Mathematics and Physics BSc (Hons)

Coventry University

Program Overview

Our Mathematics and Physics BSc (Hons) explores both traditional and modern concepts in the field of mathematics and physics.

Mathematics and physics are both exciting subjects sharing a common history. Both fields go hand in hand and can help to model real world situations to find new solutions to problems. In addition, both fields are important in training for developmental logical and constructive thought.

The BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics aims to provide an understanding of fundamental scientific phenomena and logic. You should learn to translate this understanding into mathematical and computational models, which are then solved using a variety of tools. This scientific process should produce successful graduates who are particularly well trained at problem solving beyond the various fields presented in the course.|

It is expected that upon successful completion of the course you will have gained a strong grounding in mathematical thinking as well as a good understanding of how mathematics may be used to solve physical and practical problems.

As well as providing an excellent grounding in science, we adopt a practical approach to applied mathematics, which should help you to gain experience in the use of computer software and computational methods. The course provides opportunities for you to develop sophisticated analytical skills, together with the reporting and presentation skills required to communicate arguments and conclusions effectively.

Studying mathematics and physics could help you to develop skills in logical thinking and statistical or strategic knowledge, which should demonstrate to potential future employers your advanced numerical and analytical ability.


CoventryUnited Kingdom

  Course Duration

36 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 15,950



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Why you should study this course

You’ll have access to our computing facilities, which should enable you to gain experience using mathematical software packages, like MAPLE and MATLAB. You’ll also receive one-to-one assistance from sigma (subject to availability), Coventry University’s Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Statistics Support.

You’ll be taught by active researchers in applied mathematics and statistics with expertise in fluid dynamics, complex systems (staff are subject to change), who will share their research findings through teaching and supervising projects.

We encourage you to adopt an international perspective with opportunities to conduct Online International Learning (OIL) activities with students from around the world, participate in field trips overseas or spend a year studying abroad in Europe, America or Australia.

If your studies are followed by appropriate training and experience you should be on track to meet the academic requirements for registration as a Chartered Mathematician with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). Please check with the awarding body for more details.

What you'll study

Year one

The first year lays the foundation for the study of mathematics and physics, including topics such as algebra, calculus, mechanics, waves and optics.

Throughout your studies, you will have opportunities to participate in a series of skills development sessions which should improve your digital literacy, as well as presentation and writing skills, particularly in a mathematical context. We will aim to familiarise you with a range of computational software related to the fields of mathematics and statistics, such as LaTeX, Excel and Python.


  • Waves, Optics and Probability - 20 credits

  • Algebra – 20 credits

  • Calculus – 20 credits

  • Mechanics – 20 credits

  • Introduction to Real and Numerical Analysis – 20 credits

  • Professional and Academic Skills 1 – 10 credits

  • Add+vantage module – 10 credits

Year two
The second year is constructed on knowledge acquired during the previous year and will provide you with the opportunity to dive into more technical and complex concepts of mathematics and physics.


  • Further Algebra and Calculus – 20 credits

  • Quantum Physics – 20 credits

  • Professional and Academic Skills 2 – 10 credits

  • Thermo and Statistical Physics – 20 credits

  • Electromagnetism – 20 credits

  • Differential Equations – 20 credits

  • Add+vantage module – 10 credits

Final year

The final year gives you the opportunity to study further topics such as advanced fluid dynamics and cosmology. You will also engage in a dissertation project carrying out in-depth investigations in a field that interests you. Recent topics have covered areas such as graphs generated from music or text, network analysis and traffic modelling.


  • Advanced Algebra and Analysis – 10 credits

  • Individual Project – 20 credits

  • Atomic and Molecular Physics - 20 credits

  • Professional and Academic Skills 3 – 20 credits

  • Optional modules (2 from the following):

    Choose two from the following:

    • Cosmology - 20 credits
      The purpose of this module is to introduce the physics of the universe at large (solar system and beyond) scales. The mathematical framework of tensor calculus will be used to provide a simple account of the relevant aspects of general relativity.
    • Partial Differential Equation - 20 credits
      Partial differential equations (PDEs) are used to understand real world phenomena. This module looks at advanced ways of analysing nonlinear PDEs.
    • Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics - 20 credits
      In this module, you will learn how macroscopic thermodynamic phenomena arise from the statistics of systems with very many constituent particles.
    • Fluid Dynamics - 20 credits
      This is an introductory module to fluid dynamics. The module aims to build and develop the fundamentals for incompressible flows of fluids. The theory is applied to a range of problems including irrotational flow, viscous flow, and boundary layers.

English language requirements

  • IELTS: 6.0 overall (with no component lower than 5.5.)

International Fees
£15,950 per year

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Successful completion of a mathematics and physics degree could give you a significant advantage in the job market, which could open up a wide range of potential future career opportunities in industry, accountancy, banking, computer analysis, marketing, industrial design, management, and scientific research. You could be employed in a wide variety of roles, for example, as an actuarial analyst, actuary, forensic accountant, operational researcher, research scientist, teacher, statistician or stockbroker.

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