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Average Cost Of Living In Ireland For International Students 2024: Transportation, Food

Average Cost Of Living In Ireland

You should make sure you have enough money to pay your living expenses before going to study in Ireland. It will be a requirement of your application if you are a student who needs a visa. Even though you might be able to work part-time while you’re here, you shouldn’t have to cover all of your bills with this revenue. Depending on where you are studying in Ireland, the kind of housing you select, and, of course, your own personal lifestyle, you will require a different amount. However, the average cost of living in Ireland for a student will be anything between €10,000 and €16,000 annually.

Ireland has always been a popular choice for students from throughout the world because of its vibrant cities, breathtaking natural scenery, and friendly atmosphere. The fact that the UK and Ireland have a common travel region and a common language adds extra value. 

International students must have a well-thought-out plan and budget in place before arriving in Ireland. Ireland ranks as the 13th most expensive country in the world to live in, particularly for college students. The projected monthly expenses in Ireland, without housing, is EUR 842. Scholarships are one way to pay for your expenses in Ireland. 

You can also engage in part-time employment that complies with legal requirements. In addition, you can reduce your living expenses in Ireland by utilizing the many student discounts.

Let’s go through the detailed average cost of living in Ireland for international students so you can budget your expenses.

Travel & Transportation

On services including Dublin Bus, Irish Rail, DART, LUAS, and Bus Eireann, student discounts are available. After arriving and completing your university registration, it is imperative to go to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website (INIS). 

When using any of the following means of transportation, monthly travel expenses in Ireland average roughly EUR 135.

Important Hint: Obtaining a Student Travelcard is among the best ways for international students to lower their average cost of living in Ireland. This offers reductions of up to 40% on these services as well as in numerous retail locations across the nation. The card costs EUR 12, and you may top it off whenever you need to.

Accommodation Costs 

If you want to live independently or if you are too far behind on the waiting list for on-campus housing, off-campus housing is a possibility. You can do this by contacting the university’s housing office or by visiting websites that include listings for rental homes in Ireland. Let’s examine what international students’ average cost of living in Ireland for housing is.

  • Many undergraduate students prefer to live in homestays, also referred to as “digs” in Ireland and costing about EUR 180 per month.
  • Because utilities, meals, and activities are included in the host family’s rent, this arrangement has the benefit of being more affordable.
  • Private rentals are available in the form of houses, apartments, studio apartments, and other buildings, with rents varying greatly depending on the requested facilities and amount of rooms. You should budget 350 to 3,000 euros/ per month for rent.
  • Despite being few in number, long-term student hostels provide international students studying in Ireland with a cost-effective way to control living expenses. Hostels typically offer comparable amenities to halls of residence and are managed by housing companies; rates range from EUR 5 to 112 per night.
  • Except that there are fewer people sharing than in hostels, purpose-built student accommodation is comparable to halls. Each week, it costs between EUR 150 and EUR 273.

Food Expenses 

Planning for the cost of meals is crucial when studying abroad. The average student’s eating costs while attending school in Ireland range from EUR 200 to 300, this varies according to the city one chooses to live in. 

Health Insurance Cost

When we think of the average cost of living in Ireland health care insurance forms an important component of it. Residents will not be granted reciprocal access to public health care if they are not nationals of another EU nation. 

Unless you have your own health insurance, you must buy private health insurance in Ireland. A standard annual policy costs EUR 394 as of right now. No matter their age, gender, or present or prospective health state, everyone in Ireland pays the same rate for health insurance coverage. 

Ireland’s University Tuition Fees

In order to study in Ireland, international students must first get a student visa. For a single admission, it will cost you about EUR 60, and for several entries, it will cost you about EUR 100. This region is home to some of the most prestigious Universities in Ireland. Let’s first look at the annual tuition costs in Ireland for various degrees:

  • Tuition fee for the undergraduate programme ranges from EUR 9,850 – 25,500
  • Tuition fee for a postgraduate course ranges from EUR 9,500 to 24,500 
  • The tuition fee for a doctorate degree ranges from EUR 10,000–35,000

 Average Cost Of Living In Ireland Cities

The cost of living in Ireland for international students can fluctuate significantly, spanning from EUR 7,000 to EUR 12,000, or INR 5,56,200 to 9,53,486, contingent upon your choice of city for residence. To effectively manage your budget, you must account for monthly rental expenses and various other monthly outlays in Ireland. The following breakdown will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding.

CityMonthly Cost of Living in EUR

5 Money-Saving Hacks to Reduce the Cost of Living

1. Economical Food Shopping:

  • Save on food expenses by shopping at supermarkets offering store-brand items, often more budget-friendly than name brands.
  • Consider exploring street markets like Moore Street and Camden Street in Dublin for cost-effective fruit and vegetables.
  • Budget-friendly stores like Aldi and Lidl typically offer lower prices than other supermarkets, helping you cut overall living costs in Ireland.

2. Student Discounts:

  • Maximize your savings by carrying your Student ID whenever you visit restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, gyms, or eateries.
  • Presenting your ID card often allows you to avail of student discounts, effectively reducing the cost of living for international students in Ireland.

3. Convenient Travel Cards:

  • Obtain a Student Leap Card, especially if you’re enrolled in an Irish college or university.
  • The Student Leap card provides discounted fares and various other discounts, making commuting more affordable.
  • While cycling can be an option, particularly with a helmet, it’s important to be cautious, especially during rush hours.

4. Affordable Phone Services:

  • Mobile phone rates can be relatively high, especially for international calls, but explore available discounts.
  • Consider using pre-pay phones, allowing you to purchase credit in advance and manage your average living costs in Ireland.

5. Tax Refunds:

  • Non-EU/Non-EEA visitors to Ireland may qualify for tax-free shopping on select goods if taken home, especially items bought within the last two months of your stay.
  • You can claim refunds through the Cashback system at the airport before departing Ireland, providing additional savings.
  • Implementing these strategies can help Indian students in Ireland make the most of their budgets and reduce their overall cost of living.


Hope this article gave you clarity about the average cost of living in Ireland. Despite the fact that Ireland’s monthly prices are comparable to those in large American cities, living there is beneficial. 

Plan your budget taking into account the price of accommodation, health insurance, food, and entertainment. The country is worth the price because of its natural beauty, welcoming culture, and fascinating history.


1. How much does it cost to live in Dublin as a student?

Living expenses for students in Dublin are estimated to be up to €12,000 per academic year, encompassing rent, electricity, food bills, medicine, and essential necessities.

2. How much is the monthly average cost of living in Ireland?

Monthly living costs in Ireland can vary based on location and lifestyle. On average, students can expect to spend between €500 and €800 per month.

3. What are some best student cities in Ireland?

Ireland offers several excellent cities for students, including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Maynooth.

4. What are a few scholarships to cover living expenses in Ireland?

There are Ireland Scholarships available to international students, offered by various sources such as the Government of Ireland, Irish higher education institutions, and other organizations. These scholarships have their own eligibility criteria and include options like the Intel Scholarship, Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship, and Fulbright scholarships.

Thank you for reading this blog on ‘The Average Cost Of Living In Ireland For International Students 2023!’ 

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Average Cost Of Living In Ireland

Average Cost Of Living In Ireland For International Students 2024: Transportation, Food

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