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Graduate Training Schemes For A 2:2 Degree

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Are graduate training schemes for a 2:2 degree easily available? This has been the most commonly asked question by students who are exploring life after university education. 

Graduate training schemes are abundantly available but hardly advertised. There are many who are still unaware of the availability of graduate training schemes offered by organisations in various fields and specialisations. The top industries that offer graduate schemes are as follows: 

Graduate schemes for 2:2 degree holders are easy to find and are offered by many large and medium-sized organisations. However, these should not be confused with graduate jobs that are full-time commitments.

Let us first address the fundamentals of the graduate training programme and a graduate job. 

graduate schemes for a 2:2 degree

Graduate Scheme and A Graduate Job What’s The Difference? 

We already know what a graduate job is. It’s something we all are preparing for throughout our degree courses. Graduate jobs are offered to university or college graduates depending on their merit and personal attributes. Graduate schemes on the other hand are generally but not exclusively offered by large-scale companies. Graduate training schemes are not widely advertised and are a great alternative to university education. They are highly competitive positions at companies and are offered only to high-performing candidates. It is quite difficult to find a graduate scheme especially if you do not have excellent academic qualifications or records. Graduate schemes for a 2:2 degree are difficult but not impossible to find. 

Best Graduate Training Schemes For A 2:2 Degree

Here is a list of the graduate schemes available for 2:2 Degree applicants. 

NHS Graduate Management Training 

NHS Graduate Management Training is a non-clinical leadership training and development scheme for graduates with a minimum of a 2:2 degree. The training scheme lasts for 24 to 31 months depending on the field of specialisation. The NHS Management Training offers six areas of specialisations The National Health Service (NHS) is a medical care and health service offered to all citizens of the UK. This training scheme is in the top 4 of the 100 schemes offered to graduates according to The Times, UK. 

The aim of the graduate scheme is to transform you into a leader through mentoring, in-class training, and experienced management in a challenging environment. You may also choose to become a part of the training if you wish to gain some hands-on management experience to become eligible for scholarships in the UK

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Deloitte offers a world-class training scheme for graduates who are willing to work on meaningful projects with some of the world’s leading companies as clients. Deloitte offers one of the best graduate training schemes for a 2:2 degree. You will attain a professional qualification in your niche at the conclusion of your training. Deloitte offers permanent positions to its best-performing graduates after the training is completed. This graduate scheme will prepare you to innovate and collaborate with the various industry leaders helping you set new standards for your career. 

A typical candidate for a Deloitte graduate training scheme is someone who can demonstrate leadership skills and has a good academic record. Once you fulfil this basic qualification, you will be tested based on your aptitude through psychometric tests and rounds of interviews or group discussions. 

Ernst & Young 

EY is a world leader in consultation, strategy, tax services, and assurances. One of the primary missions of the company is to prepare for a better working world. Deloitte offers entry-level jobs to graduates as well as training schemes to graduates who are willing to explore and innovate before committing to study or work. Over the years, this company has developed outstanding professionals throughout the period of its existence who deliver accurately to stakeholders. EY highly encourages students to join the graduate training scheme for a 2:2 degree, if they are willing to gain hands-on working experience before joining full-time work. 

EY offers students apprenticeships for undergraduate students, graduate training schemes and helps you build an exceptional career portfolio. 


KPMG is a large-sized organisation that specialises in auditing, consulting, tax & law, technology, engineering, and business advisory. KPMG encourages curious students with good leadership skills to develop their professional skills in an intellectually stimulating environment. KPMG brings together curious talent from around the world to join their talent communities and apply for postgraduate training programmes. KPMG offers graduate training schemes for a 2:2 degree to students within and outside the UK. 

KPMG brings out the optimum potential of their graduate trainees by offering roles at challenging positions and collaborating with other team members to achieve the ultimate goal of the organisation. 


Centrica is a world leader in offering energy services and solutions to clients who are at the heart of value provided by the company. Centrica is dedicated to creating cleaner and greener environments in the most innovative method using advanced technology. You can easily apply for a graduate training scheme with Centrica if you are committed to doing the right thing with integrity. 

The graduate roles at Centrica include Commercial Analyst & Marketing, Energy Marketing & Trading Analyst, Business Management, UK Finance, DigitalTechnology & Software Engineering. 

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Australian student visa process

Graduate Training Schemes For A 2:2 Degree