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Arizona State University Admission 2023: Simplified

Arizona State University Admission

Known as one of the most revered universities in the United States, Arizona State University is a dream for many international and local students alike. Which is why getting in can be challenging for many. In this article, we have simplified the Arizona State University Admission process for your ease. 

About Arizona State University:

Arizona State University is a public research university based in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It has consistently ranked #1 in the US for innovation as per US News and World Report from 2016 to 2023. According to THE, it is the second most impactful university to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Even QS World University Rankings prove that it is number one in the world for international trade. 

Being associated with Arizona State University is a matter of pride for many. An ecosystem that thrives on academic excellence, enriching opportunities and 400+ faculty support is accessible to all at this university. With 800+ quality degrees to choose from taught across multiple campuses by some of the brightest academics, every day at Arizona State University is enriching. 

Admission Rate at Arizona State University:

It is no surprise that since it has earned its fame over the years, Arizona State University admission is moderately competitive. Every year 14000+ students enrol at this university and 9000+ of them are international students. For Fall 2021, the Arizona State University Acceptance Rate came down to 88.2%. This was after 61500+ students applied and 14250 got accepted. 

Highlights of Arizona State University Admission

Following are the highlights of Arizona State University admission. Please note that you will be required to have your test scores, English Language Proficiency scores, and mark sheets from previous years. You must also pay the application fees at the time of submitting for it to be considered complete. You may even have to appear for a final personal interview round.

Applications AcceptedUG: Common or CoalitionPG: ASU Graduate Application
Application FeeUG: USD 85PG: USD 115
Acceptance Rate88.2%
English Language Tests AcceptedTOEFL/IELTS/PTE/Duolingo
Standardized Tests RequiredUG: SAT or ACT (optional)PG: GRE/GMAT/LSAT
International Application DeadlinesFall: Jan 15Spring: Nov 1
Financial AidsAvailable for international students
Academic CalendarSemester

Arizona State University Admission Criteria:

1. What are the eligibility requirements?

If you are an undergraduate, you are required to have your grade 10, 11 and 12 scores. As an international student, you will also require your TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores. For those offered conditional admission, submitting these English test scores is a must within 3 semesters or successful graduation from the university. Below are the English Language Proficiency test score cut-offs for ASU:

ELP Tests Accepted for Arizona State University AdmissionUndergraduate Score RequirementsGraduate Score Requirements
Duolingo English Test (DET)95105

Additionally, for GRE/MCAT/LSAT scores, you may need to refer to your course’s specific cut-off. You will also need a bachelor’s degree of four years or three years with a one-year MS and a GPA score of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00.

2. Which documents are required?

All original documents at the time of application have to be in English or need to be translated. 

Here are the documents you will need as a UG student:

  • Academic transcripts
  • ELP test score reports
  • AP score report
  • SAT or ACT score reports (optional)
  • Letter of recommendation (LORs)
  • Supplement essays
  • Additional audio recordings, videos or portfolios
  • Financial documents
  • Fee waiver form if any

Here are the documents you will need as a PG student:

  • ELP test score reports
  • GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT score reports 
  • Resume/CV
  • Essays or SOP, as per course requirement
  • 2 to 3 LORs
  • Additional supplements as per the course
  • Financial documents
  • Fee waiver form if any

3. What are the application fees?

For undergraduate programmes, you will need to pay USD 115 non-refundable as an international student. 

4. Are there any scholarships or financial aid available to the student?

ASU may consider you for the New American University Scholarship, as an international undergraduate. All you need to fit the eligibility criteria is an F-1 Visa, a highly competitive GPA along with test scores and enrollment in a full-time programme. Apart from that, you must keep in mind to submit your application well by 1st April. 

Arizona State University Admission Timeline

ASU offers undergraduate programmes in all three seasons – Fall, Summer and Spring. For Spring, the admissions start in July-August, for Summer, it is in October-November and in Fall it starts in January-February. 

Spring AdmissionsDeadline
Application priority deadline1st November 2023
Enrollment deposit date1st December 2023 

Fall AdmissionsDeadline
Application priority deadline15th January 2023
Enrollment deposit date1st May 2023

Full-time MBA programme Fall admissions timeline: 

Round + DeadlinesDecision
Round 1: Early-October Early-December 
Round 2: Early-DecemberEarly-February
Round 3 (International Deadline): Early-FebruaryEarly-April
Round 4 (Final): Early-AprilEarly-June
Rolling: Applications accepted until Mid-July3 Weeks from Application Submission

How To Apply For Arizona State University?

  • For undergraduates

If you are applying as an Undergraduate, you can either send your application through ASU’s application portal or through the Common App. On either, only one application will be considered. On sending two applications through two different portals, one will be automatically cancelled. You can track the status of your application through the My ASU portal. You can update the information on your application through this as well.

The process:

  1. Go to webapp4.asu.edu/uga_admissionsapp/
  2. Create your account after filling details and then click on ‘Start Application’.
  3. Complete all 6 sections with accurate details.
  4. Select your school details and preference of college under ASU.
  5. Enter grades and details about your residency.
  6. Choose your major.
  7. Review your application. 
  8. Pay the application fee and hit submit.

  • For Postgraduates

If you are applying as a Postgraduate, you can send your application through ASU’s application portal. However, if you are applying for professional courses like Law or MBA, ASU will require you to send your application through a separate portal. You will need to check the respective college for details. 

The process:

  1. Go to webapp4.asu.edu/dgsadmissions/
  2. Create your account after filling details. 
  3. To start the application, select the type of degree you want to apply for.
  4. Complete all the sections with accurate details.
  5. Review your application. 
  6. Pay the application fee and hit submit.

When Will You Hear Back From The University?

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you will get your results ideally a month after application. It may even happen that they can declare the decision within 5 days, depending on the volume of applications and the processing time. As for postgraduates, the decision varies as per the course. You may have to check the college website for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Indian/International students are studying at Arizona State University?

ASU has 9000 international students from 136 countries across the globe. It is one of the top 10 US universities in terms of hosting international students. In fact, the MBA class of 2021 has students from 13 different countries like Canada, India, South Korea, China, Peru, etc. 

2. Can I work while studying at Arizona State University?

Yes. As an international student, you can work part-time or full-time as long as you have an F-1/J-1 Visa, enrollment in a full-time course, and your work shifts do not interfere with class hours. If you are working at the university, you have to work up to 20 hours a week and 40 hours a week during vacations/holidays.

3. How many college campuses are there at Arizona State University?

ASU has 14 colleges offering 170 cross-discipline centres and institutes within 5 of its campuses. 

4. Is on-campus accommodation available?

ASU expects first years to live on campus in their residential college. It has all communities, programs, events and amenities relevant to your major. For senior students, it’s up to them whether they want to live on-campus suite-style or in a shared apartment with a kitchen. They can even live off-campus. 

5. Is admission more guaranteed through Arizona State University Admission Portal over the Common Application?

No. There is no such preference because sending two applications through both portals automatically cancels one of them. 

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Arizona State University Admission

Arizona State University Admission 2023: Simplified

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