Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)

Coventry University

Program Overview

From 3D modelling to project management, our Interior Design course aims to teach you the skills you should require to pursue a creative career using your eye for detail.

  • Most interior design courses consider technical content, understanding of volume and space, light, function and use. What sets our course apart is our user-centred and multidisciplinary approach – spanning retail, domestic, commercial, architectural, transport and marine interiors – to support you in becoming a fully rounded interior design professional.
  • Our teaching team is made up of dedicated professionals and educationalists who are involved in consultancies or hold directorships in design studios. We’ll aim to show you how to master creative thinking, communicate effectively and stay ahead of the game by monitoring new interior design trends.

CoventryUnited Kingdom

  Course Duration

36 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 18,050



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Why you should study this course

If you like the idea of transforming and giving new life to the spaces in which we live, work, learn or play, this studio-based course will teach you how to plan and design imaginative interiors of all shapes and sizes.

  • A distinct advantage of our course is the scope of your potential field of work – from furniture and lighting to transport interiors. We express this scale in the axiom SMLXL, which stands for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and includes anything and everything from interior objects to large public spaces, small spaces such as residential interiors to super large interiors like airports. 
  • We deliberately strike a balance between traditional hand-processes and emerging technologies. You’ll participate in workshops for block material, drawing, and model making, while having access to laser cutting, rapid prototyping and 3D printing. With a focus on the quality of materials and user needs, we will encourage you to come up with original, creative solutions to challenging design problems.
  • Staff are committed to design research and are frequently called upon as industry or external experts for design consultancy and for other educational institutions. Their research expertise is vast and varied – from the use of spatial design to trigger emotional response and interaction between spaces and the human body to parametric design and the phenomenology of space.

What you'll study

This course offers an opportunity to design for different uses and contexts in interior architecture and design. We cover a range of projects dealing with small to large spaces, anything from branding to workspaces, health and education, incorporating retail, commercial and domestic settings.

You will have the chance to learn to create innovative interior design solutions in a range of media, appropriate to the specific audience and use, considering critical factors, such as sustainability, technology, innovation and professional constraints.

Year one
The first year introduces you to the fundamentals of interior architecture and design, covering the essential aspects of architectural and spatial design, materials and colour. You will learn both 2D and 3D design skills to represent your design intentions, including drawing for design and modelling in different materials. We consider the impact of human factors, design analysis and manufacturing.

Sustainability is a theme throughout the course; we start by examining the impact of social, environmental and commercial issues around interior design, such as responsible use of materials, acoustics, lighting, access and the possibilities presented by new technologies and future concepts.


  • Form and Colour for Interior Architecture and Design - 20 credits

  • Making for Interior Architecture and Design - 20 credits

  • Professional Development 1 - 10 credits

  • Tech 1 for Interior Architecture and Design - 20 credits

  • Interior Architecture and Design Exploration - 40 credits

  • Add+vantage - 10 credits

Year two
During the second year, you are taught how to evaluate your work in relation to identified objectives, focusing on your own strengths and interests. We will consider current issues in interior design, design history, branding and design for different marketplaces. Industry-standard advanced 3D computing and animating of computer models is simultaneously studied and practised.


  • Branding and Interior Architecture and Design - 20 credits

  • Tech 2 for Interior Architecture and Design - 20 credits

  • Professional Development 2 - 10 credits

  • Interior Architecture and Design Specialist Skills - 60 credits

  • Add+vantage - 10 credits

Final year
The final year brings together your skills, knowledge, and understanding to produce a professional portfolio and may include entry to a national design competition, such as RSA, Student Lighting Awards and InteriorMotives, where we’ve had a succession of winners and finalists. You will also undertake a major project and exhibit in our Degree Show. Past students have designed exciting and innovative fashion retail spaces, proposed restoration and re-use for historic buildings and proposed learning spaces of the future.


  • Interior Architecture and Design Introduction to Final Major Project - 20 credits

  • Design Enquiry for Interior Architecture and Design - 20 credits

  • Professional Development 3 - 10 credits

  • Interior Architecture and Design Final Major Project - 60 credits

  • Add+vantage - 10 credits

You will be required to submit a portfolio via email or alternatively attend a showcase activity session or audition (as is appropriate for your course) which can be virtual or face to face, as is practical to arrange. Invites to send in your portfolio or attend these sessions will be sent directly to your contact email.
Each application will be considered on its merits.

English language requirements

  • IELTS: 6.5 overall

International Fees
£18,050 per year    

International Pathways 2022 Scholarship
You could enjoy a £3,000 reduction in tuition fees.
Our high-quality foundation, international year one and pre-masters courses are for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to their preferred Coventry University undergraduate or postgraduate course. We can support you to achieve the academic and/or English grades you need and help you gain the personal and professional skills required to study at university.

We want to encourage ambitious international students like you to study at Coventry University, so we’ve secured extra financial support for you worth £3,000, to help with the cost of tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation.

The scholarship application deadline is:
September 2022 intake: 31 July 2022

Interior designers are in demand in a variety of employment sectors, including retail, domestic, commercial and entertainment. You could go on to become part of a design team, work as a freelancer or establish your own design studio.

The breadth and depth of skills you learn can also lead to careers in graphic design, arch visualisation branding, marketing, journalism or teaching.

Professional enhancement is central to our ethos and you will be encouraged to embrace either an industry placement or international study exchange before your final year (subject to additional costs e.g. travel, accommodation etc., application, availability and/or meeting any applicable visa requirements). The outcome of your final year will be presented in our prestigious Degree Show with a further chance for you to present your work at an external venue, such as New Designers.

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