Scholarships To Study in Uganda

Uganda, located in east-central Africa is about the size of the United Kingdom and is densely populated with ethnic groups. When Sir Winston Churchill visited the country in Africa, he called it a “new world that is the pearl of Africa”. The country attained independence in 1962 from British rule and is the fastest growing economy in Africa. 

Uganda is home to some of the most innovative and research led universities in Africa such as the Makerere University, Virtual University of Uganda, Kampala International University and more. If you aspire to pursue your tertiary education from an international university at an affordable cost, there are many scholarships to study in Uganda available to foreign students. 

The landlocked country of Uganda is home to some of  exotic animals, including gorillas and more than 1,000 different types of birds, is the source of the river Nile and has a multicultural population. It will take you approximately the entire duration of your semester to understand the local culture of Uganda and embrace its natural beauty. 

The universities in Uganda pay close attention to your academic performance in your previous years of study, however, that is not all your candidature will be assessed on. Universities in Africa also give equal importance to extracurricular activities such as sports, music, volunteer service and art. The institutions in Uganda especially, offer students various activities and programmes to keep them entertained and help them build a strong professional network. 

This lively country of Africa has a passion for academics and serves to be an ideal study abroad destination for many students. Ugandans are known for their hospitality, warmth and social cultures. Students regularly visit the outskirts of cities such as Kampal and Mbarara to discover various traditions, cultures and victuals. Mbarara University is one of the leaders in Uganda for the fields of science and technology. Scholarships in Uganda such as the one offered by Mbarara University have welcomed several international students from over 60 countries. 

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For those who wish to study in Uganda and explore the student life in the country on a budget, there are a number of scholarships to study in Uganda available. Here is a list of a few scholarships in Uganda that you may be eligible for. 

Scholarships to Study in Uganda 

Uganda Christian University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Every year 7 sets of students who may belong to different fields of study, are offered this prestigious Uganda scholarship. Apart from satisfactory academic scores, the students may also be involved in sports, theology, arts or other extracurricular activities. Moreover, you also stand to attain this scholarship if you are an academically exceptional student. 

The university provides scholarships to international students who want to pursue their Masters or Bachelors degree at Christian University.  The university offers the following types of scholarships: 

  • Need-based scholarships
  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Scholarships to biological children and staff spouses
  • Categorical or University-Administered awards

There are three levels to attain any kind of scholarship at Christian University in Uganda. Need-based scholarships: Merit-based scholarships, scholarships to biological children and staff spouses and categorical or university-administered awards. 

African Economic Research Consortium Fellowship

This is one of the most prestigious scholarships to study in Uganda. AERC was established in the year 1988 as a public not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of economic policy research and training in Africa. This organisation was built on the basis that sustained development in subSaharan Africa requires well-trained, locally based professional economists. For this purpose, AERC has been offering scholarships to study in Uganda and other parts of Africa. 

To attain this scholarship, you should provide your curriculum vitae, a scholarship essay and provide evidence being admitted into one of the participating universities which are: University of Botswana University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, University of Cape Coast, University of Nairobi, Kenya University of Mauritius, University of Namibia, University of Malawi and University of Zimbabwe. 

The Center for African Affairs and Conflict Research (CAACOR) Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students who complete their masters or undergraduate degree at Makerere University, Strathmore University or The University of Witwatersrand. In order to build the intellectual capacity of the students and help them improve their understanding of digital identity, national security and surveillance on the continent. 

The Centre for African Affairs & Conflict Research (CAACOR) is an independent, non-governmental African think tank based in Nairobi whose purpose is to encourage a wider and informed awareness of the importance of Africa within the context of international affairs. What makes the scholarships to study in Uganda such as this one so prestigious is that it was established by a group of researchers and practitioners to solve the core problems affecting Africa. 

Makerere University Scholarships

Makerere University is Uganda’s oldest and largest university. Established in 1922, this university ranks 8th in Africa and offers several scholarships to study in Uganda. The Chinese Embassy in Uganda has offered Makerere University 30 scholarships to be awarded to continuing students in various colleges in Uganda. 

The university also provides scholarships to female candidates as this university has a Female Scholarship Initiative (FSI) operational. The goal of FSI was to support girls from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to access university education thus contributing to the increased female enrollment at the University.

Gulu University Scholarships In Uganda

For the purpose of capacity building in agriculture, Gulu University in Uganda and Egerton University in Kenya have tied hands with the MasterCard Foundation. The aim of partnership is to transform African agricultural universities and their graduates to resolve developmental challenges through enhanced application of science, technology, business and innovation for rural agricultural transformation. 

This Uganda scholarship is offered to those students who are meritorious and require support to fund their tertiary education. 110 Masters and 110 Undergraduate scholarships will be provided for a period of 8 years through this scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the best scholarship to study in Uganda?

Compare from all scholarships in Uganda on UniScholarz and apply for the one which suits you the best.

Which are the scholarships to study in the Uganda?

Uganda Christian University Scholarships and Financial Aid, African Economic Research Consortium Fellowship, Makerere University Scholarships, Gulu University Scholarships In Uganda are some scholarships to study in the Uganda.

What is the best course in Uganda?

Medicine, Computer Science or ICT, Law, Commerce – Accounting and finance, Nursing, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering are some best courses to study in Uganda.

How much does university cost in Uganda?

$370-640 USD/Month. Kampala University (KU) - private higher education institution in Uganda.

Which is the cheapest university in Uganda?

The most affordable course across the board is BA Education at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU). It costs Shs511, 000.