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PhD Scholarships In Australia

Commonwealth Scholarships: All You Need To Know

The Australian Government understands the importance of tertiary education and welcomes students from all around the world with its open borders. The country inspires students to enhance their knowledge and become leaders in their fields through the world-class education provided by the country. For this reason, the country provides a number of scholarships for undergraduate, post graduate and Phd scholarships in Australia and encourages private universities to do the same. 

Focusing on the importance of tertiary education, here is a list of the best PhD scholarships in Australia:

Government PhD Scholarships in Australia

Australia Awards Scholarships

This scholarship was commenced by the Australian Government 70 years ago and has become one of the most prestigious international scholarships of the country. Through this scholarship, the country aims to prepare a class of world leaders and researchers giving a boost to potential students’ career development in Australia. 

Australia Awards has a vision to enhance growth and stability in the country as well as increase mutual understanding between organisations and communities. The promoters of this award believe that the goal can only be achieved by equipping students with a high potential, with the skills and knowledge to progress in their fields. 

Australia Awards Scholarships are available to international students from developing countries and offer the award to be received in four ways – Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships, Australia Awards Short Courses and Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Fellowship Schemes. 

In the year 2021, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has offered 818 scholarships to students from 20 developing countries around the world.

Destination Awards

This program offers financial support to both domestic students for Australia and international students to study tertiary courses and offer scholarships for the same such as PhD scholarships in Australia. The aim of this scholarship is to cater to the sustainable development and contribute in the development of the remote and regional areas of Australia. 

The Destination Awards are provided by a list of universities that offer PhD Scholarships in Australia. 

In 2020, the Australian Government provided 1000 scholarships and aims to expand its offerings in 2021 to cater to the needs of communities to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian tertiary education institutes will be able to apply for AUD 15,000 per student per year. 

Australian Government Research Training Program


PhD scholarships in Australia

The Australian government expanded the reach of this scholarship program in 2017. While the program only offered scholarships to Master Research Degrees, the scholarship program now encompasses courses for PhD Scholarships in Australia for both national and international students. The research training program (RTP) offers student funding and scholarships in three ways – 

Firstly, RTP Fees Offset that pays for the students’ tuition fees for higher degree education which would have otherwise been paid by the student. 

Secondly, RTP Stipend to assist students with their accommodation and other essential overhead costs. 

And Lastly, RTP Allowances to help students with ancillary expenses such as travel and relocation. 

Australian University Scholarships 

University of Sydney

phd scholarships in australia

University of Sydney offers merit based scholarships to both, domestic and international students. It is the oldest university in Australia and was established in 1850. Ever since it came into existence, the university has been known to encourage students with excellent academic potential and offer them  PhD scholarships in Australia.

The scholarships provide both fees offset for the duration 3 years or supports students with a stipend. For the year 2020, the scholarships have been estimated to be AUD 35,000 per annum. 

University of Sydney scholarships are one of the best scholarships available for Phd in Australia and are open all year round. Students can apply for a wide array of scholarships ranging from general scholarships to scholarships specialised for subjects.

Monash University

This university is one among the Group of 8 mission groups in Australia that consists of 8 elite universities that offer scholarships, grants and awards to deserving students based on merit and need. These scholarships are available to both international and domestic students. 

The range of 8 scholarships for PhD in Australia that can be categorised into Research Training Programs, Stipend and Subject based offset scholarships. It also provides 5 scholarships especially for international students with special focus on Pakistan and China. 

Students studying doctoral degrees also are encouraged through awards and special grants based on their past performance and merit. 

University of Melbourne

phd scholarships in australia

One of the top universities that offer PhD scholarships to both national and international students is university of Melbourne. The university offers 600 scholarships in total which are applicable to all study areas. 

There are two benefits students can receive – general allowance and fee remissions upto AUD 110,000. 

The university does not consider SOPs or applications for general scholarships and considers students based on their past performance. 

Students can find a wide range of awards and grants for international studies, especially for scholarships for PhD in Australia. Even though Australian universities and the Government of Australia encourage students to apply for scholarships, not all students might receive the awards or grants they hoped for. To solve this problem, UniScholarz offers scholarships solutions to students wanting to pursue primary, secondary and tertiary education. 

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Commonwealth Scholarships: All You Need To Know

PhD Scholarships In Australia

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