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Edinburgh Napier University Acceptance Rate 2024: A Guide

edinburgh napier university acceptance rate

Founded in 1964, Edinburgh Napier University is a renowned institution in Edinburgh, Scotland. Commencing education at the college with only 800 students enrolled in technical courses, today, over 20,000 students study across three campuses and even transnational overseas education. Over the decades, the university has maintained the standard of education and consistently introduced state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Therefore, it is an excellent place to study at. But before you move on to the admission process, it is essential to analyse the admission percentage. The Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate is currently around 56%. But why is it important, and how to beat the odds? Continue reading our guide to find everything you need to know about their admission process.

Why Study At Edinburgh Napier University?

Edinburgh Napier University is an ambitious, all-inclusive, and student-friendly campus designed for excellence. Some of the top reasons to choose Edinburgh Napier University as an international student are listed below, backed by relevant data –

  • According to the National Student Survey 2022, Edinburgh Napier University ranks number one for student satisfaction.

  • The Guardian University Guide ranks the university amongst the top five in the UK for Film Production, Photography and Journalism.

  • They teach several degrees in collaboration with the best experts and researchers in Hong Kong.

  • International students from more than 100 countries study at Edinburgh Napier University.

  • The university’s record-breaking education and values have greatly impacted the Kenyan tropical forests, Brazilian tidal crabs, and cybercrime rates and also increased tourism to a large extent.

Edinburgh Napier University Acceptance Rate

Understanding the significance of any university’s acceptance rate is crucial for applicants. It denotes the percentage of enrollment and the competition surrounding their admissions. It gives you an idea of the effort needed to get admitted to the university. The Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate is approximately 56%, which implies that the university is moderately selective.

The best way to ensure your chances are high is to enhance your portfolio as much as possible. You can achieve that by engaging in extracurriculars, volunteering, getting experience in the relevant fields and working on your skill set. Additionally, learn more about the university through open days, alumni network and admission counsellors to understand their requirements and expectations.

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Eligibility And Required Documents

edinburgh napier university acceptance rate

The eligibility criteria are comparatively simple for Indian students. Once you evaluate yourself according to the university’s eligibility, the next step is to analyse the list of documents and start organising them. We have compiled a list of eligibility, common for all courses and the necessary documents to aid the applicants in their application process.

  • A minimum score of 60% in Class 12 or equivalent
  • A minimum aggregate of 60% in a three-year UG degree (for master’s applicants)
  • A minimum aggregate of 55% in a three-year honours UG degree (for master’s applicants)
  • A minimum aggregate of 55% in a four-year professional UG degree (for master’s applicants)
  • Official transcripts of high school diploma and other previous degrees
  • Scores of entrance exams (depending on the course)
  • Scores of English language proficiency tests
  • Details of work experience (may not be mandatory)
  • CV/Resume or portfolio
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal essay
  • Financial statements
  • Visa documents and copy of passport (for international students)

Minimum Required Scores

As the Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate implies, your chances of getting in are high if you depict an impactful portfolio. One of the ways to achieve that is to score high in entrance exams. Although tests like GRE and GMAT are optional, depending on the course, English language proficiency tests are mandatory for all international students, especially for visa procurement. Check out the minimum required scores in each test given below.

ProgrammesExamsMinimum Required Scores
PTE Academic56
Research Degree ProgrammesIELTS6.5
PTE Academic60

Available Intakes And Deadline

Choosing the correct intake can affect your chances of getting ahead of the Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate to a large extent. It is because the number of applicants, available seats and courses vary. The Edinburgh Napier University has three intakes – in September, January and May. Students can begin their application process through the UCAS portal from 1 September 2024 for enrollment in the following September intake. For students residing in the UK, the deadline for application is 25 January, whereas for international students, the deadline is 30 June. However, it is advisable to complete your application as soon as possible to allow adequate time for the university to process your admission.

How To Apply?

edinburgh napier university acceptance rate

Before you begin applying, scrutinise all the prerequisites, and ensure that you fulfil them accurately. Undergraduate students can apply through UCAS, whereas postgraduate applicants can apply via the graduate application portal or the online application form as well. An application fee of £13 to £24 is charged. Once you compile all the documents too, apply to Edinburgh Napier University as follows –

  • The first and most important step is to examine all the courses offered at the university and choose the appropriate modules.

  • Students must then begin their application via any of the portals. If you’re applying through UCAS, remember that the university code for Edinburgh Napier University is E59 ENU.

  • Create an account if needed by filling in your personal credentials. Verify your email address on the following page. It is advisable to use your personal email id to stay updated at all times. 

  • Next, input your choice of degree, previous educational qualification, work experience, personal essay, letters of recommendation and all other documents.

  • Pay the required application fee. Once you submit the application, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • The university will then assess your application and make a decision accordingly. The Admissions Team responds with the decision before 18 May. If you apply after 25 January, you will receive the decision by 17 July.

Finances And Scholarships

edinburgh napier university acceptance rate

The average tuition fee at Edinburgh Napier University is around £15,522 to £17,472 per year. To help students manage the burden of finances, Edinburgh Napier University offers several scholarships for international students.

ScholarshipsEligibilityAmount Offered
South Asia ScholarshipFor self-funding students who meet the academic criteria£2,000 to £3,000 for one year of study
Scotland’s Saltire ScholarshipFor students who have received a conditional or unconditional offer£8,000 for one year of study
GREAT ScholarshipAcademic criteria£10,000
VueVille Future TechnologyWriting an essay on the given topic£1,000
Monica Cole Research GrantProject-based£1,291
Commonwealth Master’s ScholarshipBased on the financial backgroundThe cost of living, airfare, tuition, travel, etc is covered.
1st Formations Business ScholarshipFor current students who have a business interestUSD 800

Contact Information

Address: Sighthill Campus, Sighthill Court, Edinburgh, EH11 4BN, United Kingdom

Phone: 0333 900 6040

Website: Edinburgh Napier University

Email: 20studentrecruitment@napier.ac.uk 

Open Days are a great way to visit and explore the campus since they give you an idea of the student life there. Edinburgh Napier University has organised the next Open Days on 23 September 2024 and 28 October 2024. Interested students can register via this website.


Q1. What is the Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate?

Ans: The Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate is currently around 56%.

Q2.  Is it hard to get accepted at Edinburgh Napier University?

Ans: As the admission percentage signifies, the university is moderately selective.

Q3. Is Edinburgh Napier University good?

Ans: Edinburgh Napier University is ranked 401 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.3 stars, according to student reviews conducted through several national surveys.

Q4. Does Edinburgh Napier University give unconditional offers?

Ans: The university gives conditional and unconditional offers depending on your qualifications and application.

Q5. What is the minimum GPA required for Edinburgh Napier University?

Ans: For admission to Edinburgh Napier University, you should have an undergraduate degree from a recognised university or college with a minimum GPA of 3.25.

Thank you for reading our guide to the Edinburgh Napier University acceptance rate! Let us know your queries or experience in the comments section below.

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edinburgh napier university acceptance rate

Edinburgh Napier University Acceptance Rate 2024: A Guide

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