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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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Best Universities In London For International Students 2024

Universities In London

Universities in London are more attractive because of its varied culture, open-air shopping areas, and well-known tourist destinations. Students frequently pick this location as a component of their study abroad trips because it offers them the chance to live in a multiracial metropolis with plenty of employment options, beautiful public parks, and commercial areas. This indicates that in addition to having some of London’s best universities, the city also values and welcomes students from all over the world.

Why Should You Study In London?

  • Excellent student life: According to the QS global rating, London is the top student city in the world for 2021–22. London provides the ideal student experience, whether it’s through offering top-notch instruction, a welcoming setting, or even a variety of vacation choices.
  • Language: Since British English is the language of instruction and communication in London, there would be no language barrier for you to overcome if you choose to pursue your studies there.
  • Diversity: For higher education, students from all over the world come to London. While studying in any of the universities in London, you will undoubtedly have a lot of exposure to different cultures.

Top Universities In London For International Students

Mentioned below are some of the top universities in London with excellent curricula and rankings. You can look at these if you plan to be admitted to London: 

1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London, which is ranked seventh in the world, is thought to be among the greatest universities in London for pursuing any STEM specialties. Focused on science, the institution has made significant contributions to the growth of industries including medicine, engineering, finance, etc. It is also considered a top university for research and the arts. Joining a community of top researchers is one of the most distinctive features of an Imperial education. The most notable aspect of Imperial’s research is its cutting-edge and transnational impact.

Location: Exhibition Road, London

Ranking: QS World – 7, The Times Good University Guide- 5, THE- 3

Collaborations: 6000 universities across the globe

Facilities: shower and changing facilities, teaching hospitals, bars, cafes, 10 gyms, 25m swimming pool.

Nearby Attractions: The royal Albert hall, Hyde park chapel, Big bus tour, Windsor castle, jack-the-ripper experience, etc. 

Student/Faculty Ratio5
International Students11,143
Popular CoursesMechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Neurosciences, Ophthalmology, Material Sciences, Immunology

 2. King’s College London

King’s College is among the oldest colleges in the world, having been founded in 1829. King’s College has improved its transdisciplinary ranking as a thought leader through partnerships and research. Regarding its history, the institution made a significant contribution to the advancement of research that resulted in the discovery of the DNA structure, telephone, etc. Studying at King’s, one of the most prestigious universities in the world will guarantee that you have a tonne of possibilities for learning and development.

Location: Centre of London 

Rankings: THE- 5,  The Times Good University Guide- 20, The Guardian – 29

Diversity– 15000 international students 

Facilities: Accommodation, Huge library, Bar and common rooms, state-of-the-art sports, 350 study spaces, etc.

Nearby Attractions: Buckingham palace, British museum, Edf energy London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, etc.

Student/Faculty Ratio11
International Students15,075
Popular CoursesHumanities, Law, Medicine, Psychiatry, Nursing, Dentistry, International affairs

3. University College London 

The University College London, which opened its doors in 1826, was the first institution of higher learning among all of the universities in London to admit students of all races and religions. The University College London is well known for its comprehensive approach to development. It has 38,000 students from 150 countries and 11,000 staff members. UCL has it all: first-rate facilities, the greatest programs, entertainment venues, quiet study spaces, and knowledgeable faculty. The University is renowned for its ability to find solutions to issues.

Location: Gower Street, London

Ranking: QS World – 20, THE- 22, The Times Good University Guide- 7

Recognition: Research excellence framework

Facilities:  16 libraries, Bloomsbury Theatre, Accommodations, games area, and sports pitches,  etc.

Nearby Attractions: Northampton square, Whiskin street building, sky garden, Borough market, Columbia Flower market, etc.

Student/Faculty Ratio5
International Students21,824
Popular CoursesEducation, Architecture and the Built Environment, Archaeology, Anatomy and Physiology, Anthropology, Geography, Life Sciences and Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology and Psychology.

4. Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University, which was founded in 1826, has 4000 employees and 26,000 students from 150 different countries. At Queen Mary, teaching and research coexist. The university actively contributes to innovation in robotics and AI. The award-winning biography of Charles de Gaulle also had Queen Mary University to thank for its triumph in the literary world. 

Location: London.

Rankings: QS World – 114, THE- 124, The Times Good University Guide- 36

Student Satisfaction: 90%

Facilities: Gym and swim, shops, banks, laundry, resourceful libraries, advanced laboratories, etc.

Nearby Attractions: Brick Lane, science museum, st. Thomas park, The national gallery, Tate britain, etc.

Student/Faculty Ratio9
International Students8,625
Popular CoursesMedicine, Dentistry, Healthcare, Drama, dance & cinematics, Linguistics and Russian & East European languages.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the finest universities in the world for teaching young people about economics and politics. With the intention of addressing some pressing world challenges, it was established in 1895. This university is the greatest choice for students interested in an MBA, business studies, finance, etc. because of its emphasis on teaching and research. 

Location: Houghton street, London.

Rankings: QS World – 56, THE- 37, The Times Good University Guide- 4

Student Satisfaction: 85%

Facilities: State-of-art 13 stories building, advanced laboratories, gyms, 15 cafes, swimming pool, etc.

Nearby Attractions: Natural history museum, ken wood, temple church, Apley house, the shard, etc.

Student/Faculty Ratio10
International Students8,274
Popular CoursesAccounting & Finance, Business and Economics, Business & Management Studies, Marketing, Strategic Communications, Finance and Private Equity, Economics and Management, Financial Mathematics

Subject Rankings For Universities In London

University College LondonComputer Science: QS World – 22, The Guardian – 6, Good University Guide – 1 Law:  The Guardian – 2, Good University Guide – 3 Psychology: QS World – 7, Good University Guide – 3, The Guardian – 5
The London School of Economics and Political ScienceComputer Science: QS World – 121 Law: The Guardian – 4, Good University Guide – 2 Psychology: QS World – 24
King’s College LondonComputer Science: QS World – 58, CUG – 12, Good University Guide – 20 Law: The Guardian – 6, Good University Guide – 7 Communication & Media: QS World – 29, CUG – 5

Queen Mary University of London
Computer Science: QS World – 127, The Guardian – 34, Good University Guide – 32 Law: The Guardian – 8, Good University Guide – 23 Communication & Media: QS World – 151, CUG – 17

Different Public And Private Universities In London

Public UniversitiesPrivate Universities
University of East LondonBPP University
University of GreenwichRegent’s University of London
King’s College LondonLondon School of Commerce
Imperial College London
University College London

Universities With Low Tuition Cost

UniversitiesTuition Fee Per Year (GBP)
University of East LondonUndergraduate: 23,250 Graduate: 26,000
University of GreenwichUndergraduate: 21,000 Graduate: 22,000 
King’s College London Undergraduate: 31,570 Graduate: 33,000
Imperial College LondonUndergraduate: 28,000 Graduate: 29,000
University College LondonUndergraduate: 26,000 Graduate: 28,500 

Universities Without IELTS

Pursuing a degree from the universities of London is possible without IELTS in case of some of the universities. As a result, they may have other entrance tests. 

The most popular entrance exam used to gauge candidates’ English proficiency is the IELTS, and many universities and colleges around the world accept it. However, alternative competency standards have since been developed by a number of UK universities.

Students who took English as a major subject in their Class 10 and Class 12 board exams are qualified to apply for admission without taking the IELTS exam. The hitch in this situation is that the student needed to have received at least 70% in English. Some of the Institutes which accept Indian students without IELTS is

  • Brunel University London.
  • Imperial College London.
  • Kingston University London.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
  • The Queen Mary University of London.

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In London?

Since London is an expensive city, students at universities in London will have to bear some extra costs. The total cost of living with off campus accommodation (Per month) is 1237 GBP and total cost of living with on campus accommodation (Per month) is 1309 GBP. An average estimation breakdown of the cost of living is mentioned below:  

ItemsCost (per month in GBP)
Off-Campus Accommodation 408
On Campus Accommodation 480
Transportation 159
Food Cost406
Entertainment 44
Market/Groceries 155
Clothes 69


The University of London is an attractive and worthwhile city for Indian students who wish to study in the UK. For more details regarding the universities in London, you can review the ones mentioned above. 

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Universities In London

Best Universities In London For International Students 2024

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