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Atlantic Technological University Acceptance Rate!

Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of any university is an essential statistic that helps us determine the difficulty level of the admission process with ease. When looking at the admission percentage, we can infer that it is the total number of students enrolled in the university against the total number of applicants. Currently, the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate is 56%, making it moderately selective. To learn more about how the acceptance rate varies, what affects it and how to get ahead of it, continue reading our guide!

What Is The AtlanticUniversity Acceptance Rate For Indian Students?


The Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate is around 56%, indicating that out of every 100 applicants, 56 are accepted into the university. While it may seem like a slim percentage, it implies that the university is moderately selective and getting admission here is quite achievable as long as you prepare well.

Another factor is the Atlantic Technological University postgraduate acceptance rate or UG for specific courses. Fortunately, the figure remains the same for all. It could be beneficial in a way that you have to prepare equally for all courses. But otherwise, there are some programmes that could have a higher acceptance rate than the average, which, unfortunately, isn’t seen.

What Are The Trends Of Atlantic University Acceptance Rate?

For the past several years, the acceptance rate of Atlantic Technological University has remained around the same figure of 56%. It is quite a good indication that the university does not change its acceptance rate out of the blue. Through this, we can infer that even in the upcoming intakes, the institute probably won’t change the acceptance statistics by a lot.

This gives applicants enough insight to prepare for admissions and ensure their entry requirements are fulfilled completely.

How To Get Ahead Of The Atlantic Technological University Acceptance Rate?

Even though the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate does not vary much, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you can beat the odds and secure yourself a place. Here are a few things that you should take care of when analysing the acceptance rate and finding ways to get ahead of it:

  • Complete all entry requirements without fail.
  • Score high on the standardised tests and English proficiency tests.
  • Show progress and improvement throughout your application.
  • When writing the personal essay, ensure that you mention your unique characteristics and traits while elaborating on why you will be a great addition to the university.

Popular Courses At this University

In a direct sense, popular courses are often applied more than others by international students. However, since the number of seats available is limited, the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate decreases. Hence, it is essential to analyse the popular courses and see whether your shortlisted ones fall on this list.

  • Accounting
  • Natural and applied sciences
  • PharmaceuticalSciences
  • Health and Management
  • Data Science
  • Business and Management
  • Digital Media and marketing
  • Logistics and marketing
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Information Security

Atlantic Technological University Entry Requirements For International Students

The entry requirements in the Atlantic Technological University admissions do not directly influence the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate. However, they are the best shot at increasing your chances of admission. Check out the detailed list of admission requirements in the table below:

Atlantic Technological University Entry RequirementsDetails
UndergraduateStandard XII examinations from CBSE, CICSE or State BoardA minimum score of 70% overallA minimum score of 65% in Maths and English
Postgraduate3 or 4 years bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects from a recognised institutionEquivalent to a 2:2 Irish bachelor’s honours degree
Official documentsOfficial transcripts and certificates of all previous degreesCurriculum VitaeCopy of passportFinancial documents
Additional requirementsPersonal statementLetter of recommendation (at least 2)RPL: Proof of skills and experiences outside of formal education and training.
ResultsEnglish  proficiency language tests

English Language Proficiency Tests

Since this university does not ask for any standardised tests directly, English proficiency tests are an essential criterion to analyse scores and grades when getting ahead of the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate. Fortunately, the university accepts a large number of English tests as qualifying exams. Find the minimum required scores of undergraduate and postgraduate applicants in the table below:

ExamMinimum Scores for UGMinimum Scores for PG
IELTS5.5 (5.0 in sub-sections)6.0 (5.5 in sub-sections)
Duolingo English Test90 (90 in sub-sections)100 (100 in sub-sections)
PTE Academic5155
TOEFL paper525550
Cambridge English Qualifications173 – 179 (FCE Grade C)180 – 190 (FCE Grade B)
Trinity College LondonTrinity GESE 8/ISE 11Trinity GESE 9/ISE 11

Atlantic Technological University Specific Intakes & Deadlines

Lastly, Ireland intakes can affect the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate to some extent. In certain popular intakes, the number of students who apply is more than average, which makes the acceptance rate less than the estimated average. The Atlantic Technological University admissions can be processed in two intakes – January and September.

  • For the January intake, applications are open from October through December.
  • For the September intake, applications are accepted from February till August. A strict schedule for September intake is followed as mentioned below:

February 1Normal closing date for applications
May 7Online change of mind facility is available
July 1Change of mind facility closes

What Are The Top Reasons To Choose Atlantic Technological University

The Atlantic Technological University is one of the top choices among international students moving to Ireland. If you’re wondering why it reaches that spot, look at the top reasons listed below:

  • The university maintains a small classroom size across all programmes that enables the faculties to focus more on students’ individual academic needs. It is ranked #1 in Ireland for its student-to-lecturer ratio.
  • The campus has several top facilities and technologies that encourage students to stay on top of the recent developments in science, research and technology.
  • An active Student Support Centre ensures that each student’s academic, personal or social issues are resolved to the best of the authorities’ capabilities.
  • The university offers several types of financial aid and other Ireland scholarships.
  • The university also has several sports facilities, a fitness centre, FIFA-approved artificial pitches, floodlit GAA and soccer pitches and a track and field arena.
  • Considering the accommodation needs of international students, the university has arranged 2,000 beds and housing properties across seven Purpose-Built Student Accommodations, within close proximity of the campus.
  • The general living expenses here are more affordable than the cost of living in Ireland.


Q1. What is the current Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate?

Ans: The current Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate is around 56%.

Q2. What factors influence the acceptance rate at this University?

Ans: The total number of applicants, available seats, intakes, popular courses and overall selection process affect the acceptance rate. Students must fulfil all the entry requirements, score high grades on the standardised tests, write a compelling statement of purpose and apply within the given deadlines to get ahead of this figure and secure a seat.

Q3. Are there specific programmes or majors with higher or lower acceptance rates at this University?

Ans: There are no specific programmes or courses that have a higher or lower acceptance rate than the general at Atlantic Technological University. However, the admission percentage for specific courses can vary, thus, it is advisable to verify on the official website.

Q4. How does the University acceptance rate compare to other regional universities?

Ans: The most popular campus of ATU is located in Galway. Some of the other universities there and their acceptance rates are mentioned here:

  • University of Galway acceptance rate: 86%
  • Galway Technical Institute acceptance rate: 56%

Q5. Has the Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate changed in recent years, and if so, what are the trends?

Ans: The Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate has not varied a lot in recent years, and has remained around 56%. The Atlantic Technological University undergraduate acceptance rate or the one for PG as well is the same.

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Atlantic Technological University acceptance rate

Atlantic Technological University Acceptance Rate!

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