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Cambridge University Admission: Eligibility, Application & More!

cambridge university admission

If you dream of strolling the cobbled streets of Cambridge, which were by Newton and Darwin too? Fear not! because this guide talks all about Cambridge University admission, revealing the key ingredients that separate hopeful applicants from accepted students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cambridge has a highly competitive acceptance rate of 18-21%. 
  • Strong academic scores are a baseline requirement but a holistic application covering demonstrated fit, test preparation, extracurricular leadership, personal statement and recommendations is also vital.
  • The standardised test score and GPA requirements expected of admitted international students are IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 100 and an average GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale.
  • The Cambridge application has slightly earlier UCAS deadlines than other UK universities along with supplementary forms and assessments required in many cases. 
  • Cambridge University admission deadline for UCAS is 15th October 2024
  • Well-roundedness as exhibited through diverse pursuits, passions and leadership roles outside coursework can further strengthen your admission. 

Cambridge University Admission Requirements For International Students

Cambridge University acceptance rate stands at around 18%-21%. This is a clear indication that the university accepts only 18-20 students out of 100. In this regard, you have to be quite clear and over-achieving in your previous academic institution to get in. Have a look at the below table for more insights:

Application PortalUG: UCAS
PG: Cambridge Application Portal
Application feeUG: £60
PG: Varies
English Language ProficiencyIELTS: 7.0
TOEFL: 100
Average GPA3.8 on a scale of 4.0
Documents RequiredHigh School or Bachelor Transcripts
LoRs (1 Academic & 1 Professional) 

How To Apply To Cambridge University?

The application process to this university differs a bit from the rest of the universities in the UK. If you’ve followed the Cambridge University admission criteria highlighted above, now is the time to have a look at the steps on how to apply to Cambridge University:

Step 1 – Select a course at Cambridge which is as per your academic interests. As you will undertake intensive study, ensure the subject resonates with you.

Step 2 – Verify the assessment requirements for your desired course, including any mandatory admissions tests or written work samples to furnish in the application. Then register for said assessments prior to the 15/30 September deadline, where specified.

Step 3 – Determine whether to apply directly to a specific Cambridge college for your housing and community affiliation or keep an open application for assignment by the university.

Step 4 – Submit the Cambridge section of your UCAS application by the 15 October deadline (6pm UK time). Use institution code CAM C05 and provide all requested information completely and accurately. Meet earlier deadlines for niche programs and be aware of additional forms.

Step 5 – If selected for an interview based on your submitted UCAS application, thoroughly prepare using provided sample questions, videos and other resources. Interviews intend to develop a full picture of applicants.

Step 6 – Await Cambridge University admission decisions. Come prepared to promptly enroll if offered a place.

Cambridge University Admission Dates & Deadlines

Cambridge University’s application deadlines signify crucial milestones in the journey towards becoming part of the esteemed academic community. These deadlines, contingent upon the course and applicant’s status, are meticulously set to ensure a systematic and impartial evaluation of all applications.

cambridge university admission deadlines for 2024

What Do You Need To Get Into Cambridge?

Cambridge University admission committee does definitely see your academic competitiveness. However, you need to shine in other areas which are similarly important too. Read about those factors below:

  1. Demonstrate Interest and Fit

Reach out to your regional representative and visit if possible to show genuine interest. Highlight in essays how Cambridge stands perfect for your future studies.

  1. Take Admissions Tests Seriously

Prepare rigorously for required tests like BMAT, PAT etc. Scores supplement your grades.

  1. Show Leadership and Initiative

Discuss extracurricular activities, positions of responsibility held, unique projects etc. Show what sets you apart.

  1. Write Your Personal Statement

Convey your personality, perspective and motivations clearly. Help them visualise you as a contributory member of the Cambridge community.

  1. Secure Strong Recommendations

Approach teachers who know you well academically. Give them insight into your aspirations to inform their advocacy.

  1. Exhibit Your Passions

Showcase achievements in areas beyond coursework like sports, arts, activism etc. Well-roundedness can be a plus.


What GPA do you need to get into Cambridge University?

You will require a minimum GPA of 3.8 on a scale of 4.0

Is Cambridge University admission hard?

The acceptance rate stands at 18%-21% which is a quite selective process. 

What is Cambridge University known for?

It is one of the best universities to study in Cambridge and is known for exceptional academic excellence for over eight centuries. It also mirrors the world-class original research conducted by both the University staff and the Colleges.

Is Cambridge University public or private?

Cambridge University is a public university founded in 1209. 

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cambridge university admission

Cambridge University Admission: Eligibility, Application & More!

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