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Graduation Day Guide: Tips To Get Through It!

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Graduation is one of the most important milestones of a student’s life. After more than three years of studying at university and managing time while preparing for the assignments and examinations. Graduation day marks the official transition of a student from the university to the outside world. It is an event that is cherished by both students and their close ones like teachers, parents and friends who have been a part of the entire journey. As graduation is the occasion where students can celebrate and look back on what they have achieved over the years, the entire event of graduation can be exciting as well as emotional for most of the students. A graduation day guide could be really helpful in an overwhelming event just like this one.

It is completely normal to feel a bit jittery with so many things going on in your mind. You will be juggling to prepare for a successful finish at your university and starting a new chapter in your life. Keep a few important things in mind which will help you handle graduation day effortlessly and successfully. Here’s a quick guide to graduation day!

Graduation Day Guide

A Guide To Graduation Day

Tips to Prepare Yourself for Graduation Day

Comfort First

As much as you’d like to flaunt your new pair of shoes with classmates and friends at the university. Graduation is not a time for new, fancy footwear. You could be standing with your classmates for about an hour before you get to sit down for the commencement ceremony, so you’ll want to be comfortable. Wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind spending some time in. If you have to wear a new pair, make sure you grab some bandaids before leaving the house. The last thing you want is blisters as you walk across the stage! This graduation day guide is probably not going to sound like sunshine and roses…

Avoid A Bed Head

Don’t worry too much about your hair. Why not? Well, that fancy, ill-fitting cap will squish it. If you’re concerned about how your hair will look. Try on your cap first, see how much of your hair will actually show and style it accordingly. If you are wearing any sort of cord, stole or tassel and have long hair, your hair will get hopelessly tangled in that. The last thing you want is your hair looking like you just got out of bed.

Wear It Right

If you plan on wearing a cord, find out the correct way to wear it before the ceremony begins. You want to make sure it’s over the correct shoulder, pinned in the proper place, right-side-up. Most people don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Another graduation day guide tip, the tassel starts on the right and moves to the left after the ceremony.

Say No To Wrinkles!

Get the wrinkles out of your gown. You do not want to be the person wearing a fancy dress with the original fold wrinkles still in it. Instructions usually say to hang the gown in the bathroom so the steam from the shower will work them out, but this isn’t a guarantee. Either stick the gown in the bathroom several days before graduation or find someone knowledgeable in handling delicate fabrics with an iron.

Carry A Purse

Make sure you carry a small purse or make sure you have pockets to carry your mobile, bandaids, few essential items, etc. But don’t forget to switch your phone to silent mode. 

Take Some Pictures 

Most graduation day guides forget about this one. Have your friend, mom, dad or sibling take a few pictures of you and your loved ones. The professional photos that are snapped in a huge hurry during the ceremony aren’t usually the most flattering. If you want to be sure that you’ll end up with at least a few shots with your eyes open! Entrust your camera to one of your family members or friends.

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Tips For A Positive Graduation Day

Stay Calm

You’re going to have to shake a few hands after your name is called on graduation day. Make sure your hands aren’t all sweaty. Don’t worry that you’re going to trip or fall off the stage, that will only make it worse. A graduation day guide can only give you tips, but it’s you who has to implement them on that day. Take deep breaths and remember that you are not the only one going through this, your classmates are probably feeling the same.

A Meeting Place 

Agree on one meeting place with friends and family a day prior. Once the ceremony is over, it’s a little overwhelming with everyone trying to find friends and loved ones, so simply agree upon a landmark to meet up at after it’s all over. This is especially important since everyone looks pretty much the same in a cap and gown.

Dining Out

You probably think it’s a great idea to go out to eat after the ceremony is over. Well, that’s what everyone else thinks, too. The popular eateries will surely be busy, so call ahead and see if you can place a reservation. If your favorite restaurants are busy, either be patient and wait in line, or try something new. You can even surf the internet to find unpopular places with less crowd, just like you found this graduation day guide.

Enjoy It!

Don’t get stressed out! Unless you plan on coming back for future studies, this will probably be something you will only experience once. Don’t worry about every little detail of the day, you’ve already done all of the hard work and you deserve to be happy!

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Graduation Day Guide: Tips To Get Through It!

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