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DAAD Scholarship Germany Breaking Records!

Pop Quiz: Have you heard the name Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst? No?. How about German Academic Exchange Service? Commonly recognised by the Acronym DAAD. Rings a bell? What is DAAD  ? We’re talking about DAAD Scholarship Germany, the most attainable award funded by DAAD, the world’s largest funding German organisation! 

Here’s another one, What are the DAAD Scholarships benefits in Germany? Apart from offering monthly stipends and covering tuition fees? Can’t think of more? Looks like you aren’t prepared for the test. No worries, here are some notes on DAAD Scholarship, Germany : 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Who Does The DAAD Scholarship, Germany Target? 

What is DAAD? Who does it target?The scholarships are aimed at Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral and Postdoctoral students. In addition to creating a cohort of DAAD Scholars in Germany, the institute also organised a Third Country Program. For students who want to pursue their research and studies from their home countries or regions. 

How Many DAAD Scholarships Have been Offered and Who Can Apply? 

Founded in 1925, German Academic Exchange Service has produced 2.6 million scholars till 2021, in Germany and abroad. With a motto: Exchange By Exchange, DAAD aims to strengthen international affairs through exchange of bright minds between Germany and nations worldwide. This has also encouraged exchange of language and culture. 

Students from all nations can apply from all around the world. The largest number of applications come from Russia, Azerbaijan and the USA.  The DAAD scholarship benefits for international students are many.

Let’s Dive Into The Intermediate Notes for DAAD Scholarship Germany 

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What Are The Requirements of DAAD Scholarships? 

What are the requirements for DAAD scholarship? The first thing you need to do is apply to the German university you wish to study your desired subject. Next, you can apply for a DAAD Germany Scholarship after you have selected which scholarship you want to apply for. Scholarships are available for Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Doctoral and Postdoctoral degrees. 

You will have to submit your application with the following information: 

You must provide certified copies wherever possible. 

Applications must be submitted in English and German wherever possible.

Other requirements for DAAD scholarship include-

  • Proof of Name and Nationality 
  • Proof of personal details and contact information (place of birth, any titles you hold, country of residence and place of birth). 
  • Academic certificates, transcripts of all the degrees you hold. 
  • Certificates of Experience (minimum of 2 years).
  • Previous visits to work and study abroad.
  • Language Skills (German and English)
  • Professional Occupational with written Proof
  • Career goals and project timelines.
  • Extra curricular activities and interests 

In addition to the information above, you also have to submit 3 vital documents:

  • Letter of Motivation: Covering why you want a scholarship, expectations from this grant and how this scholarship in Germany will help you in your future goals. 
  • You also need to submit a research proposal highlighting the timeline of your project, overview of the project, context and objectives. 
  • You must also submit academic references in addition to other recommendations to be eligible for this scholarship in Germany.

Do You Need To Learn German To Get A DAAD Scholarship in Germany?

Only for courses that are taught in German you will need to present a DSH 2 or a Test DaF 4 certificate. At the time of application for these courses a minimum B1 level certificate is mandatory to be presented. 

For English language courses, you may present your English Language skills through English Proficiency Tests (EPTs) such as TOEFL and IELTS. 

What Is The Value of a DAAD Scholarship?


The funds are decided by the selection committee, highly depending on the subject of research in question

  • Postgraduate students are eligible for a monthly stipend of €850. 
  • Postgraduate and Doctoral students may receive travel grants. 
  • Doctoral students will be provided with a monthly stipend of €1,200. 

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Let’s come to the part that really matters, The Final Note.

What is the Selection Criteria for DAAD Scholarship in Germany? 

You need to be a highly qualified and motivated individual. We recommend you submit all your letters of achievements, contributions (publications, appearances, projects) and extra curricular interests. Include these in your letter of motivation. You can learn how to write a winning scholarship essay

You will also be assessed on your research proposal. Your research proposal should be crisp yet highly detailed. Include proofs, time plans and milestones. 

In terms of age and experience, there is no upper age limit to apply for this scholarship. However, there needs to be a minimum of three year gap between previous degree and year of application for DAAD Scholarship  in Germany.

We hope you’re prepared for your journey to obtain a DAAD  Scholarship in Germany. 

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DAAD Scholarship Germany Breaking Records!

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