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Spain is one of the most visited European nations, and many foreign students choose it as a study location to learn about its fascinating culture and way of life. The Kingdom of Spain is steeped in history and offers fascinating experiences in big cities, rural areas, and on the beach. Throughout Spain, there are more than 70 universities. There are 50 governmental institutions and the remainder are private universities. The majority of universities are located in Madrid, with others in Barcelona and Valencia. Universities may also be found in other towns around Spain. Some of the top universities in Spain include the University of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University, Complutense University of Madrid, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to name a few.

Students pursuing a PG in Spain will be able to study at some of the top universities in the world. Spain has excellent institutions that allow you to further your education and develop your skills through a variety of courses. Doctorates are available in the arts and humanities, sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and law, as well as engineering and architecture. Moreover, scholarships to study in Spain have made it possible for many international students to fly from different countries to pursue their tertiary education in Spain. 

The tuition fees of higher education institutes in Spain depend on a variety of factors such as the type of degree, type of university, the region you study in, and your nationality. More often than not, international students who do not belong to EU/EEA countries are charged differently from those who do. They are charged tuition that is around 1,000 – 1,500 EUR higher than the tuition for EU/EEA citizens. Moreover, the average cost of taking up an official degree in a Spanish university ranges between 150-3500 EUR per year for Bachelor’s degree programmes and 300-3500 EUR per year for Master’s programmes. Most scholarships and funding for college in Spain offer partial tuition fees and cover their living expenses, travel costs, and more. 

In most Spanish institutions, the school year is divided into two semesters.

The first semester at most of those colleges begins in the middle of September or early October. These sessions finish in late December or early January, with the final test taking place in the same month. After the tests at the end of January or the beginning of February, the second semester begins and ends in May. Another exam is also required upon completion of this semester, which is taken in June. 

To assist finance their education and living expenses, many international students in Spain work part-time alongside their studies. Despite the fact that the expense of studying and living in Spain is typically moderate and cheap in comparison to many other countries, many students nevertheless feel compelled to work part-time. This is even more helpful if you are an international student coming with a scholarship to study in Spain. The requirements for working in Spain during studies differ for EU and non-EU nationals. Both parties will have to go through certain formalities to enter the job market in Spain. Still, non-EU nationals also need to follow the regulations/limitations set by their Spanish student visa.

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Top Scholarships for Studying Abroad in Spain

Scholarships For Spanish Studies Abroad 

Since 2001, Spanish Studies Abroad has given out more than $230,000 in scholarships for academic programmes in Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Argentina through its two awards, the Merit-Based Scholarship, and the Diversity Scholarship. This is one of the merit-based scholarships to study in Spain that is awarded to a single student who is able to represent a personal life story that demonstrates their dedication to learning Spanish and how they have been dedicated to learning the language. The award for this scholarship is between $500 and $1,500 to those who can convince the admissions committee of their commitment to their Spanish studies both inside and outside the classroom. 

SIT Zero Fees English Scholarship 2021 

SIT has no fees. English Scholarships 2021 help students enhance their academic English language abilities, allowing them to meet the English language admission criteria for their desired mainstream programme. This scholarship is offered in nations in East Asia, South America, and Europe. This scholarship to study in Spain is only offered to international students who are enrolled in the university as full-time students. The value of this scholarship is half financing; the initial contribution will be used to the standard program's tuition expenses. 

Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme for Young Researchers from European Neighboring Countries

Scholarship Program for Young Researchers from European Neighboring Countries grants short-term visits (usually 1 to 3 months) to universities in the Coimbra Group. The purpose of this fellowship is to enable scholars to do research at their native university while also assisting them in establishing academic and research relationships. This is one of the top scholarships for studying abroad in Spain that offers partial funding against tuition fees with a monthly stipend and other benefits. This scholarship is open for researchers from Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Serbia, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

EU Joint Neurodegenerative Disease Research International Awards

The EU Joint Neurodegenerative Disease Research International Awards, 2021 call invites proposals for ambitious, innovative, multinational, and multidisciplinary collaborative research projects aimed at the detection, measurement, and understanding of early disease indicators related to neurodegenerative diseases, with the potential for the development of new diagnostics. Applicants must enroll in any of the JPND multinational research projects. This is one of the most generous scholarships to study in Spain as it offers full funding against tuition fees. 

Women In Finance Scholarship 

The Women in Finance Scholarship 2021-22 is available to women pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in finance. Only females are eligible for the Women in Finance Scholarship 2021-22. Women in Finance Scholarship 2021-22 applicants must have an offer letter from a postgraduate school in finance or a closely connected field. This award will cover tuition fees of all-female scholars to a partial extent upto $20,000. applicants for the Women in Finance Scholarship 2021-22 must have this offer from an accredited University only. 

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