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Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate In 2024

Australia student visa rejected

The Australia Student Visa is still a very well-sought choice for students worldwide seeking education from some of the esteemed universities of Australia. The Australian student visa rejection rate is important to any applicant. It will give some insights into the general reasons for visa refusal, which will then help improve future applications. College students can enhance their potential to acquire visa approval by carefully adhering to all the requirements and submitting precise documentation.

Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate Key Takeaways

Key TakeawayStatistics/Details
Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate      The rejection rate for 2023 was 50%.
Reasons for Visa RejectionIncomplete applications, lack of financial stability, insufficient English proficiency, failure to meet GTE requirements.
Preventing Visa Rejection Double-check applications, provide clear evidence of financial capacity and English proficiency, clearly articulate study and career plans, and reapply after addressing issues.

Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate For Indian Students

More Indian students are now looking to study in Australia. However, they are facing severe challenges in getting a student visa due to the change in rejection rates. Understanding these fluctuating Australia student visa rejection rates in India is essential. They need to keep these elements in mind when planning their applications.

Reasons For Australian Student Visa Rejection 

  • Incomplete Applications — Visa rejection can occur due to incomplete submissions, required documents, or a lack of detailed information.
  • Financial Stability: Applicants must prove they have sufficient funds to cover their tuition and living expenses.
  • English Proficiency: A loss of talent in English, as evidenced by using low scores on checks like IELTS or TOEFL, can result in visa denial.
  •  Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement: Applicants must convince the visa officer that their number one aim is to study and not completely migrate.

Trends In Visa Rejection Rates 

YearRejection Rate (%)

Comparing Student Visas: Australia vs. Canada 

When comparing student visa Canada to those from different nations, it’s crucial to keep in mind that every country has its own precise set of rules and hints for approving visas. It has been influenced by factors such as financial evidence, academic performance, and the visit motive. 

What To Do After Australia Student Visa Rejection? 

Getting a rejection on your application for the Australian student visa is dampening, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Understanding the reasons for the visa rejection rate in Australia and taking the necessary steps properly should enhance your success while applying afresh. Here are some steps you may consider taking:

  • Analyse the reason for visa denial
  • Review the visa rejection rate Australia
  • Address the issue to identify potential solutions
  • Approach a professional advisor
  • You can choose to reapply
  • Try for other alternative options
  • Keep yourself well-informed

How To Prevent Australian Student Visa Rejection? 

International students seeking to study in Australia should obtain an Australian student visa. To avoid the process of visa rejection, students should abide by the accurate application method. The Australian Department of Home Affairs frames these requirements.  

Reason for RejectionHow to Avoid
Incomplete ApplicationDouble-check all documents and ensure the application is complete.
Insufficient Funds Provide clear evidence of financial capacity, including bank statements.
Failure to Meet English Proficiency Prepare and retake English language tests if necessary to meet the requirement.
Inadequate Health or CharacterAddress any health issues and ensure a clean criminal record.
Doubts on Genuine Temporary Entrant    Clearly articulate your study and career plans, and intent to return home.
Incorrect or Fraudulent Documents  Submit authentic and accurate documents, and avoid false information.

How To Re-apply For Australian Student Visa after Refusal?

Do you know that often, it has been found that applying for an Australian student visa is a tough job? Most of the applicants encounter visa refusal. When your Australian student visa gets refused, it is essential to go ahead with one significant thing—wondering what? Well, it’s not letting your hope down. There are specific steps that you could take to understand and analyse the reasons behind your visa refusal. Identify them and ensure that they are rectified on time. 

Step 1 – Make sure to probe the reason for refusal.

  • Review the refusal letter
  • Understand the common reasons for refusal

Step 2 – Address the Issue

Step 3 – Gather all the required documents

  • Passport
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • Evidence of financial capacity
  • OSHC policy
  • Academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency test results
  • Statement of Purpose

Step 4 – Complete the new visa form

Step 5 – Pay the visa application fee

Step 6 – Submit the application

Step 7 – Attend the interview

Step 8 – Wait for the decision

Step 9 – Respond to any additional requests

Step 10 – Receive the visa decision

General Trends and Statistics In Australia Visa Rejection Rate 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, numerous complexities affected the visa process. And hence, new guidelines were formed. These unexpected fluctuations have deeply affected the Australian visa rejection rates. 


Australia is less strict when it comes to student visas. You can also consider a comparison of Australia and student visa Germany. In recent times, Germany has been witnessing a higher chance of rejection. 

Knowing the student visa rejection rate in Australia can help you get approved. For further details, you can contact UniScholars. Their team will guide you and help you understand the visa rejection rate. 

Visa Rejection Rates Australia For Different Visa Categories


Rejection rates vary, and knowing them helps applicants prepare solid applications for approval. In this section, we’ll look at the visa rejection rate in Australia and discuss common reasons for denial, giving insights to improve your chances.

Visa Rejection Rates Australia For Different Visa Categories

The student visa category is prevalent in Australia, especially for those willing to pursue higher studies there. The student visa USA is another very popular option for international students.

Anybody considering studying in the US, therefore, should take a good look at the post study work visa USA; they offer many forms of opportunities for international students to gain valuable work experience after school life.

Analysis Of Visa Rejection Rate Australia Over Time 

The bar graph below represents hypothetical data for the visa rejection rate in Australia over time. Each bar shows the Visa Rejection Rate for the given financial year. From this scenario, it can be deduced that rates increased from 2018 to 2020, while for the other respective years, the rates of rejection dropped slightly. This visualisation helps understand the fluctuations in the visa rejection rate over the given period. 

Analysis Of Visa Rejection Rate Australia Over Time 

Comparing Student Visas: Ireland Vs. Australia 

Student visas Ireland have policies and trends that differ from those in Australia. With the fluctuating rate of visa rejections from one end because of the changes in immigration policies and some concerns over the integrity of student visa applications in Australia, on the other end, Ireland is directing its student visa policy toward the attraction of international students as part of nation branding in their strategy to increase input into their educational sector.

Difference Between Australia Student Visa Refusal Rate And Rejection Rate 

The Australia Student Visa Refusal rate is the rate at which the Department of Home Affairs in Australia refuses to issue student visas to candidates. In cases in which the applicant has been refused a visa, the commonplace ground for refusal is failure inside the demonstration of the actual temporary front (GTE) criterion or loss of financial resources. 

On the other hand, the rejection rate pertains to the percentage of rejections for processing student visa applications. This may be due to incomplete application, non-payment of fees, or application without supporting documents.

Against this backdrop, it makes an interesting discussion about the student visa New Zealand scenario vis-à-vis Australia. New Zealand also witnesses a huge flocking of international students. Just like Australia, New Zealand has certain requirements that its candidates must meet to be able to get a New Zealand student visa.


Do Australian Student Visas Get Rejected?

Yes, an Australian student visa can get rejected for reasons such as failing to fill out the application accurately, failing to meet the criteria for GTE, etc.

What Is The Student Visa Rejection Rate In Australia?

The student visa rejection rate in Australia lies between 5-15%. This statistic might change yearly.

Do The Candidates Have To Face Any Challenges To Get An Australian Student Visa?

The process for an Australian student visa is not arduous, but the candidates must meet all the standards for submitting critical documentation.

Is There Any Age Restriction To Apply For An Australian Student Visa?

Though there is no specific age restriction connected to the application process for an Australian student visa, one needs to be of college age to obtain a school sector visa.

Do Candidates Have To Attend An Interview To Receive The Australian Student Visa?

It is not necessary in some instances, but an interview is one of the elements that may take place when the candidates apply for an Australian student visa.

What Is The Time Duration For An Australian Student Visa To Get Processed?

The processing time duration is different for various Australian student visas. Most subclasses usually take a processing time of 4 weeks to 4 months, depending on the visa type.

Are There A Way Out To Appeal For The Australian Student Visa Application Refusal?

Yes, it is feasible to appeal towards the refusal of your application for an Australian student visa. The AAT gives the option of a review to be sought within a specified time from the decision date.

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Australia student visa rejected

Australia Student Visa Rejection Rate In 2024

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