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What Is GPA and Why Is It Important?

what is gpa

Understanding what is GPA is straightforward; it is referred to as Grade Point Average and is a uniform method to evaluate students’ progress and performance during study/ curriculum. It defines the average performance of the candidates. GPA score ranges between 1.0 to 4.0. It forms the foundation to check whether students meet the minimum standards and scores for diverse university programmes.

The GPA is valid in national and international universities, with the average GPA requirement for students between 3.0 and 3.5. Many other universities or colleges may accept a candidate with a lower score. Students can also avail of scholarships and financial assistance before entering the desired university. 

So, let’s see what is GPA, its importance, and how its various components impact admission eligibility and recognise students’ suitability for the stream/ course. 

What Is an Average GPA?

Average GPA is the minimum score the students must accomplish to secure a seat. It is essential to maintain a higher GPA to get admission to the top courses at prestigious colleges. Usually, students with a mix of A’s and B’s are accepted at various colleges and universities. 

According to research and academic surveys, the ideal GPA is 3.0 for most prestigious universities/ colleges. In contrast, the average GPA for less affluent universities is 2.59. 

Here are some points to be considered regarding what is gpa– 

  • Remember that GPA will likely fluctuate over time due to Grade Inflation and gender-ratio differences. 
  • Another crucial point regarding GPA is that it keeps rising and falling across the high school or university years based on the efforts put in by the candidates. 
  • It recognises how much the students have improved or fallen back in their curriculum or extracurricular activities. 

Grading Systems And What Is Gpa Score

GPA is a widely acknowledged manner of evaluating students. However, many countries use letters, numbers, scales, etc., to define accomplishments and monitor and document the changes in their academic growth. The grades specific to certain countries are translated and converted into the average grading system accepted worldwide. 

The Grading Systems for various countries are as follows – 

The United States of America

Normal CoursesHonours Programmes 
Grade Percentage GPA Percentage GPA 


Letter GradeGrade PointDescription
A−3.66Very good

How To Calculate An Average Gpa?

Although there are various country-wise grading systems, note that each number, symbol, or letter denotes a Quality point and recognises what is GPA. The grades in different gradings are expressed from 0 to 4, A, 10, 5, 100% being the highest, and E/F is often the lowest. 

When you start participating in the programmes, the grade points culminate. The total credit points collected by attending and excelling in every class are divided by the total number of courses taken. 

It establishes the importance of consistency and performance in every class to get an ideal GPA in various countries. 

Unweighted vs Weighted GPA

The common way to calculate GPA is through an unweighted scale ranging from 0 to 4.0. The weighted scale depicts academic performance ranging between 0 to 5.0. 

A weighted scale is a more reliable scale for the assessment of achievements of students because it takes the difficulty and the learning curve involved in each course. It is a preferable means to calculate GPA. 

Example – An A in a difficult programme is marked 5.0 for excellent efforts, whereas an A in an easier course is marked 4.0. 

Cumulative GPA vs Overall GPA

Cumulative GPA covers the students’ average grade points or performance analysis for a shorter duration, including a semester, a quarter term, or a full term. 

Overall GPA includes the culmination of the average grade points or scores secured across the entire academic course. It comprises the entire course, all the semesters, and terms and displays the complete performance curve. 

What Is a Good GPA?

A good GPA is a subjective scale, and it may differ based on high school, field, career stream, and the university opted by the candidate. GPA is also affected by the high school academic routine and the major chosen by the candidate. Students can enhance their cumulative and understand what a GPA score is by developing long-term sustainable study habits, adopting active and passive recall systems, and submitting their assessments timely. 

Here are the key points to consider regarding what is a good GPA – 

  • Average GPA depends on personal goals, academic goals, the type of university the student opts for, and the desirable discipline.
  • A good GPA can also depend on the school/ college attended. The GPA for US undergraduates is 3.15, whereas the average GPA for Ivy institutions like Harvard is 3.65. 
  • GPA denotes the minimum grade point required to qualify for scholarships or enter university. A GPA between 3.0 to 3.5 is recognised as a great score to get into most institutions. 
  • Ensure to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 during college to renew the scholarship or other support during the programme and stay enrolled. 
  • When applying for, enrolling in, and attending college, having a high GPA (3.75 or more) is critical to ensure you graduate with honours/ distinction. 

How Do I Keep A High Gpa?

If a student starts with a low GPA, it may get demoralising to retain a higher GPA. But, boosting and growing GPA is crucial for students. It may be daunting, but students must aim to excel throughout the course and attain an above-average or excellent GPA by the time the third year is completed. 

Take a look at the tips to keep a high GPA and understand what GPA is – 

  • Be Regular With Classes
  • Stay Organised 
  • Prioritise Academics 
  • Improve Study Tactics 
  • Switch Majors if necessary 
  • Get a Tutor 

Why Is the GPA So Important?

GPA is a universally acceptable mode of admission for universities globally. It makes it one of the most important aspects of a student’s progress and academic records and denotes whether they have excelled in the examinations by bere margin or passed it with flying colours. Considering the competition level these days, it is unsurprising that students miss a chance to enrol at their desired universities by a small margin. 

Here are the key reasons why GPA is important for students – 

Performance Indicator for Employment 

GPA is a prevalent career and scholarship criterion utilised worldwide. An excellent grade point average must be submitted to apply for more career prospects in competitive industries such as finance and business consulting. If the grade point average is low, students will be less likely to be invited to the following selection round.

Academic Excellence

GPA score reflects your academic achievement, dedication, perseverance, and time managerial skills. It also demonstrates consistency and resilience in the study, passion as a student, and time management abilities. It affects the students’ abilities to get financial awards or aid. 

True Quantitative Assessment for Admission 

It enables recruiters to compare candidates and choose the best suited for them. Although the TOEFL and SAT are quantitative examinations, not everyone has taken them. GPAs are required for admission to good universities, accelerated courses, and graduate, post-graduate, and PhD programmes. They also reflect students’ long-term academic performance; therefore, a good GPA is essential.


Hope your question “What is gpa” is clear now after reading this article. GPA has become a crucial part of students’ lives. It affects the various aspects of their life and is often used as a qualitative aspect of students’ performance. Gaining an excellent GPA depends on using adequate study materials, proper revision, taking study breaks, and having sound sleep.

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what is gpa

What Is GPA and Why Is It Important?

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