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5 Best Mathematics Calculators for College Students

ECTS calculator

If you are a student, you must know the importance of calculators.

Calculators are not only used by students only but can be used for tasks other than mathematics but are generally used for mathematical problems.

Here also, we are talking about the calculators used for solving mathematical problems as it is compulsory to have a calculator for some complex terms.

Many terms are considered complex but important as well, so having a calculator for solving these terms is the best option.

It is not wrong to say that it is the easiest approach to solve any problem but sometimes, we need to have a look at the steps involved in the calculation.

What can we do then?

Then the best option is to use an online calculator if you want to have a look at the involved steps of calculation.

Otherwise, having a conventional calculator is enough.

Online calculators VS. Conventional calculators

If you are willing to solve your mathematical problems free of cost, then you can go for an online calculator as it is mostly free of cost.

When we search online mathematical calculators on the internet, there must be a long list of online calculators and most of them are free.

The second thing that can differentiate these two calculators is the visibility of the solution steps and we have discussed it above as well.

Then it comes to the conventional calculators and these calculators are designed to show just the final answer of the problem.

You cannot see the solution steps of any mathematical problems and the second thing is cost-consumption.

If you are willing to go for a conventional calculator, then keep in mind that you just need to spend some cost to buy a suitable calculator.

It depends on you but we recommend you to go for online calculators and we have shortlisted some of the useful online calculators below.

Top 5 useful online mathematical calculators

There can be hundreds of calculators available on the internet as soon as you type online mathematical calculators in the search bar.

But some of them are very useful and must be used in every grade if you are a student and they can also help in solving real-life mathematical problems.

And that’s why we have taken out the 5 best online calculators and we are just expecting your attention so, let’s start.

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  1. Limit Calculator

Allmath is a platform providing various calculators to solve every mathematical problem as it can be considered as a one-stop-shop for the students.

Here we are specifically talking about the limit calculator presented by this platform because limits are used in almost every grade and also for solving real-life problems.

We are writing this guide after having a personal experience of using these calculators and the first thing we have noticed is the accuracy.

If a tool has all the features and doesn’t provide you the accuracy especially when it comes to the mathematical calculators, then it cannot be beneficial for you.

Yet, many people still don’t trust online calculators and they are somehow true as many calculators are not that efficient or inaccurate.

But as we mentioned above, we are writing this guide after using it by ourselves first and we find this calculator very easy.

All it needs is a couple of clicks and your required answer will be shown in just a few seconds.

  1. HCF and LCM Calculator

Then it comes to the second most used term in mathematics and we can say that these terms are also used in every grade.

I remembered that when I was a student, solving HCF or LCM was a nightmare for me because there were no online calculators available at that time.

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Calculatorschool.com is a reliable source used to solve mathematical terms like LCM and HCF.

Same as the previously discussed tool, this is also a source of various online calculators either you are going to solve HCF or LCM.

While using the HCF and LCM calculator provided by Calculatorschool.com, you need to enter the values in the input field and separate them with a comma.

At the bottom, you can see two output fields, one is for HCF and the second is for LCM. After hitting the “calculate” button, you’ll get both of the answers in those specified fields.

  1. Binary Calculator

As long as you step into the website named Ecalculator.co, you can see different categories like health, finance, education, and many other categories.

You can see from the heading that we are talking about the calculators that can show us the steps when we convert any number in binary form.

There are three things to specify while using this calculator, one is to enter the first number, the second is to specify an operation, and thirdly we need to enter the second number.

By pressing the “calculate” button, you will get your answer.

  1. PEMDAS Calculator

This calculator is very simple, it just needs one step to follow, and you just need to enter a value only.

It is pretty clear by the name that this calculator is designed to arrange the order of operations, you can enter a value in the input field.

After pressing the calculate button, this calculator will simply arrange the order of the operations as it is somehow important for many tasks.

  1. Sigfig-Calculator

We are pretty sure that you have just heard the term “significant figures” at least once in your whole educational career.

It can simply state that numbers other than zero are called significant figures and there are many more properties that can specify a number whether it is a significant figure or not.

Sigfig calculators are designed to solve significant figures and the good thing about this calculator is, it follows all the properties that can define whether a value is a significant figure or not.

Then it comes to the interface of this calculator, it is very easy to use and you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge.


Mathematical calculators are really important and especially when it comes to solving complex terms like limits or something else.

But it depends on you whether you choose a conventional calculator or you’ll go for an online calculator but our preference is to go for the online calculators.

That’s why we have shortlisted 5 best and useful online calculators that can surely help you in solving every type of mathematical problem.

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ECTS calculator

5 Best Mathematics Calculators for College Students

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