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The Cost Of Living In Australia For Students

Cost Of Living In Australia

Students have been drawn to Australia for a variety of reasons, but its lifestyle is by far the most alluring. The number of overseas students attending Australian universities has significantly increased in recent years, with many of their colleges ranking among the top 100 in the world. Being able to make genuine promises, is what enhances the superb educational system in the country. Although it is one of the more affordable alternatives for some international students, the cost of living in Australia for Indian students can go from inexpensive to costly based on the choices you make & your personal lifestyle. On average, it can be said that the monthly cost of living in Australia ranges between AUD 2,236 to AUD 3,190 for international students.

This blog will prepare you for the cost, the standard of living, the variety of entertainment opportunities and the student income required when you plan on moving to Australia. So, what is life like in Australia? Why is the country a wise choice for you? What is the cost of living in Australia? What are the guidelines for combining employment and study? Continue reading to find all the answers to those questions.

Cost Of Living In Australia: A Monthly Breakdown

The cost of living in Australia for students will vary depending on the university you attend as well as your desired standard of living. If your university does not provide a housing option or if you prefer to live independently, you could end up saving better with off-campus accommodation. The cost of living in Australia in terms of entertainment can vary greatly.

Monthly expenses can roughly correspond to your weekly spending if you like to spend your weekends visiting the spectacular city that you live in. Overall, it is dependent upon your personal preferences. Australia has a lot to offer, but you shouldn’t give up. The extra money you need to make your stay worthwhile can consistently be earned while studying in Australia. Take a look at the breakdown of the living expenses in Australia per month below:

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus AccommodationAUD 800
On-Campus AccommodationAUD 1,754
TransportationAUD 150
FoodAUD 780
UtilitiesAUD 205
EntertainmentAUD 80
GroceriesAUD 68
ClothesAUD 153
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus AccommodationAUD 2,236
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus AccommodationAUD 3,190
Annual Cost Of LivingAUD 26,832

Cost Of Studying In Australia

Australia, an island nation, continues to draw international students from all over the world. The country has some of the best institutions and colleges in the world, making it the perfect destination that students are choosing as their new home. Another aspect of Australia’s attractiveness is its educational system. Indian students favour studying in Australia over western nations because of its proximity to the Indian subcontinent. The cost of tuition varies depending on the sort of programme and course you choose as well as the university. Don’t forget that you might have to consider the cost of living in Australia too.

Cost Of Living In Australia

Average Living Cost In Australia

Both the Human Development Index and the Quality of Life Index place Australia among the top 10. Simply said, Australia is a developed country that ranks highly in the world for its educational system, GDP and purchasing power parity indices. With high wages come high levels of health consciousness, an excellent healthcare system, and a politically stable economy. But these are hardly the indicators that a student should be concerned about. What matters is how much the cost of living in Australia would be. 


Australia, an island continent, has pristine beaches. Students frequently spend their free time at the beaches near their institutions. If you have bold tastes, there are a variety of water sports activities to keep you busy. There are several entertainment options, ranging from surfing to deep-sea diving. A diverse range of wildlife is another aspect of Australia. If you are looking for adventure, Australia has breathtaking natural terrains that will take your breath away. However, bear in mind that all of these factors will have an influence on your total cost of living in Australia. Please make sure you are aware of your spending and that you are keeping track of it.

Working While Studying 

When it comes to working while studying, Australian immigration laws are straightforward. You could qualify to work in Australia as an international student with just a small request. Although there may be exceptions, in general, students are permitted to work up to 40 weeks per year. There are many different jobs available. Both on-campus jobs and local jobs are available, and many colleges have a department that can assist you in finding the best one for you. Students can work in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, administrative and teaching positions. The country provides outstanding post-study job alternatives for international students, which is crucial to highlight as it helps students in covering up the cost of living in Australia as a student.

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Cost Of Living In Australia

The Cost Of Living In Australia For Students

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