Brand Management MA

Coventry University

Program Overview

In modern business, a powerful and well-managed brand is key to standing out in a crowded marketplace, with many of the world’s most successful companies also boasting successful brands.

  • Upon successful completion, this contemporary course will help to put you on the radar of potential employers, looking for professionals with the skills to lead their brand marketing strategies.

  • The opportunity to take part in a simulated public relations exercise, exploring how to leverage the media to increase the strength of a brand.

  • Develop your understanding of the role that analytics has in the evaluation of the importance and relevance of the brand to the organisation and of brand valuation.

  • Allow you to make brand-related decisions and recommendations through the appraisal of brand position within the marketplace. 


CoventryUnited Kingdom

  Course Duration

12 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 18,250


IELTS: 6.5

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Why you should study this course

  • Opportunities to participate in industry field trips2, to advertising agencies, exhibitions and events (subject to competitive application, availability, meeting any applicable visa requirements and additional fees may apply).

  • Opportunities to hear from guest speakers (subject to availability) from industry speaking about various marketing challenges, for example, Big Data, social media and online customer engagement.

  • Option to apply for professional experience opportunities2, which could see you gain experience of employment in the sector. See modules for more information.

  • Chance to study a module dedicated to luxury branding, a growing area of importance within branding with far-reaching, global implications, and one focused on crisis management and PR, crucial areas in maintaining a successful brand.

  • The chance to access our digital communications lab – the DigiComms Lab4 – equipped with industry-standard software, including Adobe Comp, Adobe Slate, Adobe Voice, Behance, WordPress and social media platforms.


What you'll study



  • International Brand Management - 15 credits

    Building a successful brand is both an art and a science. In today’s world, brands represent invaluable intangible assets and their creation and nurturing brings considerable challenges for brand managers. This module provides you with a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective on brands, brand equity and strategic brand management and approaches to managing a brand over different geographical areas.

    The module combines current thinking and developments surrounding global brand management with illustrative examples for you to draw from and particularly focuses on branding in an international context.

  • Luxury Branding - 15 credits

    This module aims to provide you with a critical examination of the key challenges and opportunities for luxury branding. It is crucial to understand the motivations for the purchase of luxury products and to critically examine customer perceptions of luxury quality. The module explores the diversity of meanings of luxury across different markets and includes a review of current practice, as well as the digital evolution of luxury brands. The module appraises the nature of conspicuous consumption, the creation of symbolic meaning and their implications on price management in luxury branding.

  • Brand Analytics - 15 credits

    This module aims to provide you with an understanding of the importance and relevance of the value of a brand to the organisation. It presents you with theoretical and practitioner-driven methods of brand valuation in order to appreciate the utility, strengths and limitations of the different approaches available.

    The module considers tangible and intangible assets, as well as financial and non-financial indicators that contribute to the assessment of brand value. The module aims to allow you to make brand-related decisions and recommendations through the appraisal of brand position within the marketplace.

  • Contemporary Issues in Research - 15 credits

    This module aims to introduce students to the key concepts involved in contemporary research is related to their course subject area. Students will also be given critical insight into relevant contemporary trends and research priorities.

  • Marketing Strategy Planning and Control - 15 credits

    This module is key to developing operational marketing skills for future application in the workplace. The module aims to develop a strategic focus for marketing management by applying operational principles and practices to the framework of the marketing planning process in building organisational strategy. It also focuses on the implementation, control and evaluation of the marketing planning framework.

    The module utilises a marketing simulation game and enables you to construct and implement a strategic marketing plan. You evaluate its effectiveness by analysing the marketing and financial impacts of business decision-making, based on key performance indicators.

  • Consumer Behaviour - 15 credits

    This module provides you with a detailed insight into how consumers make buying decisions and the various psychological and sociological factors that influence the decision-making process. You will be required to develop your skills of academic research and analysis to critically examine the various strands of thought in behavioural studies and to take into account cultural impacts.

  • Marketing Communications - 15 credits

    This module is key to providing you with a critical understanding of the theory, knowledge and skills required to plan for and make marketing communications decisions. You will be given the opportunity to develop a critical and theoretical knowledge of the main communications planning frameworks and promotional tools. You will also recognise the complexities of marketing communications applications.

    You will make judgments on financial and creative aspects needed to achieve communications objectives. A feature of this module is the use of a client and includes interactive learning to develop analytical and decision-making skills required by marketing communications practitioners in the workplace.

  • Crisis Management and Public Relations - 15 credits

    The purpose of this module is for you to examine the challenges of managing corporate communications, crisis management, and public relations. This module explores key themes around corporate reputation and corporate communications using crisis management techniques and public relations as the main communications tools to help address and minimise gaps and to avoid potentially serious issues impacting on the organisation’s reputation.

  • Leading Strategic Change through Creativity and Innovation - 10 credits

    This module aims to provide you with a framework of knowledge and understanding of how to manage change using creativity and innovation.

    You will critically assess strategies for change and change management, and explore the leadership skills required to lead such successfully. You will explore for example, the complexity of innovative strategic plans, implementation plans and how to apply analytical techniques, theories, models and creative problem solving to manage change with confidence.

    Ultimately, you will be given the opportunity to develop an innovative framework to deliver a change management strategy in a changing organisational context.

    Finally, the module requires you to reflect critically on your personal learning and development needs and how you work with others, from an ethical and professional standpoint to encourage your continuing professional development.

  • Project - 50 credits

    You will also have the opportunity to try to develop your own area of expertise through the Postgraduate Dissertation/Consultancy Project. This could provide a pathway for early research career progression if, upon successful completion of the course, you are interested in progressing to a PhD, or for progression to a digital marketing management position. Please note that further study opportunities may be subject to criteria and fees.


With professional experience option

The professional experience opportunity enables you the opportunity to apply for optional professional experience in semester 1, which, upon successfully securing an opportunity, will extend the duration of your master’s to either 16, 20 or 24 months. The professional experience provides an opportunity for you to develop expertise and experience in your chosen field with the aim of enhancing your employability.

Please note that the optional professional experience modules incur an additional tuition fee, for which 1 semester of professional experience is £1,333.33, for 2 semesters of professional experience is £2666.67, and for 3 semesters of professional experience is £4,000.

Professional experience may also be subject to additional costs, visa requirements being met, subject to availability and/or competitive application. Professional experience opportunities are not guaranteed but you will benefit from the support of our Talent Team in trying to find and secure an opportunity.


How you'll learn


The course is structured to provide a mix of classroom and lab-based activities and can be delivered through a combination of face-to-face teaching and online classes and tutorials:

  • Lectures

  • Associated seminars

  • Practical workshop classes

  • Personal tutorials

  • Opportunity to work in our DigiComm lab4 – equipped with industry-standard marketing software allowing you the chance to undertake tasks in an environment that closely replicates a contemporary marketing agency.

  • Guest speakers (subject to availability)

  • National and international field trips2 (subject to competitive application, availability, meeting applicable visa requirements and additional fees may apply).


This course can be offered on a full-time or part-time basis. Whilst we would like to give you all the information about our part-time offering here, it is tailored for each course each year depending on the number of part-time applicants. Therefore, the part-time teaching arrangements vary. Please request information about studying this course part-time.


Accepted applicants will normally hold an honours undergraduate degree (minimum 2:2) in a relevant academic discipline, such as a marketing or a business management degree.

Applicants with a degree in another discipline may be admitted after consideration on a case-by-case basis. Applications from candidates with relevant experience are encouraged and will be considered on an individual basis.

English language requirements

IELTS: 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5
If you don't meet the English language requirements, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a pre-sessional English programme before you start your course. 


£10,600 per year



£18,250 per year 

International Pathways 2022 Scholarship

You could enjoy a £3,000 reduction in tuition fees.

Our high-quality foundation, international year one and pre-masters courses are for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to their preferred Coventry University undergraduate or postgraduate course. We can support you to achieve the academic and/or English grades you need and help you gain the personal and professional skills required to study at university.

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The scholarship application deadline is:

September 2022 intake: 31 July 2022

On successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Apply the latest paradigms used to develop marketing planning, crisis management and public relations to solve issues using a range of techniques at the forefront of contemporary brand management practice in a multi-domestic context.

  • Critically analyse and evaluate consumer behaviour, researching the brand and the theoretical underpinning of luxury branding, encompassing the narrative of ethical, sustainable, regulatory and societal considerations.

  • Make informed decisions on branding research, marketing management and marketing communications management.

  • Identify synergies within multifaceted contemporary brand research as well as brand analytics and make sound judgements at the forefront of branding thought, both domestically and globally.

  • Construct, recommend and execute an international brand management, crisis management or marketing communications project to meet the corporate objectives of an organisation.

  • Undertake independent research either in an academic or work context to solve complex problems, reaching informed decisions and critically review them.


Through our Talent Team, you will have the support of dedicated employability support staff, who are industry trained, and are able to tap into their extensive network of employers with a wide range of internship possibilities. The Talent Team’s staff based in Coventry Business School can also support you with workshops and guidance on the various aspects of the employment process such as preparing your CV, interview practice and mock assessment centres. Please note that internship opportunities may be subject to competitive application, availability, meeting any applicable visa requirements and additional costs may apply.


Coventry University is committed to preparing you for your future career and giving you a competitive edge in the graduate job market. The central Talent Team provide a wide range of support services to help you plan and prepare for your future career.


Where our graduates work

Previous graduates on our similar marketing courses have secured positions in marketing areas, such as brand management, creative advertising development, social media campaign management and website analysis, working with leading organisations worldwide, such as Airbus, BMW, Millward Brown, Silverstone, McCann’s, Zurich and many others.

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