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What All Do You Need To Apply For MS In Australia

apply for MS in Australia

Academic Prerequisites |MS In Australia

Just like most of the professional master’s degree courses in Australia, pursuing MS in Australia requires you to complete a bachelor’s degree in the related area and preferably have some work experience in this field. Standardized test scores, such as the GRE and GMAT, are normally expected by top-tier universities while applying to research in Australia. Some colleges do not ask you to apply for your test results. Academic references are a significant eligibility criterion for MS Australia programmes. Do not forget to get at least 2 letters of recommendation when you apply for MS in Australia. These rules are the same for all, including for an MS in Australia for Indian students.

Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

Your statement of purpose can help you nail your application and get an unconditional offer letter. It reflects a candidate’s personality so when the university receives your SOP, they get a good idea about who you are and how well you can fit into the university.  Along with the application kit, you will have to submit a statement of research (for research-based-MS), a statement of intent, or personal statements. This is an essential requirement for MS in Australia for Indian students as well as international students.

English Language Proficiency  |MS In Australia

International candidates from non-native English-speaking countries must have evidence of English proficiency. You may have evidence by sending ELP test reports. When you apply for  MS in Australia, the minimum qualifications can differ depending on the universities and specialisations chosen. 

The general score that is normally expected for admission to some of Australia’s top universities for MS programmes is as follows:

IELTS: 6.5 or higher

TOEFL score of 80 or higher 

PTE: 58 or better

However, you can escape having to give proof of the English language proficiency by studying in Australia without IELTS if you show proof that your previous education was taught with English as the medium of instruction and your language scores were up to the mark. Do keep in mind that only some universities accept this. 

Overseas Student Health Insurance 

When it comes to health insurance, we all tend to overlook it simply because we do not consider it as important. But it is one of the most important MS in Australia requirements. Neglecting this is not a wise option because, during emergencies, you will find it problematic to cover the exorbitant medical expenses. Apply for health insurance when you apply for MS Australia. Moreover, foreign students in Australia have links to a special health-care programme. OSHC is offered by several suppliers and covers the length of the course/stay in Australia. Minimum cover costs are 430 AUD/year for singles, 2680 AUD/year for pairs, and 4000 AUD/year for families. 

Visa Prerequisites 

Only if you satisfy the following minimum conditions would your Australian student visa be accepted:

– Receive a Certificate of Enrollment via email ( eCOE)

– Meet the conditions for a true temporary entrant. 

Proof Of Ample Funds

You cannot apply for MS in Australia without showing proof of ample funds to cover the MS in Australia cost. According to the Australian government, the cost of living for foreign students, which must be mirrored in their financial position, is USD 21,000 a year. The government needs to ensure that when you move to Australia, you can manage your expenses well within your budget. You can show proof of ample funds by taking education loans as well. UniCreds is one such marketplace that offers student education loans.

Things To Remember When You Apply For MS In Australia

International students preparing for a Master’s degree in Australia should be aware of the following specifics and conditions.

  • Request guidelines, deadlines and targets regarding your application
  • Universities have different targets. The following are the specifics of intake and deadlines for Australian universities:
    You could register by the end of October for the first semester (February to June). Continuing Semester (July to November). Applications must be sent by the end of April. 

How To Apply For MS In Australia

Here are a few of the essential MS in Australia requirements to apply for an MS degree-

  • Applications may be submitted through Agents: Apply for your programme directly to university agents in your home nation.
  • Directly submit to the University’s website. Comply with all applicable standards. Attend Interviews, if appropriate and invited. Receive an offer letter after approving enrolling, you will be given an e-COE. Request a Visa.

MS Research in Australia

If you’re pursuing MS Research in Australia, you may be wondering about ‘How Much Does It Cost’? The expense of completing a master’s degree in Australia would require tuition costs as well as the cost of living in Australia. Expenses incurred before arrival i.e. the amount you would pay before landing in Australia is part of your pre-arrival expenses. Exam fees, registration fees, visa fees, and so forth would also be included.

  • Fees for IELTS: 340 AUD 
  • TOEFL payments are AUD 272. 
  • Fees for the GRE: 230 AUD 
  • Fees for the GMAT: 379 AUD
  • Fees for visas: 575 AUD

Apply For MS in Australia  With Scholarships

The MS in Australia cost may be expensive. Approximately, it will vary between 40,000 and 70,000 AUD per year. It is important to plan ahead of time for expenditures and to be mindful of these expenses while studying abroad. International students are eligible to qualify for a variety of scholarships provided by the Australian government. Alternatively, I’d suggest that you head to the UniScholars platform, to choose from a wide range of scholarships that will suit your needs.


1. Is Australia good for MS?

Amongst the most preferred destinations to study abroad, Australia comes in third place next to the US, and the UK. It is home to over 7000 overseas students with around 40 renowned universities offering students MS degrees. With plenty of perks gained from studying at Australian universities, pursuing MS would most certainly be a great step.

2. Is MS in Australia free?

No, pursuing an MS in Australia is not completely free unless you are eligible for a fully-funded scholarship that covers all your study-related expenses. With the availability of several scholarships, grants, and bursaries, students often find it easy to manage their tuition costs which may sometimes be exorbitant.

3. How much does it cost to do MS in Australia?

In order to pursue MS as an international student in Australia, you must pay fees of approximately 20,000 AUD to 37,000 AUD per year. You can, however, relax this by applying for university-based scholarships or grants provided by external organisations.

4. How many years is MS in Australia?

Masters’ degrees in Australia including MS, typically take 1 to 2 years to complete. Traditional academic programmes, that are taught via coursework are generally 18 months long.

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apply for MS in Australia

What All Do You Need To Apply For MS In Australia

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