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UK University Application Deadline For International Students 2024

The United Kingdom, renowned for its prestigious educational institutions, hosted an impressive number of international students, with figures anticipated to surpass 300,000 in the 2023 academic season. 

This surge is reflected in the substantial increase in sponsored study visas granted to Indian students, which reached 142,848 – a remarkable 54% rise, amounting to an additional 49,883 visas compared to the figures recorded in the year ending June 2022. Building on this momentum, the variety of courses offered by UK universities, encompassing both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, underscores the importance of understanding UK university application deadline.

This blog provides an in-depth look at the UK application deadlines for 2023/2024 academic year, ensuring you stay ahead in your journey to academic success in one of the world’s most esteemed education systems.

1. UK September Intake 2023 Deadline For International Students

To understand the UK university application deadline, students must first understand the intakes. The primary admission intake for UK universities starts in September, marking the beginning of the academic year. This period is crucial for students seeking a place in these esteemed institutions. Additionally, UK universities offer alternative intakes in January and May, catering to those who may have missed the September (Fall) intake. 

September Intake in UK 2023 deadline stands crucial because it is the preferred choice for approximately 80% of applicants seeking admission to UK universities. This preference highlights the unique advantages and considerations associated with the September intake, making it a focal point for students globally.

Here are UK application Deadline 2023 timelines for the September Intake.

UK application Deadline 2023 timelines for the September Intake

1.1 UK Universities & September 2023 Intake Deadlines

Here are some UK universities that have their gates open for the September 2023 Intake for International students. Mind you, there are many more universities and their deadlines can be found on their respective official websites. 

Aston University15 Aug, 2023
Kingston University5 June 2023
Manchester Metropolitan University5 July 2023
University of NottinghamAugust 6, 2023
University of LiverpoolJuly 31, 2023
University of LincolnJune 30, 2023
University of SussexAugust 1, 2023
University of East AngliaJuly 31, 2023

2. UK January Intake 2024 Deadline For International Students

In the UK, the January or winter intake serves as an alternative admission period, ideal for students who missed the primary September intake. This intake, while offering a more limited selection of universities and courses, presents an opportunity for students needing extra preparation time.

Typically, the application period for the January intake starts in September and ends in November. However, it’s crucial to note that the UCAS deadline for undergraduate courses is set for 31st January 2024. In contrast, deadlines for postgraduate or master’s courses tend to vary.

Therefore, students must finalise their applications well before these deadlines to facilitate a seamless and stress-free admission experience. The image below shows top universities in the UK and their Jan 2024 application deadlines.

UK January Intake 2024 Deadline

3. UK May Intake 2023 Deadline

The UK’s spring admission period, particularly the May intake, is typically less competitive due to a smaller selection of available courses. If your desired course is offered during this intake, your chances of admission are generally higher compared to the more sought-after intakes. Below are tables showcasing notable universities and their UK may intake 2023 deadline:

UniversityUndergraduate DeadlinePostgraduate Deadline
Birmingham City University31 March 2023Rolling deadlines
Coventry UniversityRolling deadlinesRolling deadlines
Keele University01 October 202301 October 2023
Regent’s University London30 April 202330 April 2023
Ulster University30 June 202317 March & 08 May 2023
West of Scotland UniversityRolling deadlines starting from August 2023Rolling deadlines starting from August 2023

4. Deadline For UK University Courses 

Now, as much as there are specific deadlines for each university pertaining to UG and PG programmes, students must also note that within these universities, each course has its deadlines. Below are the master application deadlines for UK 2023 for international students. 

3.1 Masters/Postgraduate Course Deadlines For International Students

ProgrammeApplication Deadline
M.B.AApplication Deadline For Round 1[29 Aug, 2023]Application Deadline For Round 2[3 Oct, 2023]Application Deadline For Round 3[8 Jan, 2024]Application Deadline For Round 4[11 Mar, 2024]Application Deadline For Round 5[7 May, 2024]
M.FinApplication For September 2024 Intake [31 May, 2024]
M.Phil EngineeringApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [16 May, 2024]
M.Phil Advanced Chemical EngineeringApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [16 May, 2024]
M.Phil Advanced Computer ScienceApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [24 Feb, 2024]
M.Phil ArchitectureApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [1 Feb, 2024]
M.Phil Scientific ComputingApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [16 May, 2024]
M.Phil ManagementApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [24 Feb, 2024]
M.Phil Machine Learning and Machine IntelligenceApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [1 Dec, 2023]
B.EngUCAS Application Deadline For 2024 Intake [31 Jan, 2024]
M.Phil Biological ScienceApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [26 Apr, 2024]
M.Phil BiotechnologyApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [30 Jun, 2024]
M.Phil Chemical Engineering and BiotechnologyApplication Deadline For Lent 2024 Intake [4 Oct, 2023]
M.Phil Biological Science – Physiology, Development and NeuroscienceApplication Deadline For Lent 2024 Intake [4 Oct, 2023]Application Deadline For Easter 2024 Intake [15 Jan, 2024]
M.Sc PhysicsApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [2 Mar, 2024]
M.Sc Pure MathematicsApplication Deadline For 2024 Intake [10 Feb, 2024]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to get the offer letter for UK university 2023?

After submitting your application, you can expect to receive an offer letter from a UK university within a timeframe of 2 to 4 weeks. This period is typical for the processing of university admissions. 

2. When to apply for September intake in UK 2024?

Begin your application when the UCAS cycle opens in June 2023. The primary deadline is 15 January 2024 for most courses. For art and design courses, the deadline is 24 March 2024.

3. Which UK universities give unconditional offers?

Some of the major UK universities that give unconditional offer letters are Nottingham Trent, University of Lincoln, Sheffield Hallam, University of Birmingham, York St John’s, and Birmingham City University.

4. Can I request to extend the UK university application deadline? 

It is generally unlikely that a request to extend the application deadline will be granted by UK universities. It’s crucial to be aware of the deadlines well in advance and ensure you apply on time to avoid any complications.

5. What is the application deadline for bachelor’s courses in the UK?

The regular deadline for applying to undergraduate courses in the UK is 31st January. However, if you miss this date, the final deadline for applications is 30th June each year.

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