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Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students In 2024

Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students

Are you considering pursuing a programme like a Masters in Science in an international country? Germany, with its popular universities, offers global students a qualitative educational experience, career possibilities, a quality curriculum, and more. Understanding the cost of an MS in Germany for Indian students is crucial for a hassle-free studying experience overseas. 

In addition, the cost of studying MS in Germany for Indian students varies depending on factors like tuition fees, administrative fees, semester fees, social contribution fees, and more. While most universities in Germany do not include tuition fees as a part of the entire programme charges, a few private universities may include them. 

What Is Overall Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students?

The cost of MS in Germany for Indian students ranges from EUR 2.755 to EUR 16,500 per year. This makes studying in Germany an affordable destination for pursuing exceptional education. Moreover, most colleges or universities in Germany are state-funded, meaning most colleges do not include tuition fees. 

When you begin studying for an MS in Germany, you can expect reasonable costs for other essential factors, as the living expenses in this country are around EUR 4,910 to EUR 7,100 per year. If you want to know more about the total cost of MS in Germany for Indian students, contact our UniScholars experts to plan your programme budget seamlessly beforehand. 

Top Public Universities In Germany For MS Programme

Germany offers a number of top-notch universities that provide exceptional learning experiences to international students. These universities are designed to assist students in leveraging practical skills and grabbing research-based opportunities in diverse sectors. On average, Germany has around 300 public universities, 100 private universities, and some applied science universities.

While the universities listed below do not require tuition fees, the MS fees in Germany for Indian students may add up as these universities tend to charge extra fees for international students. To help you identify your ideal University in Germany, let us explore top public universities for the MS programme. 

Top Germany Public UniversityTuition Fees
Technical University of MunichNo tuition fees. However, a semester fee covers free transportation costs (within that state) and other student discounts with a student ID card.
Freie University of Berlin
Humboldt University of Berlin
RWTH Aachen University
University of Hamburg
Technical University in Berlin
LMU Munich
Technische Universität Dresden
University of Bonn
University of Leipzig

Tuition Fees For MS In Germany: Public Vs Private Universities

When searching for your ideal University to pursue an MS in Germany, it’s essential to consider the overall fees for the programme. Universities in Germany have two categories: Public and Private. Public universities tend to have lower costs, whereas Private universities include expensive programme fees. 

Sounds confusing? Let’s look closer into MS in Germany cost in Indian rupees, or overall studying cost for MS in Germany. 

Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students: Public Universities

Most of the public universities in Germany do not include tuition fees for Masters in Science programmes, even for non-EU students. However, Indian students may be charged additional fees.

University NameTuition Fees
University of FreiburgEUR 1430 per semester
Technical University in BerlinNo fees
University of TubingenEUR 1430 per semester
Naden WuttembergEU 1430 per semester
Technical University of MuchinNo fees

Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students: Private Universities

The cost of MS in Germany for Indian students in private universities can be expensive comparatively as it offers top-notch research and education. 

University NameTuition Fees
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of ManagementEUR 33,000
GISMA Business SchoolEUR 28,670
SRH University of Applied Sciences BerlinEUR 24,400
Herdecke UniversityEUR 33,000
Jacobs University BremenEUR 18,700

Scholarships In Germany For Indian Students

Universities in Germany offer a wide array of scholarship programmes for international students to provide monetary aid to cover the cost of MS in Germany for Indian students. However, the scholarship programmes listed below are provided by the German government, universities or private enterprises.

Scholarship Programmes

  • Bayer Foundation
  • Deutschlandstipendium
  • DAAD Scholarship
  • Heinrich Boll Foundation
  • Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • And More

Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students: Pre-Arrival

The educational journey does not start when you enter the University but when you begin preparations for specific entrance and other examinations. While preparing for these tests is crucial, it includes the overall cost of MS in Germany for Indian students. We highlight a few aspects to help you get an overview of the overall cost. 

FactorsAverage Cost
Registration Fees – TOEFLEUR 162
Registration Fees – IELTSEUR 154
GRE TestEUR 180
Visa applicationEUR 71

Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students: Post-Arrival

So, you have finalised your ideal University in Germany. What’s next? After moving to Germany for the programme, you must consider living costs and other arrangements like rent, food, and essential utilities. Let us explore a few crucial pre-arrival factors and costs to help you plan the cost of MS in Germany for Indian students beforehand. 

Essential FactorsCost (Per Month)
TransportationEUR 220
House RentEUR 385
Health InsuranceEUR 99
FoodEUR 385
Books and study materialsEUR 49
Other UtilitiesEUR 27

Overall Annual Cost Of Studying Masters In Germany

Germany is known for providing top-quality education with affordable fees for international and domestic students. However, a few federal states have now begun charging tuition fees for non-EU students. To help you understand different aspects of the cost of MS in Germany for Indian students, we list a complete overview of expense factors below. 

Type of CostPublic UniversityPrivate University
Administrative costEUR 294EUR 558
Tuition FeesEUR 13,668
Pre Arrival costEUR 418EUR 418
Post Arrival costEUR 1650EUR 1653
Total CostEUR 2,366EUR 16, 325

Part-time Work Opportunities In Germany 

Indian students can leverage the part-time job opportunities in Germany to cover the cost of MS in Germany for Indian students while continuing the programme. Students from non-EU countries studying in Germany can work 240 days (half-day working) and 120 (full days) per year. Let’s explore part-time jobs in Germany. 

Type of Jobs (Part-time)Salary Per Annum
Shopping AssistantEUR 13482
Cab DriverEUR 13482
Food Delivery AgentEUR 11235
Customer Care ExecutiveEUR 43818
Data CollectorEUR 9550

How To Minimise Cost Of Study In Germany?

Even if Germany is an affordable destination to pursue a Master’s degree, you can still seek cost-effective solutions to complete the programme within your budget seamlessly. We are focusing on a few factors to reduce the overall cost of MS in Germany for Indian students. 

Shop At Discount Markets

Try buying groceries and other food items from affordable stores like Aldi, Lidl, Penny or Netto. 

Visit DM and Rossman

These are a chain of drug stores which are very same to Walgreens in the US and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. This is where you can buy items like umbrellas, clothing, household items, personal care and more. However, when it comes to medicine, you will have to turn to Apotheke. 

Go To Turkish Or Asian Markets

Germany has several Turkish and Asian markets with high quality of food at much lower prices. The mother of all Asian supermarkets can in found in East Berlin’s Lichtenberg at the Doug Xuan Centre. 

Get Your Pfand On

This is a deposit system where a small amount if added to the price of certain items like water and beer bottles. You can later take the empty bottles to the supermarket, where you’ll find a machine that takes all the bottles and will issue you a credit receipt. You can use this receipt at the shore as an exchange for cash. 

The PAYBACK programme

This is Germany’s most popular rewards and loyalty programme. This is where members can collect points by shopping at partner stores such as REWE, DM or Fressnapf. More than 30 million people in Germany have a PAYBACK card!

Avoid Using Certain ATMS

There are several ATMS all around Germany, however, you should avoid the ones not associated with your bank like Euronet. They tend to charge very high fees to withdraw money. It’s better to take out money from one of your bank’s ATM machines for a cash withdrawal. 

Travel Germany With A Bahncard

If you travel a lot in the Deutsche Bahn, its wise to purchase a Bahncard which will qualify you for discounts on your tickets. Note that it’s not worth it if you don’t use the train as much. Also adding to that, it has a notoriously hard membership cancellation, you’ll have to apply at least 3 months in advance. 

Most Affordable German Cities For Indian Students

Let’s have a look at the top 10 cities where the cost of living is lower than the German national average!

Name Of The CityAverage Cost Of Living
Halle (Saale)€670


1. How Much Does It Cost of MS In Germany for Indian students?

Public universities in Germany usually don’t include tuition fees for MS programmes. However, Students must pay a semester fee (€65-€240) for administrative costs and public transportation. Living fees in Germany are expected to be €934 a month or €11,208 per year.

2. Is Germany Costly For Indians?

Germany is not expensive for Indians as education, mainly Master’s degrees, are affordable with tuition fees of around nine lakhs. Additionally, the cost of living in Germany is manageable by allowing students to save money and maintain an excellent work-life balance. 

3. What Is The Salary After MS In Germany?

The average salary for a master’s degree holder in Germany is €123,000 per year.  For instance, scientific research can anticipate an earnings of €56,466 annually. The income range depends on the company and the individual’s qualifications.

4. Is Germany An Ideal Destination For Indian Students Pursuing Masters?

Germany is a highly recommended destination for Indian students pursuing a master’s degree due to top-notch universities, low tuition fees, post-degree visa advantages, and a wide range of scholarship programmes. 

5. What Are The Top Universities In Germany For MS Degree?

The top universities in Germany for Indian students to pursue a Master’s degree are the Technical University of Munich, Freie University of Berlin, RWTH Aachen University, Technical University Berlin, and the University Of Hamburg. 

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Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students

Cost Of MS In Germany For Indian Students In 2024

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