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Cost Of Living In Netherlands For Students In 2024

Cost of living in Netherlands for students

Are you looking to pursue top-quality education in an international country? Then, the Netherlands is your best choice. It offers an amazing learning experience, a range of career opportunities, and an overall well-researched curriculum at top-ranked universities make an ideal platform for faster student’s growth. However, it is vital to take into account that the cost of living in Netherlands for students can imply expensive spending.

Besides the entrance exam preparation, students contemplating to undertake higher studies in the Netherlands need to prepare well for the cost of living in Netherlands for International students. To estimate accurate spending on the total study cost in the Netherlands, consider books,  other study materials, university fees, tuition fees, transportation, accommodation, food, and more. 

What Is The Monthly Living Cost In The Netherlands?

While you do all the math, as an international student, you could expect the living cost for students in Netherlands to go around € 800 – € 1,200 a month. On an average, the housing rent, or a room, in the Netherlands, goes around € 400 – € 700 a month, depending on your selected residence location.

For instance, as smaller towns tend to have affordable rent prices compared to cities. 

Additionally, the type of accommodation you use will aid in estimating accurate costs. If you plan to go to big cities like Amsterdam or similar cities, then your monthly cost can exceed the average range. For your better understanding, let us understand the average monthly living cost in Netherlands for international students.

Netherland CitiesExpense Per Month
GroningenAccommodation – €400 – €700
Other living cost – €400 – €450
AmsterdamAccommodation – €450 – €850
Other living cost – €450 – €550
RotterdamAccommodation – €450 – €800
Other living cost – €400 – €500
NijmegenAccommodation cost – €400 – €500
Other living cost – €350 – €450
LeidenAccommodation cost – €400 – €750
Other living cost – €400 – €500

Cost of Tuition Fees In Netherlands University

Studying in the Netherlands can be your  ideal decision as the nation is known for providing a quality learning experience and affordable tuition fees. However, remember the average cost of living in the Netherlands for students is high compared to education expenses in the UK. 

In addition, tuition fees in the Netherlands vary into two main categories such as:

  • Dutch students and students from other European countries need to pay statutory tuition fees, which tend to be lower than those of other categories. The Dutch government determines this fee structure, which is followed by every university in the Netherlands.
  • Other international students i.e students that come from non-European countries need to pay institution tuition fees, which are expensive compared to fees for European students. 

How Much Does It Cost To Study In The Netherlands University?

Commonly, Netherlands have universities under two groups: Research Universities and Universities of Applied Science (UAS). The fees for Dutch or European students at the universities remain the same; however, the fees for international students in Applied Science universities are more affordable than those of Research Universities.

Additionally, when considering aspects of cost of living for students in the Netherlands, look for overall fees to prepare for securing admission at your preferred destination. 

Tuition Fees At The Popular Universities In The Netherlands

To help you evaluate exact cost for your preferred degree and university, we are listing tuition fees for top universities in Netherlands.

University NameBachelor’s Degree Tuition Fees (Annually)Masters Degree Tuition Fees (Annually)
Delft university of TechnologyEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €16,000
European Students – 2,530
Other Students – €22,000
Breda University of Applied ScienceEuropean Students  – €2,530
Other Students – €13,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €15,000
Erasmus University RotterdamEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €10,000 – €14,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €16,000 – €22,000
Eindhoven University of TechnologyEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €13,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €19,000
Fontys University of Applied ScienceEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €12,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €8,000 – €12,000
Radboud UniversityEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €12,000 – €15,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €14,000 – €17,000
Leiden universityEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €13,000 – €17,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €13,000 – €17,000
University of GroningenEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – €11,000 – €16,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €16,000 – €21,000
VU University Amsterdam European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €9,000 – €12,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – €15,000
UVA University of AmsterdamEuropean Students – €2,530
Other Students – 10,000 – €13,000
European Students – €2,530
Other Students – 14,000 – €20,000

Application Fees For Dutch Universities

The pursuit of higher education in the Netherlands often comes with a financial consideration in the form of application fees. These fees, commonly referred to as handling fees, typically range from €75 to €100 when applying to Dutch universities.

It’s important to note that these fees are most prevalent for non-EEA students or those whose previous education was obtained outside of the Netherlands. The specific fees and conditions can vary on a case-by-case basis, with some universities opting to charge application fees solely for master’s programmes or English-taught courses. As such, it is advisable to thoroughly research and inquire with your chosen Dutch university to understand their specific policies.

Scholarships For International Students In The Netherlands

With living expenses in Netherlands for international students, international students must research the availability of scholarship opportunities at their preferred universities in the Netherlands to ensure a hassle-free admission experience. 

In addition, Netherlands universities have a reasonably affordable fee structure for European students. However, to provide financial aid to international students to seamlessly pursue education, they provide a few scholarship programmes such as:

  • NL Scholarship – This scholarship programme focuses on offering assistance to the students to make a one-off payment of around €5,000 who apply for a full-time bachelor’s degree. 
  • Cultural Heritage Scholarship Programme – This programme is designed for students pursuing Masters from countries like South Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Suriname. Additionally this programme is ideal for students seeking courses based on their cultural heritage. 

Can I Work While Pursuing Degree In The Netherlands?

Yes, students pursuing education in the Netherlands can work while they continue to study. Generally, a part-time job is recommended to finance the cost of living in the Netherlands for Indian students and study-related expenses.

If you are a European or Swiss student, you don’t need any permit to work and do not have limitations with working hours. On the other hand, international students need to meet a few regulations. 

International students can work only 10 hours a week throughout the year or opt for working full-time in June, July, and August, but they cannot choose both options. In addition, students need to apply for the permit 5 weeks before employment. Though, students seeking to apply for internships that is included in the programme do not need work permit. 

When Do Students Need To Pay Tuition Fees In The Netherlands?

Students pursuing programme in Netherlands, have 2 options to make their payments for tuition fees like:

  • Full payment before the beginning of the academic year
  • In 5-6 installments via direct debit

Students that have a bank account in the Netherlands or in a country that is associated with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) are eligible to use the direct debit option in order to manage overall cost of living in Netherlands for students.

How Can You Save the Cost of Living in Netherlands For Students?

As a student in the Netherlands, managing your finances wisely can be a game-changer. Here are 8 practical tips to help you save money and stretch your budget further:

Track Your Expenses

Gain clarity on where your money goes each month by meticulously tracking your expenses. This simple step will reveal areas for improvement and help you identify unnecessary expenditures.

One way to save some cash each month is by cutting back on certain expenses, like groceries, transportation, clothing, leisure activities, and your mobile subscription. 

Here’s a tip: opt for budget-friendly supermarkets such as Lidl or Aldi instead of splurging at places like Albert Heijn. You can also snag great grocery deals by using apps like ‘Alle Folders en aanbiedingen’.

Create a Budget 

Develop a realistic budget that aligns with your income and expenses. This will help you stay on track and minimise overspending.

Build an Emergency Fund 

Unexpected emergencies can arise, so it’s wise to have a safety net of 3 to 6 months’ worth of living expenses saved up. Let’s say you spend €1,000 each month. It’s smart to stash away between €3,000 and €6,000 for unexpected situations. That gives you a sense of security and takes some pressure off your finances.

Explore Government Allowances 

If eligible, take advantage of government allowances like healthcare and rent assistance, which can significantly reduce your monthly outgoings. For more info, check out the tax authority’s website at www.belastingdienst.nl. There are two main benefits up for grabs if you meet the criteria:

  • Healthcare allowance
  • Rent allowance

If you’re eligible for both, they could significantly slash your monthly expenses. Let’s break it down with an example: If you’re 23 or older and your monthly rent is €700 (plus €12 service charge), you might snag €360 in rent allowance from the government (check out the calculation tool website for specifics). As for healthcare allowance, it’s available if you’re studying and working in the Netherlands, and it could mean an extra €107 in your pocket each month. Just be sure to confirm your eligibility before applying to steer clear of any fines.

Apply for Tax Remissions

As a student with a limited income, you may qualify for tax remissions on municipal taxes, potentially saving you hundreds of euros annually.

If you’re having a tough time keeping up with your municipal taxes, don’t worry – the government’s got your back. They offer tax remissions to those who qualify, which can provide some relief. These municipal taxes cover things like the water system, water treatment, sewage, and waste disposal. So, if you’re eligible, you can get some help with these expenses.

File Tax Returns 

If you work part-time, be sure to file your tax returns, as you may be eligible for a refund on overpaid taxes.

Split Subscription Costs 

Reduce your monthly subscription fees for services like Spotify, Netflix and gym memberships by sharing an account with friends or family.

Embrace Frugality 

Adopt a frugal lifestyle by living within your means, buying in bulk, and seeking out second-hand alternatives. Small changes can lead to substantial savings over time.

Once you touch down, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get a bicycle. There are plenty of places to grab one, like open-market.nl or Marktplaats, along with Facebook groups where folks sell second-hand wheels. You can usually score a decent used one for about 50–60 Euros. Also, don’t forget to shell out around 15 Euros for a solid lock to keep it safe.


1. Is It Expensive To Live In The Netherlands As a Student?

The cost of living in the Netherlands for students  is comparatively highly-priced, with an average monthly cost ranging from €800 to €1200, which depends on factors like accommodation, transportation, tuition fees and more. 

2. What Is The Budget For Students In The Netherlands?

The average cost of living in Netherlands for students can vary from €800 to €1200 However, the average room rent inside the Netherlands is around €400 to €800. So, the finances vary depending on place, and other factors. 

3. How Much Can You Earn In the Netherlands As a Student?

Since the cost of living in  Netherlands for students is high, it is critical for each student to take a part-time job. However, students can earn round 10-15 euros per hour with a limitation of sixteen-hour work. 

4. Can I Settle In The Netherlands After Studying?

Yes, students can settle within the Netherlands after completing the programme. 24% of worldwide graduates hold to stay within the Netherlands even after five years of graduation. Though You may face challenges like language requirements, other eligibility conditions.

5. What Is The Cost Of Living In Netherlands For Students?

The cost of living in Netherlands for students or Indian students is around INR 86,000 which incorporates accommodation cost, transportation, tuition expenses, and more. 

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Cost of living in Netherlands for students

Cost Of Living In Netherlands For Students In 2024

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