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Cheap International Universities In Australia?

Every year lakhs of students travel to Australia to study as an undergraduate or postgraduate. According to the Education Data of the Australian Government, the year 2019 saw an all time high of 7,50,000  international students with a majority won by candidates wanting to pursue higher education. There are a number of reasons why students choose Australia over other famous countries like the USA, UK and Canada. One of the most prominent reasons is the standard of education and the standard of living. Even though this country has some of the top ranked universities of the world only suitable for a big-budget, there are a list of affordable and cheap international universities in Australia with cheap tuition universities in Australia for international students that do not compromise on the quality of its education and provide a plethora of courses to choose from. 

Here are a list of the cheapest universities for international students in Australia, cheap tuition universities in Australia for international students by UniScholarz: 

Cheapest Universities For International Students in Australia

Griffith University

Cheap Universities in Australia for International Students
Griffith University

The year 1975 marked the beginning of international studies at this university and has been well known for its rigorous courses in MBA and other masters’ courses. While MBA can scale up to AUD 36,000 other courses in Master’s and Undergraduate are rather affordable and cheap. A 2 year MS course in the university can total up to AUD 26,000 to 28,000. 

For students who further require student loans and other educational assistance to enroll themselves in affordable and an affordable Australian university, Unicreds offers solutions with its strategic partners such as Axis Bank and HDFC Credila. 

James Cook University

This is the oldest and one of the cheapest university in Australia located in Queensland and established in the year 1970. It is a well known research and teaching institute that offers courses starting from AUD 12,900 per semester for undergraduate studies and AUD 14,450 for postgraduate studies requiring not more than AUD 28,000 tuition fees for most of its courses. If you are looking for a well rounded education in affordable and cheap universities in Australia for international studies, JCU is the place for you. The place is designed for students looking for high quality affordable education that encourages students to apply for scholarships and bursaries all around the world. Additionally, the university also offers solutions for amenities and services for international students for a fixed fee of AUD 154 under their Students Services and Amenities (SSA) fees. This service of the university assists students with all university requirements such as food, accommodation and career solutions. 

Looking for affordable student accommodation near your choice of university and/or education loans without collateral? Click on the banners on this page to find out more!

Flinders University

Cheap Universities in Australia for International Students
Flinders University

Established in 1966, this is one of the most affordable and one of the cheap international universities in Australia, offering a range of courses from Business Administration to Law and Medicine. Starting from AUD 16,500 going up to AUD 33,000.

University of Adelaide

This university is among the most favourite destinations to pursue higher studies for international students. While for some it is their first choice of preference because the university waives off IELTS as an imperative, others choose it because of the wide variety of cheap courses it offers. The university is home to some of the leading business professionals of the world such as Tim Harcourt and Philip Wollen. The tuition fees start from AUD 33,000 and is well known for its courses in both graduate and undergraduate studies. Additionally, the university’s arrangement of allowing students to provide evidence in English proficiency apart from IELTS makes it an affordable Australian university.

Bond University

Bond University is a non-profit university organization and is one of the cheapest university in Australia. This means that the fees paid by both domestic and international students are 100% re-invested by the organisation to provide world class education to its students. Apart from providing contemporary and modern learning facilities, the university is keen on motivating its students to join the Australian workforce immediately after their graduation. Students looking for cheap international universities in Australia must consider this university. 

The fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate differ from course to course and are subject to change without notice. However, the semester fees would not scale up to more than AUD 21,600 per semester. 

Along with tuition fees, a student’s greatest expense while studying abroad is the accommodation and transportation costs. Uniacco provides affordable solutions  to candidates seeking accommodation near university campuses to save transportation costs, travel time and enjoy staying in the vicinity of their university. 

We hope you found the answers to the most asked questions about the cheap universities in Australia for international students, cheap tuition universities in Australia for international students . Find out more about Australian scholarships and affordable students accommodation through these informative articles – 

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Cheap International Universities In Australia?

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