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The Best International Scholarships For Minority Women

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As the world aims to strengthen the role of women in education and all other fields, a number of tools to facilitate this development have come into play to make higher education more accessible to women. Scholarships for minority women are now available in many countries. Examples of such scholarships include scholarships for women by ethnicity, scholarships for single mothers, and scholarships for older women. Here is a list of the best international scholarships for minority women across the world :-

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Grants

Under this scheme a number of international scholarships for women studying in the U.S. or Canada are available. The monetary value of the scholarships is about $12,000 each. The scholarship is reserved for women coming from a lower or middle-income developing country who intend to return to their home country after completing their degree. The applicants must be committed to improving the conditions of women and children in their country and have participated in social service in the past to be eligible for the scholarship. The participants need to commit to a minimum of two years of service in the field.

The MMMF South Africa Grants

These scholarships are exclusively offered to women from developing countries who are attending either the University of Pretoria or the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The monetary value of the award is about $4,000. To be eligible for the program, the applicants must have an active interest in helping needy women and children via social service. may apply for this program. The awards are given on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. This is one of the top scholarships for minority women

Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Fellowship Program 

This scholarship is funded by Georgetown University’s Law Center and provides expert training to African women to become human rights lawyers in their home countries. The aim of the program is to bring gender equality to the African legal system. It is awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

Mwalimu Nyerere African Union Scholarship Scheme 

This scholarship is available for female African students who are pursuing their master’s or PhD degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and education science at any African university.

NWAG& NYU Wagner Scholarships

The NWAG scholarships are available for female UG Nigerian students wishing to pursue their higher studies in their home country. The NYU Wagner Public Service Fellowships are offered to African women who wish to pursue a career in public service within their home countries in the continent of Africa.

Peace and Security Fellowship for African Women 

These scholarships for minority females are a joint collaboration of King’s College London (UK) and the University of Nairobi to train African women in the fields of conflict, security, and development. 

AUC Scholarships

The AUC scholarships are offered for ethnic minorities and are open to both men and women. They are offered for study in Egypt by the American University in Cairo. These student scholarships are also available for refugee students. The scholarships are available for refugees who are enrolled in their first year or second year of school in the country and covers their full tuition fees and provides a monthly allowance. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have a blue or yellow card status and be in their freshman or sophomore years. It is an extremely beneficial scholarship for refugee women and one of the top scholarships for minority females.

Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards 

These are international scholarships available for single mothers and women who are the main source of financial support for their kids. It is one of the best scholarships for single mothers.

Child Family Health International Scholarships

 This organization offers scholarships for its abroad internship schemes. These are partially funded international scholarships worth  $1,000 each for the field of health education internships. The priority for the awards is to be given to people of the same ethnicity as that of the country they are serving in. It is open to both men and with, with applications for the scholarship needing to be submitted online. The award recipients are required to fund their own travel expenses and living costs. It is one of the top scholarships for minority females in the health profession.

The American Association of University Women Scholarships 

The AAUW offers 7 types of scholarships and fellowships for women. These include American Fellowships for scholars who are permanent US citizens or residents, international scholarships for women who hail from other and wish to pursue their studies in the USA, and Selected Professions Fellowships which are awarded to support and encourage women in the US who are pursuing a master’s degree any of the following fields- architecture, computer science, engineering, and mathematics. It is one of the best scholarships for minority women in the US.

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Google’s Women Techmakers Scholars Program offers scholarships to women who are studying in the fields of computer science and technology which have previously been male-dominated at the UG or PG levels. The monetary worth of the scholarships is around US$10,000 and they are open to women of all countries. Google also invites the winners to one of its major regional offices to offer them workshops and networking and social activities.

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The Best International Scholarships For Minority Women

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