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What Is A Double Masters Degree? Should You Study One? 

What Is A Double Masters Degree

If you’ve ever wondered what is a double Masters’s degree, it’s a programme that allows you to obtain not one but two Masters degrees from different universities. Dual Masters or Joint Masters are names given to these programmes by several educational institutions. We will help you decide if a double MA degree is right for you and whether you are on the right track. Everything you need to know, from how to complete a double Master’s to how you may get a high-paying job from it, is right here.

What Is A Double Masters Degree?

A dual degree, sometimes known as a double MA degree, is an educational opportunity that enables students to simultaneously pursue education in two fields of study that are either related to one another or complement one another. 

  • Simply put, it is a qualification conferred jointly by two colleges in different nations. 
  • There is also the possibility of obtaining two degrees from the same educational institution. 
  • Students can obtain competence and experience in two different but closely connected topics. 
  • It is possible to earn a double degree at the master’s and bachelor’s levels.
  • Nevertheless, it is much more frequent to find master’s students enrolling in this degree.

How Does A Double MA Degree Work?

Every course for a double MA is different. You will be participating in a programme developed collaboratively by the two universities that are your parents in partnership with one another. Both of these degrees often use the same application process and have a curriculum organised comparably. The following is a list of some of the essential characteristics of understanding what is a double MA degree: 

  • Applications for some programmes are processed centrally at one university.
  • For such programmes, you apply to the university hosting the first year of the Master’s programme.
  • Double Master’s degree programmes may require you to apply for the second year while still in the first year.
  • The two years of the programme complement each other, leading to a culminating dissertation.
  • You will have a primary thesis supervisor from one university.
  • Faculty members from both institutions can provide guidance and assistance.
  • Upon completion, you will have earned postgraduate degrees from two universities.

Difference Between A Joint Degree & A Dual Degree

We understand the difference between a joint degree and a dual degree. While both involve pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously, here is their basic understanding:

How To Do A Double MA Degree?

Here is how step – by – step you can get a double MA degree. Read carefully and make notes!

  • First, carefully research programmes that offer the specific dual degree you want to pursue. Many universities have pre-designed joint programmes, while others allow you to customise your own curriculum across departments. Evaluate factors like coursework integration, flexibility, duration and whether you can work toward both degrees simultaneously or consecutively.
  • Next, make sure you meet the admissions criteria for both programmes. This may involve taking certain prerequisite courses, entrance exams, or meeting minimum GPA requirements. A strong undergraduate record, relevant experience, 1-2  recommendations and a personal statement highlighting your academic motivations will strengthen your application.
  • Once admitted, develop a study plan and schedule to balance the dual workload effectively. Leverage any course overlaps and seek advice from faculty mentors and current dual degree students. Prioritise coursework alignment to graduate on time.

How Many Years Does It Take To Earn Two Master’s Degrees?

The difficulty of this task is compounded by the fact that completing a double Master’s degree takes two years to do, but in some cases, it can be completed in as little as 18–24 months. It is quite unusual for a part-time double Master’s degree programme to be made available; however, you can always search for shorter classes. This type of degree is not typically available for study on a part-time basis, mostly because of the extensive amount of work required. 

Advantages & Challenges Of Pursuing A Double MA Degree

Challenges and positives are some aspects which you should consider while doing a double MA degree. Have a look at the below table for more credible information:

Gain broader knowledge & cultural experiencesRequires strong time management and prioritization
Become a well-rounded global citizenChoosing the right program and focus is crucial
Design your own learning pathMay require passion for both chosen fields
Double your expertise & stand out to employersCan be mentally and emotionally demanding
Develop strong research and analytical skillsHigher cost of tuition and living expenses
Increase earning potentialMay not be directly applicable to all fields

MBA as Second Master’s Degree

An MBA after your first master’s can be a pragmatic move, whether you want a management specialisation, are planning a career shift, or seek to fuse technical and managerial skills into a powerful hybrid skillset. The MBA opens new managerial vistas and can boost your career prospects as a double master’s holder.  

If you decide that an MBA as a second master’s degree is right for you and your future, below are some tips on addressing your advanced degree on the application.

  • Applicants pursuing an MBA as a second master’s degree should clarify the reasons behind obtaining their initial master’s degree. Given programmes ranging from Master of Science in Finance to Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.
  • Next, applicants must articulate how an MBA would complement or exceed their previous degree. This is where long-term career aspirations become crucial. 
  • Presenting a clear career plan helps admissions applicants understand the necessity of an MBA. Failure to justify pursuing a second master’s degree may raise doubts among the admissions committee, potentially reducing your chances of acceptance.

International Second Master’s Degree

A second master’s degree from an international country has become quite the fad. Essentially, more degrees translate to more options for shaping your ideal life and career trajectory across borders. These are the top countries where students are flying off to: 

CountryTop Universities For A Dual-Degree
AustraliaUniversity of MelbourneUniversity of SydneyUniversity of QueenslandUniversity of New South WalesAustralian National University
CanadaUniversity of TorontoUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of AlbertaMcgill UniversityUniversity of Montreal
GermanyTechnical University of MunichUniversity of BonnHeidelberg UniversityUniversity of Hamburg RWTH Aachen University
SwitzerlandUniversity of ZurichEcole hôtelière de LausanneETH Zurich University of Bern University of Base
USAHarvard UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyStanford UniversityUniversity of California
UKUniversity of Oxford University of Cambridge University College London Imperial College London University of Edinburgh

Double Majors Vs Double Master’s Degrees

Students interested in pursuing a double master’s degree may be confused by the term “double major,” which is most commonly used in the United States. The primary distinctions between these similarly titled academic courses are as follows:

FeatureDouble MajorDouble Master’s Degree
Degree AwardedOne bachelor’s degree with two specialisationsTwo separate master’s degrees
CourseworkComplete requirements for two majors within a bachelor’s programmeComplete requirements for two separate master’s programmes
Time CommitmentSame as a single major in a bachelor’s programmeIt can vary depending on the programme structure, but it typically takes longer than a single master’s degree
CostTypically, the same tuition as a single majorCan vary depending on the programme structure and whether the degrees are from the same institution
Level OfferedUndergraduate (Bachelor’s) onlyAny level of study (Master’s, PhD, etc.)


In conclusion, it is vital to understand what a double master’s degree is and how it provides students with a more diverse set of skills and knowledge. Students who pursue a double master’s will have an added advantage in employment. Earning a double master’s degree at once is no small feat. Still, the rewards for those who put in the time and effort are substantial in terms of professional advancement and intellectual variety. 


Is a double MA degree worth it?

Absolutely. Dedicating yourself to mastering two different subjects requires rolling up your sleeves and putting in the hard work, but that commitment yields immense rewards. You’ll gain invaluable experience learning from a broader pool of professors and industry experts across multiple fields.

Why do people get a double master’s degree?

A double master’s degree programme enables you to efficiently gain two postgraduate degrees from two separate institutions within the typical timeframe of completing a single master’s degree. You actively maximise your time by simultaneously pursuing two respected qualifications acceleratedly.

How many years is a double MA?

Most double Master’s programmes take between 18 months (1.5 years) and 24 months (2 years) to complete.

Which is better double Masters or PhD?

A PhD directly prepares you to become a professor teaching your subject expertise. Choose a second master’s if you want to shift careers without teaching.

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What Is A Double Masters Degree

What Is A Double Masters Degree? Should You Study One? 

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