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Data Analytics Courses In Canada: A Detailed Guide

data analytics in Canada

To pursue their higher education from prominent institutes, many students from all over the world prefer Canada. Universities have therefore begun to offer MS in data analytics in Canada and other popular fields. It might be confusing for many to select the appropriate college. So, You can learn more about the best data analytics courses in Canada by reading this blog. 

Before we get to data analytics courses in Canada, Let’s have a look at the top 7 universities in Canada offering this course along with their rankings:

Name of the university Tuition feesRanking
The University Of British ColumbiaCA $39,575#46
The University Of TorontoCA $67,370#26
Queen’s UniversityCA $56,961#240
Ryerson UniversityCA $33,423 to CA $38,584#851-900
University Of Canada West CA $73,000#1388
University Of OttawaCA $45,000#230
University Of WaterlooCA $34,254#149

About Data Analytics 

In the current digital era, data analytics is becoming an increasingly significant field as many sectors rely on data-driven information for the decision-making process.  Data analytics can take many different forms, and it is commonly used in business, science, and social sciences. A valuable technique for acquiring information and enhancing a company’s decision-making process is data extraction. A whopping 62% of retail businesses assert that data analytics has given companies a competitive edge.

Data analysis comes in a variety of forms, including prescriptive, predictive, descriptive, and data mining. By identifying trends and indicators in large data that could otherwise go unnoticed, skilled data analysts can significantly improve a company’s efficiency.

Importance Of Data Analytics 

  • The goal of data analytics is to comprehend the evolving nature of data over time.
  • Organisations often hire data scientists or analysts to determine the most effective implementation strategy.
  • The data analytics sector offers numerous opportunities for individuals.
  • Future prospects in this field are promising which enable individuals to accomplish more.
  • It’s advantageous to maximise your time and utilise it wisely.
  • Consider seizing the opportunity to embark on a lucrative career path, especially after completing data analytics courses in Canada.

Data Analysis Courses In Canada 

Some of the most popular  data analytics courses in Canada colleges are listed below:

Master’s Of Data Science Programme – University Of British Columbia

The 10-month full-time Master of Data Science Programme at the University of British Columbia offers students a thorough education in data science. Big data analytics, machine learning, and data visualisation are all covered in the course. Students will get practical training utilising programmes like R, Python, and Hadoop. People who desire to work in data science should enrol in the programme.

Data Analytics Programme – University Of Toronto

A part-time certificate programme in data analytics is available from the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto for working people who are interested in expanding their skill set. The course covers a variety of subjects, including data management, data visualisation, and analysis of data. Students gain knowledge about how to efficiently work with data using programmes like SQL, Excel, and Tableau. Six courses must be completed for the programme to be completed, and students have up to three years to do it.

Certificate In Analytics – Queen’s University

The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University provides a certificate programme in Analytics for Leaders. The course is intended for professionals in their mid-career who want to improve their analytical capabilities to aid in strategic decision-making. It is one of the popular data analytics courses in Canada. Data mining, predictive analytics, and data visualisation are among the subjects it covers. The programme can be finished in as short as 10 months and calls for the passing of six modules.

Data Analytics Certificate Programme – Ryerson University

The eight-month part-time Data Analytics Certificate Programme at Ryerson gives students a solid foundation in data analytics. Techniques for data analysis, data visualisation, and machine learning are all covered in the programme. Students will get practical training utilising programmes like R and Python. People who are looking to shift into a job in data analytics should enrol in the programme.

Data And Web Analytics Courses – University Of Canada West 

To give you good prospects in the Canadian market, this university offers courses in web analytics and statistics. They offer a few credentials issued by digital marketing organisations. Case studies from the industry are covered in their course, which will help you understand more about the businesses. You’ll receive toolkits, technical training, interactive learning, and other assistance. Their course can be a suitable option for you if you are interested in seeking data analytics courses in Canada.

Microprogramme Data Analysis For Public Policy – University Of Ottawa

Data analysis is becoming a more common foundation for major policy endeavours. The proposed micro-program would introduce students to the analytical techniques needed to analyse data for information that may be used to guide public policy. The fundamental programme comprises three courses that allow students to become familiar with data analysis methods and software while also applying what they have learned to a practical policy issue.

Graduate Diploma In Data Analytics – University Of Waterloo

One of the well-known data analytics courses in Canada is Graduate Diploma In Data Analytics from the University Of Waterloo. The graduate diploma in data analytics will give students the skills they need to analyse data to improve the productivity and profitability of enterprises. The diploma’s dual academic and organisational goals are as follows:

  • Provide professionals at all organisational levels, across industries, and students who are keen to advance their analytics skills with graduate-level professional education in the developing field of data analytics.
  •  Students who intend to conduct data analytics applied research should be given a thorough foundation.

Eligibility Criteria For Data Science Courses In Canada

In order to get admission at a leading data science college in Canada, students must satisfy the admission criteria and submit all necessary documents alongside their application for admission.

RequirementsBachelor’s DegreeMaster’s Degree
Academic Requirement75% in Secondary school4-years Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or Machine Learning
English Language RequirementsIELTS: 6.5-7.0TOEFL: 100IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
Documents RequiredSchool Transcripts2-3 LORsSAT ScoresSOP Proof of FinancesCollege Transcripts2-3 LORsUpdated CVSOPProof of Finances

Data Analytics In Canada – Career Prospects


Data analysts are in high demand right now across Canada in cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto. For positions like Qualitative Analyst, Canadian banks and financial organisations like the Bank of Montreal and Toronto-Dominion Bank actively look for someone with a history in data analysis. 

Numerous occupations with pay rates associated with specialisation are accessible in Canada if you’re thinking about a career in data analytics. Business analysts in Canada make $71K a year, compared to $48K for digital analysts. Data analysts in Canada can anticipate earning $87K per year. There will be a growing need for experts with analytical skills as the field of data analytics continues to expand. As a result, those who choose a career in data analytics should anticipate having high employment prospects and the possibility of a pay rise as they gain expertise. 

ProfessionAverage Salary
Data AnalystCA $70,241
Data Scientist CA $95,700

Scholarships Offered 

Canada stands out as a highly cost-effective choice for international students looking to study abroad. To alleviate the financial burden on students, Canada offers a wide array of scholarships. These financial aids include university-specific scholarships, government-sponsored grants, as well as awards from private agencies and organisations. Below, you will find a table with a selection of well-known international scholarships available to students enrolled in data science programmes at Canadian colleges:

Name of the scholarship Scholarship amount
BrokerFish International Scholarship CA $1,420
Go Clean Scholarship CA $4,971
Karen Mckellin International Leader of Tomorrow AwardVariable amount
Debesh Kamal Scholarship CA $1,967
Paul Foundation ScholarshipsCA $28,654


Data analytics expertise is highly sought after in today’s digital world across many businesses. Taking a data analytics course in Canada can assist students in gaining the hard and soft skills necessary for success in this industry.  Two of Canada’s premier data analytics programmes, Analytics for Leaders at Queen’s University and Data Analytics at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, equip students with the information and abilities necessary to thrive in their careers. Data analytics offers a variety of career routes, so there are many chances for people to succeed in this fascinating and fulfilling industry.


How long is the data analysis course in Canada?

The certificate can be earned in three years for students. However, there are also diploma courses that take 10 months to a year to finish, as well as online and part-time courses. 

Is data analysis in high demand in Canada?

Several professional opportunities require the in-demand talent of data analytics. The 4 million terabytes of internet usage each day by Americans generates enormous amounts of data, which fuels a wide range of employment in the four industries of data science, business, finance, and marketing. You can enter any of these fields by learning data analytics. One of the key competencies required to land one of these jobs is data analytics.

Who is eligible for the data analytics courses in Canada?

To get admitted to a big data analytics programme, applicants must also have an overall grade point average of at least 60 in their 10+2 diploma.

How much does it cost to study data analytics in Canada?

You should expect to pay between CA $50,000 and CA $55,000 per year.

What is the basic salary for a data analyst in Canada?

It is estimated that a data analyst in Canada makes an annual income of about CA $57,000. Salary, however, might differ based on criteria like geography, experience, and sector. Senior-level data analysts can make up to 100,000 CAD annually.

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data analytics in Canada

Data Analytics Courses In Canada: A Detailed Guide

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