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Cornell University Acceptance Rate 2024: Eligibility, Fees, Courses

Cornell University Acceptance Rate

Cornell University is a private Ivy League research university located in Ithaca, New York. Founded in 1865, Cornell is the land-grant university of New York State and one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States. The university is also known to be one of the toughest universities to get into with the Cornell University acceptance rate being 7%. With over 20,000 students and more than 100 fields of study, Cornell offers a diverse and inclusive academic environment for students from all backgrounds. 

Cornell is renowned for its strong programs in a variety of fields, including engineering, agriculture, business, and the humanities. The university has 14 colleges and schools that offer undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs, as well as a variety of interdisciplinary programs. Cornell is also home to numerous research centres and institutes, including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Cornell Institute for Food Systems, and the Cornell Institute for Brain Science.

Cornell’s campus is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York and is spread across two main campuses: the Ithaca campus and the Weill Cornell Medicine campus in New York City. The Ithaca campus features stunning architecture, a vibrant student life, and easy access to the outdoors. Students can participate in over 1,000 clubs and organizations, from sports and arts to political and cultural groups.

The university is also a leader in research and innovation, with a strong commitment to addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. In addition to its research, Cornell is also committed to entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The university has a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the Johnson Graduate School of Management, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, and the Entrepreneurship@Cornell program. These resources provide students with the tools and support they need to turn their ideas into successful startups.

The Cornell University acceptance rate shows that the admission procedure can be really competitive. But it can be made much simpler if you meet all the requirements and are aware of the procedures and requirements for admission. Read below to know more about some of Cornell University’s entrance requirements.

Cornell University Acceptance Rate

The university received a huge number of applications this year. Over 71,000 applications from first-year students were recorded. This is slightly higher than last year’s 68,000 record.

The university is considered one of the best in the country as well as the world and so they have to maintain a strict admission procedure. 

The Cornell University acceptance rate for 2024 is just 7%. This indicates that only 7 students out of 100 are granted admission to the university. This makes Cornell one of the most selective colleges in the world. This rate is 100% lower when compared to the national average of 56.7%.

The university is known for its technical courses in the fields of engineering, computer and science. The Cornell engineering acceptance rate is 18%. Students who are pursuing education in these fields should check all the entry requirements and the respective acceptance rates before applying

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Early Decision At Cornell University

Early decision in education refers to an agreement between an institution and a student if the student is  100% sure they want to attend that particular college. If you’re accepted in the early decision round, you must commit to attending that school. An Early Decision acceptance rate is slightly higher than the regular. Students applying through this method have an increased chance of at least 1.6% when it comes to super-selective schools. The Cornell ed acceptance rate stands at 19.2%. This is much higher than the regular rate and students who only want to go to Cornell choose this method of application.

Cornell University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Many students also choose to transfer for its great quality of education and excellent student experience. The university is known to accept the largest number of community college transfers. The Cornell transfer acceptance rate is 15.7% which is slightly lenient compared to its regular application acceptance rate. Students who are transferring need to make sure that they meet all the requirements set by the university before applying

Yield Rate

The yield rate is the percentage of applicants who accept university offers. It’s important to note that this figure does not represent how many students came to the university, but rather how many eventually enrolled in a degree program. This is quite different from the Cornell University acceptance rate. 

The yield rate of the university stands at 64%. This number is significantly lower than Harvard University but higher than other selective educational institutions. For comparison, elite schools such as Caltech, UCLA, Washington University in St. Louis, UVA, and USC all have yield rates under 50%.


With over 20,000 students each year, Cornell has a diverse student body. It is also known for its inclusive and supportive community. International students make up over 10.5% of the student population. The university has a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Asian American30%
African American13.7%
American Indian2.2%

Requirements For Admission

Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash

A strong GPA is necessary for admission at Cornell University. It is one of the most important entry requirements along with SAT and ACT scores. The school does not have any official minimum GPA requirements but the cumulative GPA requirement is 2.7 when calculated. 

Cornell has an average SAT score between 1400-1540 or an average ACT score of 32-35. This shows us again that the university is really selective. It is also said that most applicants who were granted admission have been in the top 10% of their class. 

Below are a few more requirements that students should keep in mind when applying for admission

  • Secondary School Academic Performance
  • Counsellor and Teacher Recommendation
  • Educational Environment
  • Updated CV and SOP
  • Cornell Application Essays 
  • GRE or GMAT score
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Difficulty of curriculum
  • Specific academic interests
  • Proof of proficiency in English

English Proficiency Test Scores

  • TOEFL iBT – 100
  • IELTS – 7.5
  • Duolingo – 120
  • PTE – 70

Tips For Applying

Admission at the university is really selective, especially when the Cornell University acceptance rate is just 7%. However, the application process can be easy if you check the eligibility criteria for your preferred course and keep all the required documents ready before applying. Below are some tips to help you with your application to Cornell

  • Make sure you meet the minimum academic requirements, such as GPA, test scores, and any relevant coursework.
  • Spend a considerable amount of time writing and rewriting your supplemental essays so that they are as interesting and memorable as possible
  • Highlight your unique strengths and talents, and show how they align with the University of Michigan’s mission and values.
  • Contact Cornell admissions representatives in your community or school and ask them detailed questions regarding the fit between your personal profile and the university.
  • Show that you are genuinely interested in attending the University of Michigan by researching the school, visiting the campus, and reaching out to current students and alumni.


In conclusion, Cornell University is considered one of the most selective institutions in the world, with a competitive admission process. While the Cornell University acceptance rate may vary from year to year, it consistently remains one of the lowest among top universities. 

This reflects the high standards of the university and the large number of qualified applicants who seek to attend Cornell each year. Despite this, however, the university remains highly sought after, and those who are admitted are poised for a world-class education and a bright future.


1. What GPA do you need to get into Cornell?

Cornell requires a cumulative GPA is 2.7.  Additionally, students should also have a score of 1540 SAT or 35 ACT, to have the best chance of getting in. Students must make up the difference if their GPA is below this with a higher SAT/ACT score.

2. What majors is Cornell University known for?

The most popular majors at Cornell University include Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Engineering; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

3. Why is Cornell so special?

More than 4,000 different course options are available at Cornell University. The eight universities provide more than 120 different minor options in addition to approximately 80 separate majors. The annual undergraduate enrollment at Cornell University is above 15,000, and there are nine students for every faculty member.

4. Is studying at Cornell worth it?

Cornell is a top university and also a part of the elite eight distinguished private research colleges in the United States that make up the prestigious Ivy League network. Cornell University is renowned for turning out extremely successful alumni like Ratan Tata (Indian industrialist), Bill Nye (Engineer and TV Presenter), Jane Lynch (American Actress), Anthony Fauci (Chief Medical Advisor to the U.S President) and more

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Cornell University Acceptance Rate

Cornell University Acceptance Rate 2024: Eligibility, Fees, Courses

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