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BHealth Bachelor of Health

University of Waikato

Hamilton NZ, New Zealand

  • Tuition Fee NZ$ 31,020
  • Country Rank#5
  • Duration36 Months
  • Score IELTS: 6.5 TOEFL: 90

Program Overview

For Māori and indigenous peoples across the world, the sun is significant in health; knowledge; hāuora; and mātauranga is immeasurable. The sun is light, life, health and promise, and pushes away darkness. Hence, in our Māori karakia we often say, “ka puta ki te ao mārama” meaning to bring something into the world of light, to give it life.


At the University of Waikato we believe it is time to bring to light new ways of thinking about and practicing health in ways that address the growing inequities in the health system, through recognising the importance of hauora.*


In recognising the importance of preventative and holistic approaches to health, we need a workforce with knowledge of health service quality and equity that is built on a foundation of cultural competency, multidisciplinary knowledge, interpersonal and collaborative skills, applied biomedical skills, critical thinking, and regional and community engagement.


The Bachelor of Health has been specifically developed to address the growing demand for a workforce that can contribute across the health sector as this industry diversifies into roles with local governments, iwi, indigenous populations, community groups, private enterprise, individuals and families.


The BHealth is underpinned by the concept of hauora in practice and incorporates Biomedical Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physiology); Epidemiology; Bioethics; Health Communication and Community Approaches; Māori, Pacific and Indigenous perspectives and practice; Psychology, Sociology, Policy; and Statistics, all of which allows students to explore the diverse aspects of health and wellbeing in applied and theoretical settings.


Our graduates will have knowledge and skills that are practical and transferable, allowing them to practice in ways that exhibit an understanding of health as it relates to the individual, whanau and community. With a BHealth you will be well positioned to contribute to innovative approaches that address the complex health issues which matter to the different communities in New Zealand and internationally.


*Hauora, as represented in this material, is defined as a holistic approach that values the interconnection between the physical and meta physical in ways that nourish and sustain the vitality of people and their communities. In doing so recognition is attributed to past generations, historical contexts, and connections to the land.

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