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5 Top Universities In Singapore

Singapore might be one of the smallest countries in the world but don’t let that deter you from the fact that it houses some of the top universities in the world. Some of the top universities in Singapore have been attracting students far and wide who desire to fulfil their dreams of a degree from a prestigious institute. Singapore’s rules and regulations make it a very safe country for international students and it also offers a manageable cost of living compared to other developed countries. Therefore this blog would help you in your plans of studying in Singapore with a list of the 5 top universities in Singapore.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

NUS has been a powerhouse for academic excellence since 1905, providing students with the best facilities. The National University of Singapore has been ranked 11th in the world and 1st in the whole of Asia hence students from all across the world crave to get admission here. Being one of the top universities in Singapore means you will also receive the best quality education. The university provides around 60 Bachelor’s degrees and 174 master’s and PhD programmes.

CourseDurationTuition Fees
MBAFull-Time: 17 months
Part-Time: 24-30 months
77.92 L
Master in Computing (Computer Science Specialization)Full-Time: 1.5 years
Part-Time: 2.5 years
41.95 L
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)48 months21.58 L
BBA36 months11.66 L
BSc in Physics48 months9.97 L

Nanyang Technological University

Ranked among the top 20 best institutes in the world and the third oldest university in Singapore, this university has a diverse history and rich culture. More than 34,000 students from various parts of the world are part of Nanyang in 2022. Nanyang has various colleges under its name for different fields of study, such as the College of Science, College of Engineering, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, etc.

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
Master of Science (Information Systems)12 months24.2L (full-time)
Bachelor of Business36 months20.8L
MBA12 or 18 months39.21L
MBBS60 months42.3L
Master of Science (Finance)12 months40.47L

Singapore Management University (SMU)

This public autonomous university has a rank of 3rd in Asia and also holds a triple accreditation for some of the most prestigious boards. SMU is one of the top universities in Singapore which has a dedicated curriculum for management and business studies. This university is a very research-driven and innovation-oriented institute which is aptly seen in its wide bachelor, master and PhD programmes.

CourseDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
BSc in Computer Science48 months₹25.39 lakhs
Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing)48 months₹25.29 lakhs
MBA15 months₹38.07 lakhs
Master of Science in Computing12 months₹12.09 lakhs
Bachelor of Social Science48 months₹25.29 lakhs

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

This university has a strong collaboration with the well-renowned MIT in the USA, with most of its curriculum being developed by MIT. SUTD is one of the best colleges in Singapore with a heavy focus on design and innovation in the engineering sectors. The valuable experiences and education that a student can receive from this institute would be priceless. SUTD offers courses such as Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD), Engineering Product Development (EPD), Engineering Systems and Design (ESD), and Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)

CourseDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
BS in Computer Science and Game Design48 MonthsINR 15.64 Lakh
BBA36 MonthsINR 13.3 Lakh

James Cook University (JCU)

James Cook University Singapore is an affiliate of JCU Australia which is known to be in the top 2% of colleges in the world. The curriculum at JCU Singapore is based on its Australian counterpart with degrees being awarded from there too. James Cook University has every course under the sun from Engineering to Hospitality and Tourism Management. With a multicultural student population and an immersive country, your stay at JCU will be beneficial and fruitful.

ProgrammeDuration1st Year Tuition Fees (INR)
Bachelor of Information Technology24 Months16.32 Lakhs
BSc24 Months17.03 Lakhs
BBA24 Months16.32 Lakhs
BHM24 Months16.32 Lakhs
MBA12 Months21.28 Lakhs
MIM16 Months21.28 Lakhs
MS16 Months21.28 Lakhs


Q1. Which institute is among the best universities in Singapore?

Established in 1905, the National University of Singapore is very reputable and one of the top universities in Singapore. It initially started off as a medical school but slowly and steadily branched into other specializations too like Engineering, Law, and Architecture. It has a world ranking of 11 by QS World University Ranking and number one in Asia. 

Q2. What are the intakes for the top universities in Singapore for 2023?

Universities in Singapore do not have a fixed intake system and it varies from institute to institute. However, you can consider two intakes as the most popular ones for the top universities in Singapore, they are in August and February with undergraduates having only a single intake in August. Many top colleges in Singapore have intakes throughout the year making it more feasible for students.

Q3. Is it hard to get into one of the top universities in Singapore? 

Top universities worldwide have a notoriously low acceptance rate, students have to showcase their best in order to get selected. The student must have 95% or above in 12th and an exceptional role in extracurriculars, their SAT score of 600 or ACT for graduate programmes and a score of 650 for GMAT and 320 for the GRE for masters.

Q4. Does a Singapore public university provide scholarships to International students?

Tuitions fees can sometimes be very intense for a poor student desiring a good education. However, many top universities in Singapore provide full scholarships to eligible candidates. The assessment would be based on the application submitted to the university during admissions. There is a huge number of external sources that offer full to partial scholarships to students, a few of which are; the Benjy Grinberg Scholarship, CIMB ASEAN Scholarship, Dr Goh Keng Swee (GKS) Scholarship, Evolve Warrior Scholarship, GIC Scholarship, etc.

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5 Top Universities In Singapore

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