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Cheapest Online Law Degree In The UK

In this article we list the cheapest online law degrees available in the UK.

In today’s times, opting for an online law degree is a good choice if you want a new career shift professionally but can’t commit to full-time learning due to a busy schedule or if you can’t afford to quit working but you are struggling with a busy schedule or you can’t afford to quit your job. If you are opting for an online law degree in the UK, you need to make the best and most affordable choice of law program i.e look for the cheapest online law degree in the UK that fits with your learning abilities, lifestyle and career aspirations. your life situation and your career ambitions.

Students in UK colleges can study law through a B.A. in Law or an L.L.B. or a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) as their undergraduate degree. These programs cover various areas including Public Law, European Union Law and Criminal Law. After completing their UG degree students will need to take a Legal Practice Course (LPC), or a one-year Bar Professional Training Course (depending on their choice of being a barrister or solicitor.) 

Many UK universities offer online degrees in Law. Here are some institutes that have a variety of programs in Law, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies along with their fee details to help you select the cheapest online law degree in the UK!

Affordable Online Law Degrees In The UK

The University Of Essex Online

Location: Colchester, England

Cost of Studying: The cost for a 4-year LLB Hons with 360-degree credits is £18,500 while that for a certHE with 120-degree credits for 16 months is £6,167.

This university offers online law courses with either an LLB Hons or CertHe i.e certificate of higher education. The courses start by providing the necessary online resources for your online law degree. The foundation covers a wide range of legal subjects and areas  including:

  • criminal laws, the burden of proof and proposals for reform
  • legally enforceable contracts
  • liability, negligence and duty of care
  • real property law, covenants and mortgages
  • public international law and its co-relation with national law

You will finish your degree with advanced research on a topic within the scope of your LLB course. The course, apart from increasing your legal expertise also hones your critical reasoning and debating skills through interactions with your classmates. These skills will come in handy for success in a lot of areas. The certHE and LLBs are available in the following major subjects- Criminology, Business and Psychology.

De Montfort University (DMU)

Location: Leicester, England

Cost of Studying: The estimated cost of the degree is around £14,250, one of the cheapest online law degrees in the UK.

The Leicester-based De Montfort University offers accessible and efficient distance learning LLM programmes. These courses help students study while maintaining a work-life balance. The Law School  of the University offers five online learning LLMs in the following areas:

  • Employment Law and Practice
  • Environmental Law and Practice
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Sports Law

As previously mentioned, the course allows students to study from home – in the UK or overseas – and keep in contact with their teachers by email, telephone, etc. Students also maintain contact with each other leading to a lot of networking opportunities. 

Know More About Studying Abroad in the UK

The Open University (OU) 

Location: Milton Keynes, England

Cost of Studying: Most OU students study part-time with 60 credits a year. The current fee for 60 credits is £3,168. The current fee for 120 credits, which is equal to a year’s full-time study, is £6,336. At these prices, the total cost of your course would be £19,008*.

The university offers a wide-ranging curriculum for people of all academic backgrounds. It offers law courses from UG to PG and offers the choice to combine law with other subjects. It has a flexible approach to teaching and learning that is designed to mould in with people’s busy professional and personal lives. No matter the motives for studying law– to become a solicitor or barrister, develop a new skill base, upgrade your current job or change direction completely – This university helps you to make the best and most progressive career choices for you. 

The University Of Law 

Location: Guildford, England

Cost of Studying: A three-year full-time degree costs around £9,250, a four-year degree is £6,935 and a six-year degree will cost you £4,625.

All of the courses in law offered by this university online hold the same value as their offline law degrees meaning the law degrees are fully qualified for professional practice after completion of the course by students. All online postgraduate courses are accredited by the CMI. The law degrees offered are divided into the areas of business, criminology, international foundation, government and politics, and international business. 

This university thus offers the cheapest online law degree in the UK out of all the courses mentioned here. 

Unicaf – University Of Suffolk

Location: Ipswich, England

Cost of Studying: A one-year full-time degree will cost you around £12,996 and a three-year full-time degree: £12,996 per year.

Students at the Unicaf – University of Suffolk are given a solid foundation in the study of law and the environments in which it operates. The depth of instruction that this subject promotes is equally significant for students who want to pursue a career in law. The ability to apply their knowledge and abilities in a range of circumstances is provided to students, who will eventually be prepared to tackle difficult problems regarding the law and related topics in the real world. This permeates every subject in the law curriculum, which has a number of modules created especially to give you the opportunity to use your knowledge and abilities in various circumstances.

Technological University Of Dublin – Law

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Cost of Studying: The cost of a three-year full-time degree is around £1,446 per year.

The Technical University of Dublin’s law programme gives students a strong foundation in the essential abilities needed to enter the legal field as well as a wide range of transferable skills beneficial to many different types of businesses. Contract law, criminal law, core legal skills, and other topics are covered in some of the courses.

We hope you enjoyed this article on ‘Cheapest Online Law Degree in the UK- A Guide’ To know more about related fields do read:- 

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In this article we list the cheapest online law degrees available in the UK.

Cheapest Online Law Degree In The UK

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