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Australia Award Scholarship: The Quintessential Scholarship

how to apply for scholarships in Australia

Administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia Award Scholarship is offered to international students from developing countries. By offering this award, the Australian Government aims to fulfil its development policy of promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, and enhancing stability through tertiary education. Recognizing the importance of investing in education, DFAT offered 818 Australia Award Scholarships to 20 countries in the year 2021 the estimated cost of which is AUD 225 million. 

Why The Australia Award Scholarship? 

Australia Award is a prestigious scholarship offered by a number of Australian Universities. International scholarships and short courses are offered to students demonstrating leadership qualities, to pursue their education and research. The ultimate aim of Australia Award Scholarship is to prepare students for their careers and extract their full potential as global leaders. For more than 60 years, Australia has invested in global talent from developing countries to pursue their tertiary education in Australia. Since the 1950s, the Australian Government has produced more than 80,000 future leaders through this award. 

Australia Award Scholarship

What Are The benefits Of An Australia Award Scholarship?

This is a long term scholarship offered for a minimum period necessary for a student to complete their academic program. This period also includes any pre-sessional course or training undertaken by the student. 

The following is covered by the scholarship: 

  • Full tuition fees
  • Payment of single air journey: to and from Australia in economy class via the most direct route. 
  • Initial costs: covering one time payments of accommodation, study material, travel cards and other expenses
  • Contribution to living expenses: contribution to basic living expenses paid and determined fortnightly for the department. 
  • Introductory Academic Program: This is a compulsory program organised prior to the commencement of the academic studies. The program covers information on working, living and studying in Australia.
  • Pre course English Fees: Offered to students who have to meet the English language requirements of the university they are applying to. 
  • Overseas Student Health Cover: This is provided to cover the scholar’s medical cost for the duration of the award. 
  • Scholars are also eligible for academic support to enhance their student experience. 
  • For Masters coursework where field work is compulsory, students may be eligible for air fare grants where they are required to travel. 

Find out about Australian Government Scholarships for more information about scholarships offered for International students in Australia.

Where To Apply For An Australia Award Scholarship? 

There are two ways to apply for an Australia Award. However, there are some prerequisites that candidates must follow:

  • Before applying for the scholarship, candidates must check the opening and closing dates for their countries. The eligibility, opening and closing dates vary depending on the country you are applying from. For this, you need to check the list of the participating countries
  • The type of scholarship you are applying for may vary depending on the level of course you are applying for. Australia Award Scholarship provides scholarships for: Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Studies

Applying Online 

  • Candidates have to apply on the online portal: Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS).
  • While registering online, you must fill in your correct details and answer questions to help the system check your eligibility. 
  • Once eligible, you will be given a unique registration code, username and password. 
  • The application need not be completed in one go. Candidates have the option to save their details and upload documents whenever they are ready. 
  • If you wish to submit a letter of recommendation, adhere to the format suggested by the department
  • Candidates are suggested to submit their application well in advance to avoid any disappointments. 

Applying by Mail

  • If you are unable to apply on OASIS, another method of applying for this scholarship is applying by your email. 
  • Candidates can send their application to the contact details provided in the list of participating countries. 
  • You must attain a hard copy of your application by contacting the relevant participating country profile. 

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Australia Awards Women’s Leadership Initiative

The Women’s Leadership Initiative has aimed to invest over AUD 5.4 million for the period of 2017-2022. The program aims to increase the involvement of women in leadership positions in all sectors of the society. Female Australia Awards have used their leadership skills for the sustainable development of the Pacific. Through this scholarship for women, Australia seeks to improve their relationship between Australia and the Pacific countries. 

The following are offered under the Australia Awards Women’s Leadership Initiative:

  • Learning and Networking Event (Tier 1) 

Australia-wide learning activities and events on gender and key issues in the Pacific. This also targets support for male champions of change. 

  • Leadership and Mentoring Program (Tier 2)

Chance to mentor with Australian leaders. Tailor made programs for women with respect to coaching and mentoring, networking and coalition building. 

Providing workplace internship opportunities at Pacific and Australian organisations. 

Before applying for this scholarship, candidates must check their eligibility and application procedure. 

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how to apply for scholarships in Australia

Australia Award Scholarship: The Quintessential Scholarship

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