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Middlesex University Acceptance Rate 2024

Middlesex University Acceptance Rate

Gaining admission at the university is a moderately competitive endeavour, as the Middlesex University acceptance rate stands at 57%. To secure a spot and finally be able to study in London, prospective students must meet the entry requirements and provide supporting documents such as statements of purpose (SOPs), letters of recommendation, and portfolios (if applicable) and demonstrate their language proficiency through an IELTS score or an equivalent qualification. We’ll get to the details in the next section of this article.

What Is The Middlesex University Acceptance Rate?

As mentioned above, the Middlesex University Acceptance Rate stands at 57%. The Middlesex University acceptance rate guarantees that you will join a community of ambitious and skilled individuals. The university is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive atmosphere where students from various backgrounds are warmly embraced. The gender ratio at the university is 40:60, ensuring a balanced representation of both males and females. 

Before we get to know other details, let’s get to know the university better!

About Middlesex University

Middlesex University Acceptance Rate

Middlesex University, located in London, England, was established in 1973. Named after the county of Middlesex, it boasts multiple campuses, with its main hub situated in North London’s Hendon area.

One of Middlesex University’s standout features is its diverse student community, attracting individuals from more than 140 countries. The university takes pride in fostering an inclusive and multicultural environment that embraces and appreciates different cultures, promoting global understanding.

Collaboration is key at Middlesex University, as it actively engages in research partnerships with industry leaders and academic institutions. The university houses various research centres and institutes specialising in digital media, social policy, health, education, and more.

How To Crack The University Of Middlesex Acceptance Rate?

Getting accepted to Middlesex University involves understanding their entry requirements and presenting a strong application that showcases your potential. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps:

  1. Academic Qualifications:

Check specific course requirements: Every course has its own specific requirements, so it’s crucial to check the “entry requirements” tab on the course webpage. This will tell you about minimum grades, acceptable qualifications and any additional tests needed (e.g., SAT, ACT).

  1. Meet general requirements:

Undergraduate: Typically, good GCSE grades (including English) and A-Levels or equivalent qualifications are needed. Some courses may require specific subject qualifications.

Postgraduate: A good bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher is usually required. Some courses may require additional elements like work experience or master’s degrees.

  1. Application Process:

Apply online: You can apply directly through the Middlesex Applicant Portal for most postgraduate courses or UCAS for undergraduate courses.

Prepare documents: Gather required documents like academic transcripts, CV, personal statements, references, and test scores (if applicable).

Meet deadlines: Apply early! The deadline for most undergraduate courses is January 31st. Postgraduate deadlines vary based on the course.

Personal statement: This is your chance to shine! Explain your motivations for choosing the course, highlight relevant skills and experiences, and demonstrate your understanding of the field.

  1. Additional tips:

Research the university: Get to know the acceptance rate for Middlesex University,  academic strengths, campus life and career support services. This shows genuine interest and helps tailor your application.

Demonstrate extracurricular involvement: Highlight relevant work experience, volunteering, or hobbies that showcase your skills and commitment.

Seek assistance: If unsure about anything, reach out to Middlesex’s admissions team or contact their dedicated regional teams for international students.

Your Middlesex University Story Starts Here!

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Programmes & Fees

Middlesex University provides a total of 121 undergraduate programmes, consisting of 116 full-time, 59 part-time, and 1 distance learning option. Students have a choice of 134 postgraduate taught courses and 13 postgraduate research courses at Middlesex University. Additionally, the university offers 18 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and short courses.

Programme NameDeadlineFees (GBP)
B.S Professional Aviation Pilot Practice – CTC Aviation31st Jan 2024GBP 16,600
B.S Computer Science
B.S Biology – Biotechnology
B.A Business Management
B.Eng Computer Systems Engineering
B.S International Tourism Management

What Is The Demographic Divide Like At Middlesex University?

Middlesex University is a diverse and inclusive institution with students from all over the world and from all walks of life. The university is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their background.

Here are some of the key statistics from the UCAS website for Middlesex University:

  • Total student body: 18,700
  • Female students: 53%
  • Male students: 47%
  • Average age of students: 21
  • International students: 12%
  • Home students: 88%
  • Students from black and minority ethnic backgrounds: 25%
  • Students from low-income backgrounds: 15%
  • Students from working-class backgrounds: 30%
  • Students with disabilities: 10%
  • Students with caring responsibilities: 5%
  • Students from the LGBTQ+ community: 15%
  • Students from faith backgrounds: 20%

What Are The Important Middlesex University Admissions Requirements? 

Middlesex University Acceptance Rate

Aside from learning what the Middlesex University acceptance rate is, it is also critical to gain a thorough understanding of Middlesex University’s admission process

The following sections will delve into the admission criteria for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as international students, shedding light on the necessary documentation, qualifications, and any additional criteria that must be fulfilled.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes:

Middlesex University offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses, encompassing more than 100 options in fields like Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Architecture, and more. 

Prospective students who wish to apply can utilise the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) portal. 

It is important to note that there’s also an application fee. For a single choice application, the fee is £22.50 (equivalent to 2,228 INR), while submitting multiple choice costs £27 (equivalent to 2,674 INR).

Admission requirementsDetails
Academic TranscriptsOfficial transcripts of Class XII
Academic RequirementsMinimum score of 55% in academic qualifications
IELTS ScoreOverall IELTS score of 6.0, with minimum 5.5 in all components
Other official documents
Copy of passport for identification purposes
Personal statement submitted via UCAS
One letter of recommendation

Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Programmes:

Middlesex University offers a wide selection of postgraduate programmes, including research options, which draw applications from a global pool of students spanning over 167 countries. 

Applying for these programmes is made easy through the user-friendly Middlesex Online Application portal, requiring a fee of 40 GBP (equivalent to 3979.00 INR). 

Admission RequirementsDetails
Academic TranscriptsBachelor’s degree.
Provision of official certificates from prior institutions.
Other official academic transcripts
GPA/AggregateMinimum GPA or aggregate score of 55%
IELTS ScoreOverall IELTS score of 6.5, with minimum 6.0 in all components
Other official DocumentsCrafting a one-page personal statement.
One-page personal statement.
Two academic letters of recommendation.
Copy of the passport for identification purposes.
Portfolio (if required)CV/Resume

Middlesex University Admission Requirements for International Students:

Required testsMinimum Score for Undergraduate ApplicantsMinimum Score for Postgraduate Applicants
IELTSOverall 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component)Overall 6.5 (with a minimum of 6.0 in each component)
TOEFLInternet-based and home-based: 72 (with a minimum of 17 in listening and writing, 18 in reading, and 20 in speaking)Internet-based and home-based: 87 (with a minimum of 21 in listening and writing, 23 in reading, and 22 in speaking)
DuolingoOverall 95Overall 110
Pearson Test of EnglishOverall 51 (with a minimum of 51 in all components)Overall 58 (with a minimum of 51 in all components)

Additionally, to be eligible for Middlesex University’s MBA programmes, which has a duration of 12 months and provides flexible study options like full-time or part-time, applicants must meet the following criteria: they must possess a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and have at least 2 years of managerial-level work experience.

Other important requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. GPA/Aggregate: Achievement of a minimum of 55% in the Bachelor’s degree.
  3. IELTS Score: Obtaining an overall IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum of 6.0 in each section.
  4. Work Experience: Possession of a minimum of 2 years of work experience.
  5. GMAT score of 550.
  6. Personal Statement:
  7. Submission of two academic letters of recommendation.
  8. Passport Copy
  9. CV/Resume
  10. Interview

By When Can You Apply For Admission at Middlesex University?

Intakes in the UK are usually 3 – Summer, fall and winter. To ensure that your applications are considered for your desired programmes at Middlesex University, you must comply with the designated deadlines for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 

Middlesex University dates and deadlines for 2024 admission.

Why Choose Middlesex University?

After conducting thorough research on the Middlesex University acceptance rate, admission requirements, and deadlines, the question arises: why choose Middlesex University in the first place? Let’s now shift our focus to the university’s rankings.

Middlesex University has received recognition from various esteemed global ranking partners such as QS, US News, THE, and CWUR. These rankings have consistently placed Middlesex University among the top 100 universities in the United Kingdom. 

  • According to QS World Ranking, Middlesex University is ranked in the range of 751-800.
  • Times Higher Education (THE) consistently places Middlesex University between 401-500 since 2018.
  • Middlesex University has been recognized by US News & World Report as one of the top 1000 universities in its global universities ranking since 2018.
  • In terms of rankings within the United Kingdom, Times Higher Education ranked Middlesex University 91st in 2022.
  • US News & World Report positioned Middlesex University as the 71st Best Global University in the United Kingdom.
  • Considering these rankings, Middlesex University emerges as an excellent choice for students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom. 

To sum it up, Middlesex University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across diverse disciplines, providing students with practical education for successful careers. With the Middlesex University acceptance rate of 57%, the institution values inclusivity and embraces a multicultural student community. Meeting the admission requirements, including language proficiency tests and supporting documents, is crucial for prospective students.


What is the Middlesex University acceptance rate for international students?

Middlesex University has an acceptance rate of 57% this academic year 2024-25. 

 Is Middlesex University hard to get?

Middlesex University’s admission committee follows a rather moderately selective process to admit students. You have to make sure that you get all the scores and documents right before application. 

Are there any scholarships or financial aid opportunities available for international master’s students?

There are a bunch of Middlesex University Scholarships which can make your cost of living in the UK lesser. Additionally, there are Chevening and Commonwealth scholarships to apply for.

What GPA do you need to get into Middlesex University?

You will require a GPA of 2.8-3.1 on a scale of 4.0 to get in.

How much part-time work is an international student allowed to do?

International students can work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during official university holidays. 

What about the monthly living expenses?  

The total monthly living expenses for an international student at Middlesex University could range from approximately £950 to £1,520, depending on one’s lifestyle.

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Middlesex University Acceptance Rate

Middlesex University Acceptance Rate 2024

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