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BCA Salary In The USA: Top Jobs, Companies, Cities & More!

BCA Salary In The USA

A Bachelor of Computer Application is the core of Computer Science as of today. Moreover, doing this 3 -5 years-long degree in the USA comes with several added benefits. According to the Washington Post, computer science and related degrees saw a 34% hike from 2017 to 2022 (about 530,000) students studying these courses. Massive right? To be able to complete a BCA degree from such an institutionalised and advanced country will go on to serve you well in the future. Our blog on BCA Salary in the USA in 2024, talks just about that. Read on to know more!

BCA Salary In The USA In 2024

The average salary for BCA professionals is between $60,000 – $80,000. They are quite high in demand and companies are in search for the perfect graduate to start off under them! We suggest you have a look at our below table which will give you a better idea into the packages BCA graduates earn. 

Job RoleAverage Salary
Software Developer$94,000 per year
Hardware Engineer$98,000 per year
System Engineer$90,000 per year
Network Administrator$84,000 per year
Web Developer$90,000 per year
Technical Support Engineer$69,500 per year
Computer Scientist$111,640 per year

Companies Offering The Highest Salary To BCA Graduates In 2024

The IT sector of the United States owns one-third of the global information technology market at $5 trillion. The industry accounts for $1.9 trillion of U.S. value-added GDP which is more than 10% of the national economy. Additionally, generates around 12.1 million jobs in this field and for BCA graduates in 2024. These companies are the game-changers today: 


It is one of the top IT majors. The company is very well known for producing iPhones, iPads and Macintosh computers. Its market capitalisation stands at $2.62 trillion which is the second highest in the world. 


Samsung competes with Apple and other major tech companies in the world. Its involved in consumer electronics, information technology and communications. The South Korean company sells mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices and virtual reality products. 


It is often termed as the “most powerful company in the world”. This American technology solely focuses on AI, online advertising, search engine, cloud computing and quantum computing. Today, its market capitalisation is $1.93 trillion. 


Tesla is an automotive and energy company. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles, energy generation and storage systems. Tesla stands as a gateway for modern and young BCA graduates to flourish. 


Microsoft is a company that earns revenue by developing, licensing and supporting a wide range of software products. It is a technology-based company and its segments include productivity and business processes, intelligent cloud and more personal computing.


Dell Technologies makes and sells hardware, technology and other services worldwide. Its main business revolves around desktops and laptops, traditional and next-generation storage solutions and networking products. Its best known for its personal computers.

BCA Salary In The USA In 2024 Of These Companies

Here is the average package which the above companies offer: 

NameAverage Salary
Apple$42,000 – $210,083 per year
Samsung$78,000 – $129,000 per year
Google$50,000 – $240,951 per year
Tesla$52,000 – $167,914 per year
Microsoft$44,900 – $213,035 per year
Dell$59,198 – $159,280 per year

Cities With Strong Tech Presence & High Salaries In The USA

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics categorises BCA graduates under computer and mathematical professions. Here’s a list of the cities which are flourishing in this field: 

San Jose

First up and no surprise here is the biggest city in the Silicon Valley – San Jose. This place is teeming with tech giants and startups galore. Out of every 1000 jobs, at least 131 are tech-related. The average salary offered here would be $206,540 per year!

California – Lexington Park

This city in Maryland should not be counted out just yet. This bay gem area located near D.C packs a serious bunch of tech jobs too. Over 102 of every 1000 jobs are in tech. Here the average salary pushes to $115,000, not bad!


This city in Colorado deserves a huge shout-out for improving the lives of BCA graduates in 2024. They pay their 165,500+ tech workers an average of $141,000 annually. Adding to that, out of every 1000 jobs, at least 86 are in the tech industry. 


We can’t skip the big dogs – Seattle has massive names like Microsoft and Amazon attached to it. They generate around 170,000+ tech jobs on average with a salary of $135,590 annually. 

But the tech opportunity is not just confined to the prosperous coasts. BCA Salary in the USA in 2024 inches way up high in the cities of Bloomington, Illinois; Huntsville, Alabama and Durham, North Carolina. Let’s not forget Austin, Texas which employs graduates with strong six-figure salaries!

Starting Salary Of BCA Graduates Based On Locations In The USA

The USA offers the highest possible salary to BCA graduates in the world. This section of our blog is a continuation of the above cities, read through well!

CityAverage Salary
New York City, NY$124,543 per year
San Francisco, California$123,714 per year
Seattle, Washington$155,000 per year
Chicago, Illinois$120,011 per year

Comparing The BCA Industry In India Vs USA

The BCA industry in India teaches you principles such as Java, C++, OS and many more. This is not very different from what is taught in the United States – basic discrete mathematics, data structures using C, data management systems and much more. Read the basic difference below:

FactorsBCA in the USABCA in India
Duration2 – 4 years3 years
Fees$60,000 – $80,000 per year2 – 3 lakhs per year
Eligibility50% in 12th IELTS score of 6.5TOEFL score of 8050% in 12th standard with computer application and science as one of the subjects studied.
Entrance TestsSAT or ACTIPU-CET, SE

The BCA industry in India is quite diverse and thriving. Students find employment opportunities in government organisations, IT companies, banking, financial institutions, telecommunications, education and healthcare. 

On the other hand, the BCA industry in the USA is quite advanced and well footed in the ground for years. Top states in the USA such as New York. California, Michigan and Massachusetts have high salaries and see several international students wishing to study here. 

Know More: BCA Vs BTech

Courses To Pursue After BCA In The USA

If you choose to still study ahead after this course instead of working and gaining experience, here are some degrees you can pursue:  

  • Master’s in Computer Application
  • Master’s in Technology
  • Master’s in Information Management
  • Master’s in Computer Management
  • Master of Business Management

Why Choose The USA?

It is rightly said by a famous New York Times bestselling author “Its easier to find a job in Silicon Valley than in your home country”. Google and other big tech companies in the USA have a reputation for having a high hiring bar. Adding to that, Google, Facebook and Apple have been hiring 10,000 new employees per year – most of them in the Bay Area. 

Beyond these companies, there are thousands of other start-ups and 2,300 tech companies on the Angel list which are desperate to hire talent. Interns in the bay area are known to earn twice the salary of the average American. 

Companies in the USA have hierarchies which are mostly flat – compared to those in Europe and Asia which are vertical. This means that there are fewer managers and employees closer to the CEO. Its common to have a weekly or monthly company-wide meeting. Employees are encouraged to ask challenging questions and the management tends to answer all of them in real time.

Lastly, the tech industry of the United States has a reputation for being casual. Employees work in hoodies and t-shirts and several offices also have nap pods. You will get a lot of freedom which will impact and boost your BCA salary in the USA in 2024. 


What is BCA Salary in the USA for Indian students?

You will be offered an average salary of $60,000 – $85,000 per year.

Which country gives the highest salary to BCA students?

The USA, Canada, Netherlands and Germany offer the highest pay to BCA students. 

Which university offers the highest BCA salary in the USA?

Harvard University BCA graduates have an annual salary of $179,000.

Which state offers the highest BCA salary in the USA?

New York has the highest BCA Salary for Indian students at $12,000 per month.

Which course is better, BCA or B.tech?

BCA is the right choice for Indian students who want to study more about software, web development, data management and more. 

What are the eligibility criteria for BCA in the USA?

You need to have a minimum of 50% in 12th standard in subjects like Computer Science, Math and other related subjects. 

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BCA Salary In The USA

BCA Salary In The USA: Top Jobs, Companies, Cities & More!

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