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What Are CAIPS Notes? Explained!

caips notes

Computer-Assisted Immigration Processing, commonly known as CAIPS Notes, are electronic notes that contain vital details of your visa applications. Additionally, CIC or the Canadian High Commission manages the complete documentation of applicant details like location, assessment details, and visa officer inputs for the application. 

In addition, the CAIPS notes application is a source of relief for circumstances of refusal or rejection from the Canadian Embassy. The officers tend to offer exact details about where your application is lacking. On the other hand, through CAIPS notes, applicants can seamlessly understand the status of the Visa procedure. These notes are tracked and analysed by CIC, who is responsible for documenting the information filled by the applicants. 

Who Can Apply For CAIPS Notes?

After understanding CAPIS notes meaning, you are probably wondering whether you are eligible to apply CAIPS notes or not. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Let’s assume you have applied for the visa and haven’t received any response from the authorities, or whether you want to assess the reason for the rejection of the application, and then you can consider to apply CAIPS notes online via a trusted consultant. 

  • CAIPS notes are available for various categories like student visa, visitor’s visa, employment authorization, temporary/ permanent residence, and more. 
  • With the help of a consultant, applicants can access CAIPS notes status or cause for application rejection, get an update on the status, or determine whether they can consider undergoing visa re-application. 

If you want to learn more about the process of CAIPS notes, contact UniScholars team for thorough guidance. 

When Can Applicants Apply For CAIPS Notes?

You can consider applying for CAIPS notes when your visa process reaches a specific stage. This will depend on the type of visa that you have applied for. Sounds confusing? 

  • For instance, if you have applied for Permanent residence in Canada, then you can apply for CAIPS tracking after 2- 3 months from the application. 
  • The documents must be assessed through a check stage called R10 completeness, often conducted post-month from the application. 

If you want to learn more about the CAIPS process based on your visa application type, contact our experts today!

How To Apply For CAIPS Notes Successfully?

Before you begin with the application of CAIPS notes, it is crucial that applicants must ensure they have the guidance of a registered and approved consultant. This consultant can provide valuable insights and support throughout the procedure, making the application process smoother and less daunting for the applicants. 

While applicants can choose to apply for CAIPS online, having a consultant can give you perspective on where you are lacking and enhance your chances for a successful visa application. Let us understand the procedure of CAIPS – 

  • Step 1 – Request for CAIPS process from CIC or IRCC
  • Step 2 – Download the application kit or essential aspect from GCMS ( Global Case Management System Notes)
  • Step 3 – Consider filing the CAIPS file check form along with the consent form – IMM5744, and ensure you sign it. 
  • Step 4 – Submit the complete application through e-mail or fax
  • Step 5 – Make sure to complete the payment requirements on time
  • Step 6 – You must have two unique numbers associated with your visa application. 

Processing Time For CAIPS Notes

The standard processing CAIPS notes timeline is around 30-60 days. However, if IRCC receives multiple requests, they can update the applications about the extended time for the procedure. 

In addition, the officials enable applicants to access the interpretation of CAIPS electronic notes due to added difficulty with technical language in the notes. Remember, it generally takes 5-6 working days to access interpretations from the arrival of the CAIPS form. 

Why Must Applicants Consider Applying for CAIPS Notes?

CAIPS notes can be an essential step for individuals eagerly waiting to access visa application updates to proceed with other preparations. To help you understand the importance and features of CAIPS application, we list a few factors below. 

1. Update On Visa Application

The CAIPS application is often accessed by applicants who are seeking to determine the status of their file. For example, if you have applied for a visa under the category of Spouse Visa and it has already been a year and there has been no response from the authorities about your application, then the CAIPS form can be beneficial for you. 

Waiting rigorously for the application status and receiving no reply for a longer time can be disheartening for every individual. Hence, CAIPS online notes are essential to getting clear and accurate updates on the process. 

2. Refusal Of The Application

Ideally, CAIPS electronic notes are applied when CIC refuses the application. By accessing these notes, applications can access the accurate reasons why authorities rejected the application. This can be of great help for student visa applications. 

In addition, a student can identify a few areas where their application is lacking through these notes. The applicants can work on those factors and update the file accordingly. In short, these notes are an ideal medium to understand the cause behind a declined file. 

3. Acquire Filed Documents

When applying for a visa, applicants often consider approaching an approved or registered consultant. The process requires you to submit documents to showcase evidence for a range of factors. However, when your application is rejected by authorities or when you do not receive ideal feedback from officials, you can consider accessing details through CAIPS applications.

Does that sound confusing? Simply put, applicants can access information about the documented file through CAIPS electronic notes. These notes can act as an ideal source for details on your file in the case of a lack of status or ambiguous updates. 

4. Visa Re-application

When you wish to re-apply for a visa after a declined file, make sure to first apply for the CAIPS form to ensure that you do not repeat the previous mistakes. In addition, accessing these notes can aid in determining the shortcomings of earlier applications. It can give you insights to make your re-application more assertive this time. 

Furthermore, you can utilize these notes to make your re-application hassle-free. Since the electronic notes provide the exact reason for rejection, it simplifies the application process with better preparation. 

What are GCMS Notes?

GCMS stands for Global Case Management System – the software Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses to process all immigration applications like student visas, work permits, etc. It contains detailed records of each applicant’s file, including documents submitted, officer notes from reviewing the application, and IRCC’s decision.

GCMS notes provide transparency by showing applicants exactly how their case was assessed. This lets them stay updated on the status and take any necessary actions. GCMS replaced the old CAIPS and FOSS systems in 2010 as IRCC’s centralized application management platform.

Difference Between CAIPS and GCMS

IRCC replaced the old CAIPS system with GCMS for processing overseas immigration applications in 2010. While CAIPS now serves only as a database, GCMS allows IRCC officers to access application information and records previously stored in CAIPS when reviewing cases. Essentially, GCMS is the current system for managing immigration applications, with the ability to pull data from the outdated CAIPS system as needed.


1. Are CAIPS Electronic Notes Helpful?

CAIPS electronic notes are helpful for visa applicants in determining application status and reasons for delays or refusals and enhancing future applications. However, their value is debated, and some prefer GCMS notes for more detailed information obtained through an ATIP request.

2. What Is The Fees Of CAIPS Form?

The CAIPS application fees often depend on the service provider and other factors. However, for basic notes, costs can range from $15 – $40. The fees can be higher for more detailed services like interpretation of the notes and recalling the entire submission. 

3. Can I Request My CAIPS Notes If I Am Not In Canada?

The Canadian law that allows access to immigration files restricts who has access to this information, which means the requester must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a person in Canada with valid documents. 

4. What Is The Processing Time For CAIPS Notes?

The processing time for CAIPS notes can take up to 20-30 days based on the work volume of request received simultaneously. However delays may occur due to postal service. 

5. What Information Does CAIPS Notes Include?

CAIPS notes offer details of immigration applicants like personal details, family information, details for application procedure, eligibility criteria, feedback through immigration officers and more. 

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What Are CAIPS Notes? Explained!

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