students does Columbia University look for?

Ans: The Columbia University Admissions Committee considers each applicant’s potential for academic performance, intellectual capacity, and ability to make independent decisions. Additionally, it considers the candidate’s character, maturity, drive, and curiosity in addition to their general attitudes and interests. Candidates must make sure that all sections of their applications demonstrate good academic success as well as strong writing skills.

Q4. Is it difficult to get admission to Columbia University?

Ans: Yes, Columbia University has very tough and stringent requirements for both the application process and the selection process. The institution got 42,569 applications for the academic year 2024–2025; 2,247 of those were admitted, yielding a 5.2% acceptance rate.

Q5. What is the application deadline for Columbia University?

Ans: Deadlines for applying to undergraduate programmes:

Early Decision Applicants: The deadline for applications is November 1; admission decisions will be announced in mid-December.

Regular Decision applicants must submit their applications by January 1 and should anticipate hearing back by late March.

There are many deadlines for graduate admissions; you can find out what they are on the department website or after you have submitted your application. One must be aware of Columbia University’s top master’s programme admissions deadlines.

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how to apply for Columbia University

How To Apply For Columbia University 2024: Admission & Application Process

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