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What Is A Double Masters Degree: An Overview

what is a double masters degree

If you’ve ever wondered what is a double Masters degree, it’s a programme that allows you to obtain not one but two Masters degrees from different universities. Dual Masters or Joint Masters are names given to these programmes by several educational institutions. However, they all mean the same thing concerning qualifications. We will help you decide if a double Master’s degree is right for you and whether you are on the right track. Everything you need to know, from how to complete a double Master’s to how you may get a high-paying job from it, is right here.

What Is A Double Masters Degree?

A dual degree, sometimes known as a double degree, is an educational opportunity that enables students to simultaneously pursue education in two fields of study that are either related to one another or complement one another. 

  • Simply put, it is a qualification conferred jointly by two colleges in different nations. 
  • There is also the possibility of obtaining two degrees from the same educational institution. 
  • Students can obtain competence and experience in two different but closely connected topics. 
  • It is possible to earn a double degree at the master’s degree level as well as the bachelor’s degree level.
  • Nevertheless, it is much more frequent to find master’s students enrolling in this degree.

How Does A Dual Masters Degree Work?

Every course for a double master is different. You will be participating in a programme developed collaboratively by the two universities that are your parents in partnership with one another. Both of these degrees often use the same application process and have a curriculum organised comparably. The following is a list of some of the essential characteristics of understanding what is a double masters degree

  • Applications for some programmes are processed centrally at one university.
  • For such programmes, you apply to the university hosting the first year of the Master’s programme.
  • Double Master’s degree programs may require you to apply for the second year while still in the first year.
  • The two years of the program complement each other, leading to a culminating dissertation.
  • You will have a primary thesis supervisor from one university.
  • Faculty members from both institutions can provide guidance and assistance.
  • Upon completion, you will have earned postgraduate degrees from two universities.

How Many Years Does It Take To Earn Two Master’s Degrees?

The difficulty of this task is compounded by the fact that completing a double Master’s degree takes two years to do, but in some cases, it can be completed in as little as 18–24 months. It is quite unusual for a part-time double Master’s degree programme to be made available; however, you can always search for shorter classes. This type of degree is not typically available for study on a part-time basis, mostly because of the extensive amount of work required. 

Reasons Why Pursuing A Dual Masters Degree Is Ideal

It is never too early to start considering what you want to do once you graduate from your current school. Continue reading to understand what is a double masters degree and chekout reasons to pursue a double master’s degree as a career option.

  • Strategy for combining different interests – Choosing a master’s degree that’s right for you can be tricky, especially if you don’t know which one to pursue. It is fortunate that a double master’s degree gives you the opportunity to satisfy your intellectual curiosity beyond just one field of study.
  • Acquire deeper understanding oof business sectors – A person who has earned a dual master’s degree may have a significantly more well-rounded perspective on the corporate world. Even though you may have primarily focused on business or management of finances throughout your undergraduate studies, completing a double master’s degree will tie your previous education together. 

Because of this, you will better understand the numerous aspects of business, management, and finance and how they link and work with one another.

  • Improve job opportunities and income potential – A dual master’s degree can be the stepping stone to help enhance your chances of securing a more senior or managerial job role much sooner in your career. The current graduate employment market is highly competitive, and a double master’s degree can give you the edge you need to compete in this market. If you have two Master’s degrees, you can stand out in the job market as someone who has the skills needed to succeed in a challenging environment.
  • Access to academic resources – The universities you’re enrolled in give you access to an extensive array of scholarly resources.
  • International outlook – You can gain new perspectives and avenues by studying and living abroad, an experience you might not have otherwise experienced. As you begin your job search after graduation, a global perspective will serve you well.
  • Language skills – In many foreign universities, students studying for a double Master will be able to take language classes even if the entire course is taught in English. Depending on where you live, you can improve your existing language skills or learn a completely new one.
  • Richer study opportunities – You’ll gain a wider, more comprehensive understanding of your chosen subject because you’ll study two courses at two (or more) universities. It is likely that you will use the connections between the programmes as a basis for your dissertation as you explore and interrogate their connections.

In general, a double Master’s degree requires two years of full-time study. For people who would otherwise study part-time but have work or family commitments, these programs aren’t appropriate.

Double Majors Vs Double Master’s Degrees

Students interested in pursuing a double master’s degree may be confused by the term “double major,” which is most commonly used in the United States. The primary distinctions between these similarly titled academic courses are as follows:

  • A double major allows you to earn two certificates or degrees for the same amount of work. 
  • The completion of a dual degree programme results in two separate certificates.
  • The time required to earn a bachelor’s degree with two majors is equivalent to that of a single major. 
  • The time it takes to earn a second bachelor’s degree might range from one to two years.
  • The cost of a double degree can increase if the two degrees are earned from institutions in different nations.
  • Double majors are only possible at the Bachelor’s level, unlike double degrees, which can be earned at any level of education.


In conclusion, the purpose of knowing what is a double masters degree and how it provides students with a more diverse set of skills and knowledge is vital. Students will have an added advantage in employment if they pursue a double master’s. Earning a double master’s degree at once is no small feat, but the rewards for those who put in the time and effort are substantial, both in terms of professional advancement and intellectual variety.

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what is a double masters degree

What Is A Double Masters Degree: An Overview

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