Master of Engineering Science (Power Engineering)

University of Southern Queensland

Program Overview

  • If you want to become a Professional Power Engineer, and have an Australian 3 year engineering degree (or recognised equivalent international degree) but no work experience, the Master of Engineering Science (Power Engineering) will provide a pathway.
  • Throughout the degree there is an emphasis on practical experience with hands-on laboratory sessions and 60 days industry experience, preparing you thoroughly for the engineering profession.
  • You will complete a research project and dissertation applying all your formal knowledge to a real world problem. Whether this is smart grids, microgrids, energy storage systems, for future electricity distribution or the capture of solar energy, your project will provide insight to the profession of a Power Engineer.
  • The research project and dissertation can also be a stepping stone to further research degrees, such as PhD.


  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 35,200


IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90

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  • ENG5001 Professional Skills in Engineering
  • ENM2600 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • ENG8208 Advanced Engineering Project Management
  • ENG3104 Engineering Simulations and Computations
  • ENG8001 Engineering Research Methods
  • ENG8411 Masters Engineering Research Project A
  • ENG8412 Masters Engineering Research Project B #
  • ELE3305 Computer Systems and Communications Protocols
  • ELE3107 Signal Processing
  • ELE3307 Real Time Systems
  • ELE3805 Power Electronics Principles and Applications
  • ELE3807 Power Systems Analysis
  • MEC4104 Renewable Energy Technology
  • CIV2605 Construction Engineering
  • ELE5001 Industrial Communications Protocols
  • ELE3803 Electrical Plant
  • ENG8101 Technological Impact and its Management
  • ENG8103 Management of Technological Risk †
  • ENG8104 Asset Management in an Engineering Environment
  • ENG8205 Project Management Practice
  • ENG8207 Innovation Management and New Product Development
  • ELE4506 Industrial Process Automation
  • GIS1401 Geographic Data Presentation
  • GIS1402 Geographic Information Systems
  • MEC2106 Introduction to Thermofluids
  • ENG3902 Professional Practice 1
  • ENG4903 Professional Practice 2
  • ENG4909 Work Experience - Professional
  • ELE2912 Electrical and Electronic Practice B
  • ELE2913 Electrical and Electronic Practice C
  • ELE3914 Electrical and Electronic Practice D
  • ELE3915 Electrical and Electronic Practice E
  • Australian university three or four-year Bachelor degree in engineering in the relevant specialisation, or equivalent.
  • Australian university four-year Bachelor degree in engineering in a non-related specialisation, or equivalent.


English language requirements

IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.

Course Fees

A$35200 for the full year

  • With the highly practical knowledge and skills you gained in the design, construction and management of power generation, there will be a wide range of career opportunities available to you including mining, transportation, manufacturing, energy distribution operators and power stations.
  • Power Engineers are also at the forefront of alternative power sources and energy storage systems, along with solar and wind energy.
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