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Canterbury Christ Church University Admission In 2024!

canterbury christ church university admission

Located in the historic city of Canterbury, England, the university is known for its dedication to academic excellence and a strong tradition of scholarship. It provides modern teaching facilities, conducts innovative research, and offers a welcoming and supportive environment. If you’re interested to know in-depth details about Canterbury Christ Church University admission, you have come to the right place! 

Let’s explore the Canterbury Christ Church University admission process, where your educational dreams can come true.

Canterbury Christ Church University Admission Deadline

The Canterbury Christ Church University deadline for admission in the year 2024 is October 31, 2024. This deadline applies to various levels of study, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programmes. It’s important to note that this information is related to the EEA National Transition Scholarship at the university, and specific programmes might have different deadlines. 

Application Deadline

The University of Canterbury Christ Church application deadline is a crucial date for prospective students looking to pursue their academic dreams at this esteemed institution. To ensure a successful application process, it’s essential to stay informed about this deadline. Here’s a brief look. 

Application Deadline For Undergraduates

To apply for an undergraduate course at the University of Canterbury Christ Church, you must go through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). UCAS is the organisation that handles applications for full-time undergraduate courses in the UK. You can easily apply online via the UCAS website, where you’ll also find comprehensive guidance on completing your application.

The Canterbury Christ Church University January intake 2024 application deadline is crucial. For courses starting in September 2024,  the Canterbury Christ Church University application deadline for September 2024 was January 31, 2024. UCAS needs to receive your application by this date to ensure that it gets “equal consideration” from the university. You can still submit your application after the deadline, but it will only be considered if there are available spots.

Once you receive an offer from the university, you’ll need to accept it by the deadline specified by UCAS. Additionally, you’ll be required to make a tuition fee deposit of £2,000 by the deadline mentioned in your offer letter. This deposit secures your place and enables the university to provide you with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number, which you’ll need when applying for your student visa.

Process StepDescriptionDeadline
Application SubmissionApply via UCAS for undergraduate courses. The application deadline for the January 2024 intake (for courses starting in September 2024) is January 31, 2024.January 31, 2024
Offer AcceptanceAccept the offer from the university by the deadline specified by UCAS.Specified by UCAS
Tuition Fee DepositPay a tuition fee deposit of £2,000 by the deadline mentioned in your offer letter to secure your place and receive a CAS number for visa application.Mentioned in the Offer Letter

Application Deadline For Postgraduate Taught Courses

If you want to apply for a postgraduate course at Canterbury Christ Church University for the January intake in 2024, you need to apply directly to the university through its online application system.

The application deadline for postgraduate taught courses starting in September 2024 is 30 June 2024. However, some courses may have earlier or later deadlines, so you should check the course web page or contact the university for confirmation. You can still apply after the deadline, but your application will be considered only if there are places available.

If you receive an offer from Canterbury Christ Church University, you need to accept it by the deadline specified in your offer letter. You also need to pay a tuition fee deposit of £2,000 by the deadline stated in your offer letter. This deposit will secure your place and allow the university to issue you a CAS number, which you will need to apply for your student visa.

Application MethodApply directly through University’s online application system
IntakeJanuary 2024 for postgraduate taught courses
Application Deadline for September 2024 Intake30 June 2024 (Note: some courses may have different deadlines)
Offer Acceptance DeadlineBy the deadline specified in the offer letter
Tuition Fee Deposit£2,000 (to be paid by the deadline in the offer letter)
Purpose of DepositTo secure your place and obtain a CAS number for your student visa application

Application Deadline For Postgraduate Research Courses

For those interested in starting their postgraduate research courses in September 2024, please note that the application deadline is 31 May 2024. However, it’s important to be aware that some courses may have earlier or later deadlines, depending on funding and supervision availability.

Application Deadline For Extended Master’s Courses

If you are an international student planning to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Canterbury Christ Church and want to improve your English language skills or academic preparation before starting your Master’s programme, you can apply for the Extended Master’s course. This course lasts for one year and includes a preparation phase in the summer, followed by the Master’s phase in the autumn and spring.

For those interested in starting the Extended Master’s courses in July 2024, please note that the application deadline is April 30, 2024. Additionally, you’ll need to submit a tuition fee deposit of £2,000 by the deadline mentioned in your offer letter. This deposit ensures your spot in the programme and allows the university to provide you with a CAS number, which is essential for applying for your student visa.

Canterbury Christ Church University Application Deadline 2024

Let’s see a summary of the Canterbury Christ University application deadline 2024:

Undergraduate Applications:

  •  Deadline: 25th January 2024
  • Response time: Within 5 working days

Postgraduate Applications:

  • Varies by course and start date

Specific Start Dates:

  • For January 3, 2024: Deadline 31st October 2023
  • For January 30, 2024: Deadline 14th November 2023

Registration Deadline:

  •  For September start: Opens 23rd August 2024

International Applicants:

  • English language and academic qualifications required

Admission Requirements

Canterbury Christ Church University offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programmes for international students, including those from India.

Application ReviewThe university assesses each application and issues either a conditional or unconditional offer via email.
Accepting the OfferStudents must formally accept the offer following the instructions in their offer email.
Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)After accepting an unconditional offer and paying the tuition fee deposit, the university issues a CAS number for the visa application.
Visa ApplicationStudents need to apply for a visa to study in the UK.
AccommodationGuaranteed for the first year for international students who meet certain criteria and apply by July 31.
Travel ArrangementsStudents should plan their travel to the UK, considering the locations of the Canterbury and Medway campuses.

Admission Requirements For Undergraduate Students

Here’s the information about Canterbury Christ Church University’s Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Students, arranged into an easily organised table:

QualificationsAccepted qualifications include A-levels, Vocational A-levels, T Levels, Accredited Access qualifications, BTEC Qualifications, International Baccalaureate, etc.
Specific Course RequirementsSome courses require specific grades in certain subjects or evidence of work experience.
GCSE RequirementsSome courses may need a grade C or above in specific GCSEs or their equivalent.
Foundation Year OptionAvailable for students who do not meet the entry requirements for a standard degree.

Admission Requirements For Postgraduate Students

Our well-organised table will give you a precise idea about Canterbury Christ Church University Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Students. 

Country-Specific RequirementsEntry requirements for postgraduate courses may vary based on the country of origin. Detailed information can be found on the university’s ‘Your Country’ page.
Application ProcessMost postgraduate courses require direct application to the university, except for a few which are applied for through UCAS.
Support ServicesThe university offers support for visa applications, financial advice, career services, and more.

Admission Requirements For Ph. D Students

When it comes to admission requirements for Ph.D. Students, the process is quite detailed. It includes the necessity of a research proposal, and this part of the application is managed by a specialised Postgraduate Admissions Team. However, these are only general guidelines and may vary depending on the specific course and the individual circumstances of the applicant.

Canterbury Christ Church University Academic Calendar 2024-2025

  • Timeline Format: The graph will be in the form of a horizontal timeline, spanning from September 2024 to May 2025.
  • Color Coding: Each course type (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Employment-based) will have a distinct color for easy differentiation.
  • Semesters and Trimesters:
  1. Undergraduate courses (semester-based): Two blocks, each representing a 15-week semester.
  2. Postgraduate courses (trimester-based): Three blocks, each representing a 15-week trimester.
  3. Employment-based courses (12-week trimester): Three shorter blocks, each representing a 12-week trimester.
  •  Key Dates:
  1.  Welcome Week: 16th to 20th September 2024.
  2. Advent Semester (Undergraduate) Start: 23rd September 2024.
  3. Easter Semester (Undergraduate) Start: 27th January 2025.
  4. Assessment Periods: For each semester/trimester, the assessment periods will be marked.
  • Additional Information: Academic development/study weeks, personal development weeks, and reassessment periods will be indicated with special icons or markers.
  •  Labels: Each period and significant date will have clear labels for clarity.

Canterbury Christ Church University academic calendar 2024-2025

Here is a simplified bar graph representing the Canterbury Christ Church University Academic Calendar for the 2024-2025 academic year. This graph uses horizontal bars to show the duration of each semester or trimester for different course types (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Employment-Based), with the months from September 2024 to May 2025 on the x-axis. Each course type is represented by a different colour for clarity. This format provides an easy-to-understand overview of the academic schedule. ​​

IELTS Requirements

IELTS requirements vary based on different courses. For regular bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, the university asks for an IELTS score of 6.0 overall, with no part below 5.5. However, professional health bachelor’s programmes have stricter requirements, and you need a score of 7.0 overall, with no part lower than 6.5.

If you want to apply for special postgraduate programmes, you need to score at least 6.5 on the IELTS test overall, and none of your scores in individual sections should be lower than 6.0. Some postgraduate courses, like MSc Forensic & Investigative Psychology and MSc Foundation in Clinical Psychology, have even stricter requirements. For these, you need a 7.0 overall score, with at least 7.0 in writing, and no less than 6.5 in other sections.

The university has options for students with lower IELTS scores. They offer special courses and a one-year International Foundation programme, each with its own English language requirements.

IELTS Requirement for Canterbury Christ Church University

The updated histogram now includes clear text annotations for each score. The blue bars represent the overall IELTS score required for each category of programmes at Canterbury Christ Church University, while the green bars indicate the minimum score required for any individual element within those programmes. The exact scores are annotated on each bar for better clarity. ​​

GPA Requirements

There are no specific Canterbury Christ Church University GPA requirements that you should meet to get in. Instead, they look at your grades, personal statement, references, and any relevant experience you have to decide if you’re a good fit.

At CCCU, it’s important for students to keep a GPA of at least 2.5 to improve their chances of getting into their desired programme. Keep in mind that the GPA requirement might be different for each course and academic level.

Some CCCU courses might ask for extra qualifications or conditions to get in, like certain subjects, tests, interviews, or portfolios. For instance, if you want to study medical science at CCCU, you’ll need a GPA of 3.3 or better.

International students applying to CCCU can submit non-UK qualifications like IB, A Level, or European diploma supplement. To help with this, you can use the UCAS point calculator to convert your grades into UCAS points, which are used to compare different qualifications.


The GPA you need to enter the university is an important part of their admission criteria. It shows how well you’ve done in school. But it’s not the only thing they look at. They also consider other stuff like your school records and recommendation letters, and if you speak English well, you might need to take tests like TOEFL or IELTS. So, keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about applying.

Application Fee

The Canterbury Christ Church University Application Fee depends on the level and mode of study, as well as the applicant’s fee status. Instead, they mainly consider different qualifications like A-levels, BTEC Qualifications, International Baccalaureate, and more for undergraduate admissions. When it comes to postgraduate courses, you typically apply directly to the university, except for some programmes like MA Social Work and MSc Nursing, which use UCAS for applications.

The university looks at different qualifications that can earn UCAS Tariff points, whether they are from the UK or other countries. They also consider specific requirements for certain courses, like those in health and education, which might need particular grades in certain subjects or proof of work experience.

International students should visit the university’s website to find out what postgraduate entry requirements apply to their country. It’s also good to know that the university doesn’t mention GRE scores as a requirement for admission.

Entry Requirements

The Canterbury Christ Church University entry requirements are designed to be inclusive, yet they maintain the high standards expected of a leading educational establishment. These requirements vary depending on the course and level of study, ensuring that applicants are well-prepared to succeed in their chosen field.

Level of StudyGeneral Entry RequirementsSpecific Additional RequirementsNote on Non-UK Qualifications & Mature Students
UndergraduateTwo A Levels, BTEC National Diploma, or equivalent qualificationsCertain grades in particular subjects, relevant work experience, UCAS points (calculate using UCAS point calculator)Non-UK qualifications are considered equivalent to UK standards. Criteria may differ for mature students and those with prior experiential learning.
Master’s DegreeBachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce degree (3 years+), Professional Degree (4 years+)For programmes requiring a 2:1: First Class degree or equivalent. For programmes requiring a 2:2: High Second Class degree, 55% or equivalent
Ph. DBachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce degree/ Professional Degree with Distinction/High First Class Degree/Exceptional grades. Master’s degree

Cost of Studying In The UK For Indian Students

Studying in the UK offers high-quality education and significant opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, it’s crucial for Indian students to carefully consider and plan for the financial aspects of their education in the UK, including tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and additional costs like visa and health surcharges. Working part-time and seeking scholarships can help mitigate some of these expenses.

Studying costs in the UK for Indian students involves various costs, including tuition fees, living expenses, and visa costs. Here’s a breakdown for 2024:

cost breakdown for Indian students studying in the UK in 2024.

The pie chart visually represents the breakdown of studying costs in the UK for Indian students in 2024, with each slice corresponding to a different expense category:

  • Tuition Fees (avg): INR 30,00,000 – This is the largest portion of the expenses, constituting a significant part of the overall costs. The average tuition fees range between 20 to 40 lakhs, and this value represents a midpoint.
  • Living Expenses (avg): INR 9,00,000 – This slice covers the average annual living expenses, including food, transportation, and utilities, excluding accommodation.
  • Accommodation (avg): INR 6,00,000 – This represents the average cost of housing for a year. It varies depending on whether the student stays in university residences or private housing.
  • Visa and Health Surcharge: INR 1,11,900 – This segment includes the cost of obtaining a student visa and the health surcharge for accessing the UK’s National Health Service.
  • Other Expenses: INR 1,00,000 – This category covers miscellaneous costs like travel, books, and other personal expenses.

Each slice of the pie chart is proportional to the expense it represents, offering a quick visual understanding of where the majority of the financial resources are allocated for an Indian student studying in the UK.

Key Takeaways

  • Canterbury Christ Church University, located in Canterbury, Kent, England, was founded as a Church of England college for teacher training in 1962 and achieved university status in 2005​​.
  • The Canterbury Christ Church University evaluates each applicant holistically, considering personal statements, academic qualifications, references, and relevant experiences. This approach ensures a personalised assessment beyond just grades and test scores.
  • A wide range of qualifications are accepted, including A-levels, T Levels, BTEC, Access to Higher Education Diploma, and international qualifications. This inclusive approach facilitates access to higher education for a broad spectrum of students.


1. How long does Canterbury Christ Church University take to reply?

Ans: Canterbury Christ Church University aims to respond to most applications within 48 hours, though response times for Professional Health programmes may be longer. They strive to reply within 5 working days for most applications, and timelines may vary for part-time or postgraduate courses, with updates provided via email.

2. How many intakes are available?

Ans: Canterbury Christ Church University offers various intakes throughout the year, organised into different academic calendars based on the nature of the courses. The primary intakes are: Semester-based Courses, Trimester-based Courses, and 12-Week Trimesters.

3. What is the deadline to apply to Canterbury Christ Church University and are there any extensions?

Ans: For undergraduate courses, the deadline is 25th January. For international students, the deadline for courses starting in January is 31st October. For part-time courses, the deadline is not specified, but applicants are advised to apply as early as possible. There are no extensions.

4. What happens if I miss the application deadline for Canterbury Christ Church University?

Ans: If you miss the application deadline, you can still register online and begin attending classes. The university provides a range of support services, including academic and financial guidance, to help late arrivals settle in.

5. What GPA is required for Canterbury Christ Church University admission?

Ans: Canterbury Christ Church University in the United Kingdom generally requires students to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for a good chance of admission. However, it’s important to note that the requirements might vary for different programmes, so it’s advisable to check the specific requirements for the programme you are interested in.

6. What is the rank of University of Canterbury Christ Church?

Ans: The University of Canterbury Christ Church ranks 114th in the Times University Guide 2024 and 120th in the Guardian University Guide 2024. Additionally, it holds a position within the 1001–1200 range in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2024​​​​.

7. What is Canterbury Christ Church University famous for?

Ans: Canterbury Christ Church University is renowned for its comprehensive educational programmes, particularly in teacher training and health studies, and its world-leading research that addresses global and community issues. The university’s campuses feature advanced facilities, including modern libraries and sports centres, enhancing both academic and extracurricular experiences​​​​.

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