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Doctor Salary In UK In 2024: Best Jobs, Highest Salary & More

Doctor Salary in UK

Practising medicine is the noblest form of giving to society and being a doctor in the UK is no walk in the park. It’s a journey that brings immense rewards and challenges in equal measure. Anyone considering this move will want to educate themselves on the salary structure as well. The doctor salary in UK is £44,000 – £77,000 per year. This number will definitely increase as you gain experience year on year. We have expanded more on doctor salary in UK, read thoroughly below!

Doctor Salary In UK: Position By Position

Doctors in the UK are a field which has prestige and pay through a series of promotions. As a doctor, your salary will hugely depend on your level of training, experience and skills. This will keep on increasing and increasing as time goes on and this section of the blog discusses doctor salary in UK as per different levels.

Doctor Salary In UK For Those In Training

Those who are still training are classified under F1 and F2 types of doctors in the UK. You can read about their average salaries below: 

  • FY1 and FY2 – These are junior trainees in a hospital whose basic pay is between £32,000 – £37,000 per year. 
  • Speciality Registrar or Speciality Doctor (StR) (Core Training) – A doctor in speciality training usually earns £41,300 in their first year of practice. 

Additionally, you will not have to worry about being compensated for the extra hours you put in. This will all be covered with the added 37% given with your basic pay. This is for all those times you are called urgently overnight, on a weekend or maybe a national holiday. 

Latest News: Doctors in training will have their salary increased by £1,250 from March 2024 which is an average of 8.8% in total. 

Doctor Salary In UK For Consultants

This number can be between £93,666 – £126,281 per year. Your salary will depend on the length of your service. Along with additional earnings, it can go up to £143,000 per year. This will cover your on-call responsibilities, medical awards, geographical allowances and other activities.

Latest News For Consultants In The UK: The pay deal starting from March 2024 will mean an increase of 6%.  

Doctor Salary In UK As Per Speciality

Specialist doctors earn from £51,000 – £90,000 as basic pay. Their contract lasts for 40 hours and you will be paid for extra hours worked, weekend work and on calls as well. These are some of the specialisations and their salaries: 

SpecialisationAverage Salary Per Year
Clinical Psychologist£217,000
Forensic Pathologist£195,000
General Medical Practitioner£136,000
Forensic Pathologist£195,000
General Medical Practitioner£136,000
Genetic Counsellor£117,000
Paediatrician £162,000
Physical Therapist£116,000

Doctor Salary In UK By Experience

The number of years you spend working as a doctor will determine your current pay. Naturally, more years in the field mean a higher salary. You can check out the different salary packages for doctors in the UK as per their experience:

Work ExperienceAverage Salary
0-1 years£23,000 – £34,000
1-2 years£27,000 – £37,000
2-5 years£33,000 – £43,000
5-10 years£39,000 – £52,000

If you have been working for 20 or more years, in such cases your salary might be above £100,000 per year. 

How Does Location Come Into Play

Regions in the UK have varied salaries, we hope you understand from the highest to lowest paychecks offered in the infographic below: 

Further explaining the above percentages better: 

  • England – £300,000
  • Scotland – £227,000
  • Wales – £151,000
  • Northern Ireland – £149,000

Doctor Salary Variations In The UK By City 

The salaries of doctors vary city-by-city in the UK, have a look at the below table for more clarity on this:

Name of the CityAverage Salary
Kingston upon Hull£186,000

How Can Indian Students Become Doctors In The UK?

Here are some simplified ways in which you can become a doctor in the UK: 

Getting Into Medical School: To even get a foot in the door in a UK med school, you’ll need solid qualifications. This means high grades in GCSEs or equivalent. Plus taking those brutal A-level courses in sciences and maths. 

  • Undergraduate: Here, each university will have its own criteria. 
  • Postgraduate: For those who already have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, the graduate entry programme lets you skip a few steps. You can accelerate to an MD level. 

Earn A Medical Degree: Here you must’ve earned an MB (Bachelor of Medicine) or the classic MBBS

Foundation Programme: This is a mandatory 2-year foundational training programme. Think of it as residency of sorts. 

Speciality Training: Now it’s time to specialise after 2 years of training. You will spend the next 5-8 years buckling down with rigorous speciality training. This will transform you into an expert. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Doctors have to commit themselves to continuous education. This means attending conferences, devouring scholarly publications and maybe even publishing research projects.  

Registration With The General Medical Council In The UK

You will need to register with the General Medical Council of the UK to be called an official doctor. The following points should take you through the process of registration: 

  • Confirm your eligibility prior to registering with the General Medical Council. 
  • After your eligibility has been verified, you will have to pay an application fee of £150.
  • The GMC should then send you an email outlining the documents needed hereon.
  • Now, you will have 28 days to scan and send your documents with evidence files as well. 
  • Within 3 months of sending your documents, you will be asked to present yourself for an identification check. 
  • Now that your identification is verified successfully, registration will be done fully.

Doctors In The UK Vs India

Doctors have polar opposite lives in these two countries, we have tried to explain the differences in simple terms below:

Healthcare SystemNational Health Service (NHS)Mixed System with state and private sectors
FundingTaxesMarket and competition
Salary DeterminationGovernment-setMarket-driven
Working ConditionsGenerally regulatedLong hours, difficult situations due to high demand
Cost of livingHighLower
Salary AdjustmentsReflects higher cost of livingMay not necessarily reflect the cost of living
Overall Impact on PayHigher pay due to government regulationLower pay due to market dynamics and economic factors. 

Doctor Salary In UK Vs India

Here is how their salaries differ:

Level/ExperienceAverage Salary In The UKAverage Salary In India
Junior Doctor£24,000 – £34,000Rs 5,00,000 – Rs 8,00,000
Consultant£39,000 – £70,000Rs 10,00,000 – Rs 18,00,000
Specialist£34,000 – £64,000Rs. 8,00,000 – Rs. 15,00,000
General Practitioner£34,000 – £59,000Rs. 8,00,000 – Rs. 13,00,000
Surgeon£34,000 – £74,000Rs. 8,00,000 – Rs. 18,00,000
Senior Doctor£39,000 – £79,000+Rs. 10,00,000 – Rs. 20,00,000


Are Indian doctors required to pass additional exams or certifications in the UK?

Yes Indian doctors are required to pass the Professional and Linguistic Board Test (PLAB) to study in the UK.

Which colleges or universities are best for pursuing a medical degree in the United Kingdom?

The University of Aberdeen, University of Cambridge, University of St. Andrews, Swansea University and many others are top-notch for medicine in the UK.

How long does it take for Indian doctors to obtain registration with the GMC?

It might take a few days to several weeks to obtain a GMC registration.

Are there any language requirements for Indian doctors who wish to work in the UK?

Doctors wishing to take the PLAB test should have successfully completed the IELTS or the Occupational English Test. 

What cultural adaptation challenges might Indian doctors face when working in the UK?

They have difficulty adjusting to different healthcare systems, communication styles and expectations of patients. 

What is a doctor salary in UK?

The average doctor salary in UK is £44,000 – £77,000 per year

What type of doctors in the UK are most in demand?

Psychiatrists, Cardiologists and Surgeons are of the highest demand in the UK.

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Doctor Salary in UK

Doctor Salary In UK In 2024: Best Jobs, Highest Salary & More

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