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Affidavit Of Support For Student Visa – 2022

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What Is Affidavit Of Support For Student Visa?

Immigration officials in other countries want to make sure that students planning to study in their nation have enough money to support themselves during their stay. Parents and family members often financially support these students because they have not yet entered the workforce or have their own source of income.

A sponsor is usually the student’s parents, spouse, or other family members who are helping them financially. An affidavit of support for student visa may be requested as part of a student visa application to show that the student would get financial assistance from their family during the programme they are seeking for. The affidavit of support can be written on letterhead or filed electronically using a form given by the university.

Parents or family members will often be required to show proof of relationship to the applicant in addition to the declaration of support. A birth certificate or, in the case of a partner, a marriage license, among other qualifying documents, might be used as an example for an affidavit of college admission. 

The sponsor is usually a single member of the family, rather than a group of family members. You can nominate one family member to function as the student applicant’s sponsor, or two family members, such as both income-earning parents. However, when applying for a student visa, read the fine print carefully because some immigration authorities may require the sponsor to be a parent or partner, and an auntie or uncle does not qualify.

A sponsor must also establish that they have the requisite financial requirements for the student to acquire a visa using the proof of relationship and the affidavit. Each country has its own set of minimum standards for Indian students, as well as required papers to demonstrate compliance. Many nations require bank statements or even an ITR-V from a sponsor to prove that the student has the financial resources to live in the country.

Is It Necessary To Bring An Affidavit Of Support For Student Visa To An F1 Visa Interview?

Yes, if the student needs a sponsor to achieve the financial requirements, an affidavit of support for student visa is required as part of the application package. In order for the student and educational institution to receive the Form I-20, they must also meet the financial requirements.

An F1 visa is a foreign student visa that allows you to study in the United States at a college, institution, high school, or vocational school. F1 visa applicants will be contacted for an interview to check information and determine whether they have a genuine desire to study in the United States and return to India. Most significantly, they will want to determine the likelihood of financial assistance during the student’s stay in the United States.

The student will be asked how they plan to pay for their tuition and living expenses in the United States during the interview. The student should have a thorough understanding of the material contained in the affidavit of support letter, as well as the source of the funds.

What Is The Affidavit Of Support Income Requirement?

The amount of money needed for an affidavit of support varies depending on the country to which the student is applying. Each country has its own standards, which might also vary depending on how long the student is expected to stay. Within a country, it might also differ between rural and urban campuses.

Here are some examples of income needs for full-time students in Europe for a one-year programme:

Minimum Financial Requirement AnnuallyAmount In INR
UK (London)£12,006

How Should I Write An Affidavit Of Support Letter?

You will have to write your own affidavit of support if you are not given a form to fill out. This should be written as a formal letter on personal letterhead, typed.

An affidavit of support is intended to document the following:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your relationship with the student applicant?
  • That you intend to financially assist the student application
  • How long do you plan to help the student?
  • That you will be able to satisfy the financial obligations
  • Your source of income
  • Outline the documents that will be used as proof of compliance with the standards.
  • Signature

If you liked reading this blog on the affidavit of support for student visa, then drop a comment down below and we will help you with samples of affidavits of support for a student visa. We hope this blog helped you with all the information you needed about the affidavit of support for visa. 

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Affidavit Of Support For Student Visa – 2022

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