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Cost Of Living In Singapore For Students 2023

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It is general knowledge that the median cost of living in Singapore is expensive. In Singapore, one person’s typical monthly expenses (without rent) are roughly 800 SGD. This is much more for a four-person family wherein the cost of living in Singapore is 4,400 SGD per month. As for students on the other hand: the estimated cost of living in Singapore for international students ranges between 1,515 SGD to 1,530 SGD per month. Let’s dive deep into the monthly expenses that you’re likely to incur and which areas will make it easy on your pockets!

For those who can afford it, the city-state provides an exceptional lifestyle, from intensifying rent prices to some of the world’s most expensive private education. However, people will be relieved to learn that not all living expenses are prohibitively expensive. If you eat dishes from local places, eating out and restaurant bills can be inexpensive. Taking the bus rather than a taxi might also help you save money on travel and transportation.

This section delves into the cost of living in Singapore by district, highlighting the most costly and least expensive areas in the city. Living expenses in Singapore can be estimated by learning about these areas. 

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What Is The Cost Of Living In Singapore?

Here’s a monthly breakdown of the essential living costs in Singapore for international students –

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus AccommodationSGD 550
On-Campus AccommodationSGD 565
TransportationSGD 110
FoodSGD 580
UtilitiesSGD 137
EntertainmentSGD 58
GroceriesSGD 137
ClothesSGD 53
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus AccommodationSGD 1,550
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus AccommodationSGD 1,530
Annual Cost Of LivingSGD 18,180

Understanding The Cost Of Living In Singapore

  • The most costly rent is in the Central region. This region contains the city’s financial and retail hub, making it more expensive to rent in. 
  • The lowest rent is in the north and east. Expats who don’t mind travelling to work flock to these greener neighbourhoods because they are close to foreign schools. 
  • Education is costly. Children of Expats in Singapore are frequently sent to foreign universities. Because the city boasts one of the most costly school systems in the world, this pushes up monthly spending. 
  • To save money, shop for groceries locally. Cooking at home is less expensive in this city-state.

How Expensive It Really Is?

Singapore is well-known for being one of the most costly places in the world to live in. To bring their dependents to Singapore, foreigners on an S Pass (employment visa) must earn roughly 6,000 SGD (4,330 USD) per month in a Singapore-registered firm. When people make the switch, they’ll see why it’s vital once they start totalling up their monthly expenses.

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Singapore Cost Of Living Based On Region

cost of living in singapore

Central: The Most Expensive Location

The core of Singapore is the central region, which includes districts 1 to 15 (containing the CBD, City Hall and Marina Area) as well as district 21. (Central West district). This is the neighbourhood for Expats willing to pay a premium rent in exchange for easier access to international schools and large shopping complexes.

Districts 1 through 10 are the most costly regions to reside in, and they include neighbourhoods in the central business district. In the central area, popular places to live include

This area is home to a large number of enterprises. This allows homeowners to walk to work or take a short cab ride if the temperature is too hot in Singapore.

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North: The Least Expensive Area

The North, which is largely undeveloped and little populated, is lush with greenery. The region is near the causeway that connects Singapore with Malaysia, and it is served by MTR lines that connect it to the city centre. In the North’s several areas, such as the North (number 26) and the Far North, a lot of reconstruction is planned (number 25 and 27).

Because it is close to the Singapore American School, the Woodlands district is particularly popular with American immigrants. This is one of the country’s largest foreign schools. The living cost in Singapore within the Northern area is 1500 SGD for a Studio Apartment and 2600 SGD for a Three-Bedroom Apartment.


This area, which includes districts 19 and 28 (North East) and 20 (Ang Mo Kio), is densely populated by young couples. The government has put money into the area’s dwellings in order to attract families. It is well connected to the rest of the country and has several huge retail centres. The approximate rent in Ang Mo Kio is 1700 for studio apartments and 2700 for Three-Bedroom Apartments. 


The Eastern districts of Singapore are composed of the Upper East Coast (district number 16), the Far East (district number 17), and the city of Tampines (district number 18), all of which are close to the airport. This burgeoning business district is noted for its diverse choice of eateries from across the world, as well as its proximity to numerous parks and outdoor activities. Because the area is so far from the city centre, it benefits from more affordable housing. Approximately monthly rent in Tampines for a studio apartment is 1900 SGD, and a Three-Bedroom Apartment is 2450 SGD.

West | Cost Of Living In Singapore

The West section of Singapore, which is the most urbanized, is known for being commercial. Many offices are located here, and many opt to live in the area to cut down on travel time. Far West (number 22), North West (number 23), and Far North West (number 24) are the regions found here (number 24). The approximate monthly rent in Buona Vista for a studio apartment is 2700 SGD and for a Three-Bedroom Apartment is 4,000 SGD. 

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Cost Of Living In Singapore For Students 2023