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Fairfield University Admission In 2024

Fairfield University has been making waves since its founding in 1942 in Fairfield, Connecticut. It’s not your everyday university because it takes a cool, humanistic approach to education, offering a diverse menu of over 40 majors and a bunch of fancy advanced degrees across five schools and colleges. Fairfield finds itself on a 200-acre campus along the Connecticut coast, just a breezy 60 miles from the hustle of New York City. The university has some bragging rights too – ranking #124 in 2024’s US News and World Report. Over the years, more than 98% of Fairfield grads snagged full-time jobs, dived into grad school, or jumped into volunteer service programmes within six months of tossing that graduation cap in the air. Find more on how you can be a part of this dream team in our blog on Fairfield University admission! 

Fairfield University Admission Requirements

The first consideration lies in Fairfield University’s acceptance rate, currently standing at 55.8%. This figure gives us a clear picture of the level of competitiveness and the significance of Fairfield University admission standards. In essence, out of every 100 applicants, 59 successfully secured admission here. You have to exceed their expectations to enhance your chances of acceptance significantly. Conversely, falling below these standards might place you among the minority who receive regrettable rejection letters. 

Fairfield University Admission requirements - GPA, SAT, ACT, ELP Scores and other documents.

Application Process

  • Create a Common Application or https://pt.fairfield.edu/apply/ 
  • Gather all required documents and information.
  • Complete the online application and submit all required materials.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Track your application status online.
  • Respond promptly to any requests for additional information.
  • Review your admissions decision and financial aid offer.

Fairfield University Admission Deadline

While it’s possible to be considered even if you miss the deadlines in the provided table for Fairfield University applications, sticking to them makes your application process smoother and more organized. Remember, meeting Fairfield University admission deadlines is the first important step.

Fairfield University Admission dates and deadlines - early action, decision and regular decision.

How Fairfield University Admission Committee Reads Applications

Fairfield University Admission Committee uses a thorough approach to review applications. They consider different parts like essays, grades, recommendations, and activities. The committee uses an admissions rubric to evaluate how well an application meets the school’s admission standards. Each category, such as grades, standardised scores or Fairfield University GPA requirements, gets a score based on set benchmarks. This helps the committee assess the overall quality of an application.

Considering University Needs

Fairfield University admission process goes beyond simply admitting the brightest students. The committee takes into consideration the institution’s goals and needs when building a diverse class of students. This might result in certain groups, such as legacies, development cases and athletes, receiving additional consideration. While this approach may seem uneven, it reflects the university’s commitment to fulfilling its unique requirements and serving all students on campus effectively.

Limited Spaces in the Incoming Class

Top-tier institutions like Fairfield University face constraints in accepting a limited number of first-year students despite numerous qualified applications. Out of thousands of applicants, only a fraction can be admitted due to capacity limitations. While it’s challenging to turn away qualified students, it’s a necessary step to ensure a balanced and thriving academic community.

Occasional Arbitrariness in Admissions Decisions

Highly qualified applicants may appear similar in the competitive landscape of selective admissions. Fairfield University’s admission teams scrutinise every detail to distinguish among them and determine the best fit for the incoming class. At times, decisions may seem arbitrary, with personal preferences or the advocacy of one applicant over another playing a role. Admissions decisions can be challenging and not every qualified student can be admitted.

Scholarships Offered At Fairfield University

Fairfield University encourages international students like you worldwide to apply enthusiastically at their university. Their student body hails from over 50 countries across four continents, including places like China, India, Ireland, Vietnam, Peru, and Mexico, among others. However, they see and understand that the cost of studying in the USA is hefty. They offer these options to consider: 

Fairfield University scholarships offerred to domestic and international students.

Campus Life At Fairfield

The university supports the Jesuit tradition of caring for the whole person, offering over 100 clubs and organisations, intramural sports and various activities. The campus also hosts events and traditions such as Stag Sports, Midnight Breakfast, Prez Ball and more. The university is committed to helping students live meaningful and purposeful lives in connection with mind, body, and spirit for the greater good. 


  • Fairfield University was founded in 1942 in Fairfield, Connecticut as a Jesuit institution.
  • The university offers 48 majors and 24 interdisciplinary minors. 
  • Fairfield has ranked #124 in 2024’s US News and World Report. 
  • Fairfield University’s admission rate stands at 55.8%. 
  • The university’s early decision deadline is on January 1, so hurry up!
  • There are a bunch of scholarships offered here such as Merit-Based, The Company Scholars, Fairfield University Trustee Scholarship and others. 
  • The campus life includes attending events and traditions such as Stag Sports, Midnight Breakfast, Prez Ball and more. 


Is Fairfield University hard to get into?

The acceptance rate stands at 55.8% making it selective for admission. 

What is the deadline to apply to Fairfield University?

The university’s early decision deadline is on January 1.

What GPA is required for Fairfield University?

You will require a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a scale of 4.0 to enter. 

Does Fairfield University require GRE?

Yes, Fairfield University GRE requirements share the same equivalence to a GMAT score of 500. 

What is the graduation rate for Fairfield University?

98% of Fairfield graduates have full-time jobs, or jumped into volunteer service programmes within six months of tossing their caps. 

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Fairfield University Admission In 2024

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