Advancing Physiotherapy Practice MSc

Coventry University

Program Overview

This clinically focused course is offered to qualified physiotherapists who wish to develop their practice to a higher level.

This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your physiotherapy skills to a higher level, supported by an experienced and dedicated team of staff. 

  • Opportunities to develop your assessment, clinical reasoning and treatment skills in the three core areas of practice: cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy
  • Aims to improve your employability by enhancing clinical, management and leadership skills
  • Opportunities to develop and practise your clinical skills in an environment which closely resembles real life clinical practice.

CoventryUnited Kingdom

  Course Duration

12 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 16,950


IELTS: 6.5

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Why you should study this course

  • This course offers physiotherapy graduates the opportunity to progress their professional development immediately following completion of their undergraduate programme.

  • You will have the opportunity4 to be taught in our multi-million-pound Alison Gingell Building, which has state-of the-art skills labs, simulation suites, therapy equipment and technological support.

  • Our current teaching staff are both experienced in teaching and also clinical experts. Staff view providing support to your transition to master’s level learning as an integral part of their teaching role and past students have found this support to be an invaluable contribution to their academic development.

  • You will have the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and cultural competence from learning alongside a globally diverse group of students in both the physiotherapy classes and the inter-professional classes.

  • One of the great benefits of postgraduate study at Coventry University is the opportunity to undertake the Global Professional Development module, which has been developed in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute1. You will have opportunities to develop skills in strategic leadership and entrepreneurship and on successful completion will gain additional qualifications from CMI.(See accreditation section for more information).





  • Advancing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Practice - 20 credits

    The aim of this module is to develop the breadth and depth of your theoretical and clinical knowledge of the wide range of approaches currently used within manual therapy in the holistic assessment and management of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. You will be encouraged to appraise and evaluate the underpinning theory, evidence base and practical application of each approach and to integrate this into their clinical practice through the use of clinical reasoning skills. It also provides the opportunity for you to learn a wide range of current manual therapy techniques from specialists teaching in these clinical areas.

  • Research, Methodology, Design and Methods - 20 credits

    This module aims to provide an overview of the key approaches to designing practice-based healthcare research. You will consider the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of research, and appraise different design and methodological approaches utilised in health, social sciences and their related fields of practice. The module will develop your ability to prepare a clinically relevant research question, critically evaluate which research paradigm is appropriate to use for that question and then prepare a detailed research proposal relevant to their field of academic study and area of professional practice. The importance of ethical, social, legal, political and economic aspects of research studies will be critically appraised.

  • Evidence-Based Practice - 20 credits

    Evidence-based medicine, evidence-based practice and evidence-based management are all prominent issues on the contemporary healthcare agenda. This module is designed to examine the theoretical and philosophical basis of evidence-based practice and to explore the practical implications involved in achieving evidence-based practice in a health and social care setting. The aim of this module is twofold. Firstly, to build a critical understanding of how this complex concept is applied in the reality of practice. Secondly, to provide opportunities for you to develop a thorough understanding of the process of evidence-based practice (from the formulation of a problem or question to answer, through to the evaluation of activities intended to disseminate and implement the recommendations from the evidence) and to apply evidence-based principles to their specific (national or international) practice context.

  • Developing Expertise in Professional Practice - 20 credits

    This module aims to give you an understanding of the nature of expertise as a multifaceted concept. The characteristics of expertise will be explored in the context of physiotherapy professional practice and the development of expertise in individual practitioners and their profession will be debated. You will be able to consider your personal journey to expertise and gain an understanding of your future needs in relation to their continuing development of professional practice. A synthesis of their module learning will enable you to articulate your current state of expertise along the continuum between novice and expert. The development of reflective skills and understanding of clinical reasoning theories will aid your development of practice skills. A variety of theoretical perspectives relating to expertise will be used which can then be applied to understanding the development of contemporary therapy practice in both practice and organizational contexts.

  • Advancing Neurological Physiotherapy Practice - 20 credits

    The aim of this module is to develop the breadth and depth of your theoretical and clinical knowledge of contemporary neurological physiotherapy practice. It aims to develop skills in assessment and clinical reasoning in the holistic management of people with neurological dysfunction. You will be encouraged to appraise and evaluate the underpinning theory, evidence base and practical application of neurophysiotherapy, and to integrate this into plans for clinical practice. Whilst specialising in neurophysiotherapy the module provides an opportunity for you to explore a range of therapy approaches within the multidisciplinary team.

  • Advancing Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Practice - 20 credits

    The aim of this module is to develop the breadth and depth of your theoretical and clinical knowledge of the assessment and management of patients with cardio-respiratory dysfunction. You will be encouraged to critically appraise and evaluate the underpinning theory, evidence base and practical application of current cardio-respiratory physiotherapy practice. The module provides the opportunity for you to integrate your learning into their own clinical practice and develop your clinical reasoning skills.

  • Entrepreneurial Practice - 10 credits

    This module aims to provide you with a framework of knowledge and understanding of how to effectively lead and develop people in a strategic and entrepreneurial way whatever the master’s degree of specialisation you elect to follow. You will explore for example, the influence and impact of leadership theories, culture, wellbeing, the principles of entrepreneurial practice and understand the different contexts in which entrepreneurship can flourish as well as the characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership within different types of organisational scenarios. Ultimately, you will be given the opportunity to develop strategic priorities for entrepreneurial leadership. Finally, the module requires you to reflect critically on your personal learning and development needs and how you work with others, from an ethical and professional standpoint to encourage your continuing professional development.

  • Master’s Dissertation Physiotherapy - 50 credits

    The aim of the dissertation is to engage you in supervised but independently undertaken research at an advanced level. You will be encouraged to integrate and practice the skills acquired during the course and to investigate in depth at master’s level an area of specific interest to you. Additionally, you will be expected to demonstrate a critical and evaluative understanding of the research process including the ethical, theoretical and methodological issues associated with research in your area of interest.


How you'll learn


A wide range of teaching methods will be used during the course, such as lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical workshops. These are all supported by the university’s virtual learning environment which offers a broad selection of support materials.

The clinically focused modules will be taught by clinical specialists and will be based in clinical skills labs, with access to state-of-the-art equipment including gait assessment lab, assessment tools and simulation models. The use of case studies, illness narratives and videos are used to help you apply your learning to practice. In addition, service users contribute to teaching and learning so that you gain an authentic perspective on the effect of disability on a person’s quality of life.

You will learn alongside other qualified physiotherapists in the clinical skills modules and during the theoretical modules, you will learn alongside students from a range of professional and cultural backgrounds. Group discussions and presentations will allow you to develop your communication skills and cultural competence.


Applicants should be professionally qualified physiotherapists and hold a minimum BSc (or Diploma) in Physiotherapy with a minimum 2:1 grade or equivalent.


English language requirements

IELTS: 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 6.0
If you don't meet the English language requirements, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a pre-sessional English programme before you start your course. 


£10,600 per year



 £16,950 per year

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Careers and opportunities

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Critically discuss the principles of assessment, treatment and holistic management of clients with a range of impairments and activity limitations

  • Justify clinical decision making through effective clinical reasoning

  • Critically evaluate theoretical basis of physiotherapy practice.

  • Critically appraise contemporary research to formulate evidence-informed approaches to physiotherapy management

  • Use critical self-reflection effectively as an integral part of life-long learning

  • Communicate decision making effectively with others

  • Critically evaluate the principles for leading and developing people and entrepreneurial practice in strategic contexts

  • Justify choice of research design, methodology and methods to investigate (under supervision) a research question relating to physiotherapy practice and present it in a way that would stand up to critical review in academic and professional settings.

This course aims to improve your employability by enhancing clinical, management and leadership skills, so that successful graduates can influence practice and service delivery, working in line with government initiatives. 

As well as providing opportunities to develop advanced clinical physiotherapy skills, the course aims to understanding of research- and evidence-based practice. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop your communication and leadership skills to a higher level. All of these skills are designed to allow graduates to move into higher positions within the field of physiotherapy and wider health and social care, research or education.


Where our graduates work

Previous graduates have gained advanced clinical physiotherapy positions in the UK and in places as far afield as Japan, India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and the USA. Many graduates have progressed into teaching roles, others have taken research positions or enrolled in doctoral studies.

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