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A Complete Guide To Study In Canada In 2024: University, Courses, Intakes

study in canada

Discover the countless prospects and experience the varied culture of Canada with our all-inclusive guide to study in Canada. This guide provides a thorough insight into the Canadian education system, Canada student visa prerequisites, scholarships, and more. Join us and unveil the limitless possibilities to study in Canada!

What Are The Reasons To Study In Canada?

Canada is a highly preferred destination for international students due to its exceptional education system, research opportunities, and hospitable environment. With its top-ranked universities, bilingual culture, and a strong focus on creativity and innovation, the opportunity to study in Canada can offer students an enriching academic and personal experience. Here are the top reasons to study in Canada:

  • Research Opportunities

Canada’s research journey is driven by strong support from the government and local industries, offering international students access to a wide range of research fields such as medicine, agriculture, telecommunications, computer technology, and environmental science. Students can explore these diverse domains, opening up endless possibilities.

  • World-Class Language Education

Canadian universities provide exceptional training in English and French, the country’s official languages. Individuals studying in Canada can enhance their language skills, augment academic and professional growth, and pave the way for limitless opportunities.

  • Top Ranked Universities

Canada is home to some of the world’s finest universities, offering world-class education. 13 Canadian universities are among the top 300 of the QS world university rankings. Many others have earned their place in the top 100. Students can join the League of extraordinary scholars in Canada, where excellence knows no bounds.

Choosing The Right University To Study In Canada: What To Keep In Mind?

Several key factors must be considered when choosing a Canadian school or university for your studies. Here are some things to remember:

Intake capacity:

Ensure the institution accommodates your academic and personal goals, including class sizes and availability.

Faculty size and reputation: 

The faculty’s reputation can significantly impact your education and career prospects. Checking for the faculty’s quality, experience, and reputation in your field of study is essential.

Extra-curricular activities: 

A well-rounded education involves more than just academics. Consider the institution’s extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, sports teams, and social events.


Check for the availability and quality of facilities such as sports grounds, libraries, accommodations, and laboratories necessary for your academic pursuits.


The institution’s location can impact your quality of life and academic experience. Consider factors such as proximity to public transportation, job opportunities, cultural backgrounds, and cost of living.

Cost Of Tuition For International Students In Canada 2023

Planning your budget is crucial before you decide to study in Canada. Even though tuition fees at Canadian universities are generally lower than other major nations & universities, they can still make a significant difference to a student’s budget.

The cost of tuition varies depending on the university, the degree programme you choose, and the city you plan to study in. For example, universities in Newfoundland generally offer lower tuition fees than those in Ontario. To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve compiled a range of tuition fees for popular Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

  • Bachelor’s degree programmes:
DisciplineTuition Range (CAD/year)
Business & Management550 – 56,000
Computer Science & IT1,535 – 55,500
Engineering & Technology1,350 – 55,000
Social Sciences1,025 – 56,000
Natural Sciences1,780 – 53,000
  • Master’s degree programmes:
DisciplineTuition Range (CAD/year)
Business & Management2,150 – 52,700
Computer Science & IT2,150 – 52,500
Engineering & Technology2,150 – 52,500
Medicine & Health2,150 – 58,300
Social Sciences2,150 – 37,000

The tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Canada can vary significantly, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of Canadian dollars per year. While a higher-priced programme may offer a better education, balancing your budget and the value you expect to receive from your degree is crucial.

Consider other expenses such as housing, food, transportation, and textbooks when planning your budget. You could also explore options for scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to offset the cost of tuition. 

Cost Of Living For Students In Canada

The cost of living for students in Canada depends on various factors like accommodation, tuition fees and other daily expenses. Canada is considered a moderately expensive city but offers a high quality of life, and the cheapest universities in Canada can help you manage your expenses better. You should spend between 800-1,500 CAD/month for most provinces. However, Vancouver and Calgary are the priciest cities, with monthly costs reaching $2,000 USD.

Accommodation Options In Canada:

  • Student residences: Cost around 250-625 CAD/month.
  • University-arranged homestays: Range from 400-800 CAD/month.
  • Renting and sharing an apartment: Cost between 300-700 CAD/month, depending on location and facilities.
  • Renting a studio or one-room apartment: Expect to pay over 1,000 CAD/month.

Additional Miscellaneous Costs:

  • Basic utilities (electricity, water, heating, and garbage): Amounts to around 150 CAD/month.
  • Internet costs: 50-70 CAD/month.

Food Costs:

  • Estimated monthly bill of around 300 CAD for shopping at local supermarkets and groceries.
  • Canadian Superstore, Walmart, and No Frills are some of Canada’s least expensive supermarkets.
  • Eating out can be more expensive, with prices ranging from 10-25 CAD for a meal.
  • A three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost around 50-65 CAD.

Transportation Costs:

  • Students between 18-25 years of age enrolled in a Canadian university can enjoy discounts when purchasing a monthly transport pass, which costs 90 CAD/month.
  • A one-way ticket is worth 3 CAD.
  • Taxis are also a standard mode of transport in Canada, with fares ranging from 2-6 CAD/km.

Funding and Financial Support

Although tuition fees for international students in Canada for 2023 seem overwhelming, various financial aid programmes are available to support them to study in Canada. The following are a few examples of such programs:

Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Student Council International Award

  • The Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Student Council International Award is available to international students enrolled in the Hospitality – Hotel Restaurant Operations Management programme.
  • The award is given to those with exceptional customer service skills and leadership qualities.
  • It also requires the recipient to show progress in the programme by demonstrating academic improvement during Level 03.

University Of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship 

  • The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship offers a partial tuition waiver of CAD$3500.
  • The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postdoctoral fellowship programme is a scholarship opportunity worth $45,000 (per year for two years) to study Post Doctorate in Astronomy, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Physics at the council. However, this scholarship is open only to locals.
  • The Francophone Scholarship Programme (CFSP) is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity the Canadian government offers students from Francophone developing countries. It is available for university studies leading to Masters and PhD degrees, short-term internships, or vocational and technical training.

Universities In Canada And The Government Of Canada-Based Scholarships

  • Universities in Canada and the Government of Canada offer yearly scholarships to local citizens and international students.
  • The number of international students on scholarship in Canada is expected to rise to 500,000 by 2023 from 350,000 in 2015.
  • Scholarship opportunities in Canada are available for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD levels.
  • Gender-based scholarship opportunities are also available in Canada.

Canada Student Permit And Visa

To obtain a student permit to study in Canada, you must follow the application process and pay the fee of 150 CAD. The application process requires you to provide specific documents, including:

  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Proof of financial support in Canada

To learn more about the application process, you can visit the Canada.ca website. However, it is essential to remember that the student permit is not a visa; it alone does not permit you to enter Canada. It is necessary to check the type of visa you require and how to get it before applying for a student permit.


Canada is an excellent destination for international students seeking a high-quality education and a welcoming environment. With proper research and planning, you can identify a programme and the cheapest university in Canada that meets your budget while enabling you to achieve your academic and professional objectives to study in  Canada.

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A Complete Guide To Study In Canada In 2024: University, Courses, Intakes

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