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Heriot-Watt University Scholarship: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

heriot watt university scholarship

Established in 1821, Heriot-Watt University has contributed to research and development for more than 2 centuries. Specialising in science, technology, engineering, business and design, the university has been at the frontier of several research projects over the course of its history. Most significantly, the university tops in graduate employability in Scotland and ranks 4th in the United Kingdom. Their career support and guidance services are one of the top reasons international students pick this university. Another prominent feature is the Heriot-Watt University scholarship.

Heriot-Watt University has campuses in Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia. They also have courses for distance learning programmes. Because of these facilities, international students get the opportunity to pursue their education in any capacity they wish. Moreover, the Heriot-Watt University scholarships ensure that no student has to undergo the obstacle of finances for their higher education. In the following guide, we have compiled the most beneficial Heriot-Watt scholarships and their subsequent details. Continue reading to find out!

Heriot-Watt University Scholarships For International Students

Heriot-Watt University Scholarships for international students are valued at 40 per cent of the annual tuition fees. One of the major criteria for these scholarships is academic performance. Students must have a consistent academic record, high grades, extracurriculars and more to be eligible for the scholarship. Most importantly, these are disbursed on a first-come-first-serve basis since the seats are limited in number. Thus, students are advised to apply and complete the formalities as soon as possible to avoid any discrepancies later in the process. Here is the eligibility and award amount for international students:

EligibilityAnnual Award Amount (GBP)Award Equivalent for Indians (INR)
Grades 90% and above£3,000INR 3 lakhs
Grades between 80% and 90%£2,000INR 2 lakhs
Grades between 70% and 80%£1,500 (Only eligible for 1 year)INR 1.5 lakhs

Note that the scholarship offered by Heriot-Watt University for students scoring above 80% or 90% is awarded each year throughout the duration of their course. However, students scoring more than 70% but less than 80% are eligible for the award amount only for the first year of their study.

Heriot-Watt University Scholarship For Indian Students

Heriot-Watt University offers scholarships specifically for Indian students in three categories. Here are the details for each.

CategoryAmountMinimum Grades RequiredMinimum Tuition Fee
First-tier merit scholarship£3,00060% and above£26,000 and above
Second-tier merit scholarship£2,50060% and above£23,000 and above
Third-tier merit scholarship£1,50060% and aboveLess than £23,000

Heriot-Watt University Scholarship: Detailed Procedure

As mentioned in the above sections, Heriot-Watt University Scholarships for international students are provided in limited numbers. Students who are eligible and apply within the stipulated deadlines are offered the scholarships. Even then, their profiles and applications a carefully scrutinised to ensure that the candidate is worthy. Thus, it is highly recommended to apply for the scholarships as soon as the applications are open.

Students can apply through Heriot-Watt University’s official portal or through the UCAS Portal. Ideally, students can expect to hear back from the university within a week of applying for most regular courses. Typically, the entire process of acquiring these scholarships is completed within a span of around 10 days. Students are also required to submit results of English language proficiency tests. A minimum overall score of 6.0 is required on IELTS to be eligible for the scholarships. Moreover, candidates must have a minimum of 5.5 in each component of the test.

Why Opt For Heriot-Watt University Scholarships?

One of the major reasons for opting for a scholarship or any other financial aid is because of the high cost of studying. The cost of studying in the UK for international students at any university involves two significant aspects – the cost of tuition and the cost of living. For international students, the average annual cost of tuition at Heriot-Watt University is around £22,083 for standard courses like BA, BSc, MA honours and more. Here are some of the popular courses, their duration and average annual tuition fees.

CourseDurationAverage Annual Cost of Tuition 
Master of Science1 to 2 years£23,000
Master of Business Administration1 year£22,500
Post Graduate Diploma in Management1 year£22,500
Bachelor of Engineering4 to 5 years£18,500
Bachelor of Technology4 to 5 years£18,500
Master In Management1 to 2 years£22,500
Bachelor of Science4 to 5 years£18,000
Bachelor of Business Administration4 years£16,500
Master of Arts1 year£16,000
Bachelor of Arts4 years£16,000
Master of Design1 to 2 years£18,000
Bachelor of Architecture4 years£17,000
Master of Architecture1 year£16,000

In addition to that, let us take a look at the living expenses. Heriot-Watt University is located in Edinburgh. On average, the annual cost of living in Edinburgh is around £14,244. This total is calculated by analysing the monthly expenses for accommodation, transportation, food, groceries, utilities, recreation, etc. Check out the following table for a detailed breakdown of the monthly cost of living in Edinburgh.

Particulars Monthly Cost Of Living In Edinburgh
Off-Campus Accommodation£516
On-Campus Accommodation£711
Total Cost Of Living With Off-Campus Accommodation£1,187
Total Cost Of Living With On-Campus Accommodation£1,382
Annual Cost Of Living£14,244

Why Study At Heriot-Watt University?

Heriot-Watt University is one of the most progressive international institutions located in Scotland. They provide ample opportunities for students to thrive, develop and work on themselves. Here are some of the top reasons why international students choose to join Heriot-Watt University:

  • Heriot-Watt University is ranked 235th by QS World University Rankings 2024 and 34th in the United Kingdom by the Complete University Guide 2023. 
  • The faculty at Heriot-Watt University consists of world-leading academics who strive to create an active learning environment.
  • 95 per cent of the graduates of Heriot-Watt University are employed or pursue higher studies within six months of graduation.
  • They offer many types of financial aid, like scholarships to study in the UK, to help students incur the cost of studying.
  • Students can develop several active connections and form a well-connected network that may help them further in their careers.
  • Heriot-Watt University tops in graduate employability in Scotland and ranks 4th in the UK.


1. What Heriot-Watt University scholarships are available for international students?

Scholarships offered by Heriot-Watt University are available from £1,500 to £3,000 for international students. These are offered based on the student’s academic performance, past records, and merit.

2. When is the deadline to apply for Heriot-Watt University Scholarships?

The deadlines for each scholarship offered at Heriot-Watt University differ. However, the standard deadlines are around January and February for students applying for a September intake. Candidates are advised to apply as soon as their enrolment is confirmed to avoid delays.

3. How can I qualify for Heriot-Watt University Scholarships?

The eligibility for Heriot-Watt University international scholarships is decided through the candidate’s academic performance. Thus, students scoring more than 70% aggregate are eligible for £1,500 (one-time). Students scoring above 80% and 90% will receive £2,000 and £3,000 respectively, for each year of study. Students are also required to get a minimum of 6.0 on IELTS to be eligible for the scholarship.

4. How competitive is the application process for Heriot-Watt University Scholarships?

Heriot-Watt University international scholarships are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Since the scholarships are limited in number, it is advisable to apply and complete the process as soon as possible as scholarships may not be available after a long time.

5. Who should I contact for more details about Heriot-Watt University Scholarships?

Indian students applying to the scholarships offered by Heriot-Watt University can contact Sabarinath Vijayakumar for more details.

Thank you for reading our guide to the Heriot-Watt University Scholarships! Let us know your thoughts or queries in the comments section below!

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heriot watt university scholarship

Heriot-Watt University Scholarship: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

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