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Games Technology BSc (Hons)

Coventry University

Coventry, United Kingdom

  • Tuition Fee £ 18,050
  • Country Rank#51
  • Duration36 Months
  • Score IELTS: 6

Program Overview

This degree is designed to be a highly focused programming course aimed at producing specialised software developers for the games industry world-wide.

  • The course is primarily focused on the technical elements of game engineering such as simulation programming and high-performance software engineering. In addition, you will be expected to study supplementary subject areas such as games design, usability, and asset generation, which aims to deepen your understanding of the industry.
  • The course covers the essentials of games technology, such as state-of-the-art techniques in computer graphics for real-time rendering of game environments, physics programming for realistic game interaction, artificial intelligence for creating compelling game opponents, networking essentials for game operability, user-centred design techniques, playability, and games concept development, as well as the latest developments in the games and creative industries.
  • It is designed to produce graduates with a high level of knowledge in computer science, sharing modules across our suite of computing courses, as well as specialist modules at each level in content creation, concept development, physics and graphics programming; 3D Modelling and animation; games and artificial intelligence (AI); advanced GPU programming; and advanced games programming.

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