BA (Hons) Social Work with International Foundation Year

University Of East London

Program Overview

Are you interested in how people develop and what influences their behaviour? Do you want to help people at risk of harm? Are you interested in legislation and social policy?


This hugely popular course, one of UEL's flagship degrees, will give you a rewarding insight into contemporary social work and train you to become a reflective, capable and effective practitioner. You’ll learn how to support, protect and speak up for people in significant personal difficulty.


We'll give you the theory and information you need through lectures and seminars, but this course is all about hands-on experience - or 'learning by doing', as we call it.


You'll undertake supervised placements in your second and third years, applying your learning by working on real-life projects. By doing this, you'll be able to narrow down your areas of interest for your post-university career.


Thanks to an accreditation agreement between the University of East London and the Health and Care Professions Council, your degree will allow you to practise as a qualified social worker immediately after you graduate.


LondonUnited Kingdom

  Course Duration

60 Months

  Tuition Fee

£ 13,740



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Year 1



Mental Wealth and Professional Fitness: Readiness for Social Work Practice


Mental Wealth and Professional Fitness: Readiness for Social Work Practice-SK4013, is embedded as the Professional Fitness and Mental Wealth (Mental Wealth) module at Level 4 on the BA (Hons) Social Work course and delivers all nine Mental Wealth Competencies. In this core module, we will consider key concepts, and you will be introduced to the competencies and skills as set by the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF), British Association for Social Work and the Professional Standards (Social Work England) and their application to social work’s value-based practice. The module offers you several structured opportunities to practice key generic skills for working with people and increase your understanding of the social work role in a less pressured way than would be the case in a practice learning environment. These skills, competencies and experiences will form a valuable 'toolkit' that you can use for confident progression whilst studying on the BA (Hons) Social Work degree to entering employment.


Communication skills

SK4010 is a core module on the BA (Hons) Social Work course at Level 4. This module will enable you to develop communication and interviewing skills that you can apply to working with people with lived experience of social work with a range of needs. The module will support you to developing skills in critical reflection and self-awareness using a structured reflection process to understand how these dimensions influence interpersonal and professional relationships. You will also have the opportunity to learn and evaluate different theoretical perspectives related to counselling, group work and individual communication. In this module you will develop an awareness of your own values and beliefs and the impact these have on interactions with others You will have opportunities to critically review and rehearse approaches to communication skills important professional social work practice.


Introduction to theory


This module is a core module on the BA (Hons) Social Work course at Level 4. You will be introduced to a range of social work theories and practice models applied to social work and begin to develop a critical understanding the ways different perspectives can contribute to social work practice with diverse populations within a wide range of settings.


There will be a particular focus on a small selection of commonly used theories and models along with their main applications to critical and analytical thinking and reflection in relation to social work practice including factors guiding the choice and critical evaluation of these, and user-led perspectives.


An emphasis is placed on reflective practice. As means to help you understand the multiple applications of theory to social work, you will use reflective practice cycles to explore and enhance your own professional development. Through the use of practice scenarios, you will also examine the relevance of theorisation to deeper understandings of adaptation and change.


Human Growth and Development


SK4011 is a core module on the BA (Hons) Social Work course at Level 4.. During the lecture series you will be introduced to key psychosocial theories that address growth and development across the human lifecycle. The lecture series highlights and explore the influences of early life experiences in later life. During this module you will develop an initial understanding of how theories apply to human development through a series of practical and experiential lectures and seminars


Social Contexts and Social Policy

SK4205 is a core module on the BA(Hons) Social Work course at Level 4. This module will enable you to begin to understand the interrelationship between social policy in the areas of social welfare, health, education, employment and the impact on social work practice. You will examine different ways that policy responds to social problems and consider their implications in relation to issues of culture, equality and diversity.


You will also be introduced to key sociological concepts which inform such debates and have the opportunity to explore and chart the development of specific social problems with links to social work practice. An emphasis will be placed on equipping you with an awareness of the kinds of social problems you will may encounter in whilst undertaking Professional Practice Placement I during year two of the course.


Year 2




  • Professional Practice Placement: I (70 Days)
  • Contemporary Issues for Social Work Practice: I
  • Social Policy, Welfare, and Law I
  • Contemporary Issues for Social Work Practice: II
  • Social Policy, Welfare, and Law II

Year 3




  • Professional Practice Placement: II (100 Days)
  • Advanced Social Work Theory: Applying Critical Thinking and Analysis to Practice
  • Social Work Practice with Children and Families: Knowledge and Skills Integration
  • Research Minded Practice for Social Work
  • Social Work Practice with Adults: Knowledge and Skills Integration

English Language requirements

Overall IELTS 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening (or recognised equivalent).


If you do not meet the academic English language requirements for your course, you may be eligible to enrol onto a pre-sessional English programme. The length of the course will depend on your current level of English and the requirements for your degree programme. 

International Fees Full time, 3/5 years
£13,740 per year

We have more than 1,000 applicants for places on this course every year and only 65 places. Just to be accepted onto our programme is a massive achievement, and you'll when on your way to a rewarding career in social work. 


Because we're the principal social work training provider in east London, you can rest assured that you'll be in very safe hands when it comes to finding a job after graduating. 


We have strong links with local social work agencies and employers, who have known and trusted us and our graduates for many years. Our students are in constant demand for newly qualified social worker posts, so choosing this course will give you a head start when it comes to finding a job in social work in east London. 


We're fully accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to award professional qualifications in social work alongside academic degrees. When you complete this degree, you'll be eligible to register with the HCPC and practice as a social worker, though you'll still be required to continue your professional development as part of your professional registration. 


You'll do this through what's known as your 'Assessed and Supported Year in Employment', and you'll also have the option of gaining further qualifications, including a master's degree. 


Through these courses, you can continue to develop academically and professionally in line with the framework agreed by The College of Social Work - social work's professional body.

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