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Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Palaiseau, France

  • Cost of Living€ 16,944
  • Tuition Fee From 13,000
  • Country Rank#243
  • Batch Strength6,087
  • Global Diversity40%
  • Gender Ratio24 : 76



The Polytechnic Institute of Paris, commonly known as the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, is a top-tier institute of science and technology. The university comprises 5 prestigious French engineering schools, namely, the École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris, and Télécom SudParis. They operate under the umbrella of the Institute to achieve two main objectives: the establishment of top-notch training programmes and cutting-edge research. This institute has made a name for itself as a premier centre for research and teaching both domestically and internationally by building on the success of its five founding institutions.


In the past 200 years, the five institutions have worked together to advance significant economic and technical developments. Nobel laureates and well-known individuals from the fields of politics, business, and research are among the university's notable alumni. The Institut Polytechnique de Paris, founded in May 2019, draws on the 200 years of scientific and technological experience of its five founding Schools. Each year, the Institute accepts 8,500 new students. The Plateau de Saclay, a centre for research-intensive education and industry that has been named one of the world's top eight innovation clusters, is home to the institute.


For both students and professionals, the Polytechnic Institute provides a wide range of educational programmes. Students that are accepted go through a very stringent hiring procedure and receive a top-notch education from professors and industry experts who are respected in their professions. Whatever their subject of interest, prospective graduates can obtain the skills they need through the university's programmes to compete in a work market that is getting more and more competitive. The Institut Polytechnique de Paris provides research programmes in 10 disciplinary areas ranging from bachelors to doctoral degrees.


  • Biology
  • Chemistry and Processes
  • Economics
  • Information, Communications and Electronics
  • Computer Science, Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics and Energetics
  • Physics
  • Humanities, Arts, Literature and Languages


Through the application of new technology to conventional fields, for instance, this interdisciplinary approach fosters new synergies across disciplines. The Institut Polytechnique de Paris offers courses in both English and French. Programmes that teach English include:


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Engineer programmes
  • Master’s programmes in 14 fields
  • PhD programmes in 7 fields
  • PhD Tracks (Integrated Masters and PhD programmes)


One of the best public universities in France's Palaiseau Cedex is IP Paris. Several well-known ranking systems have listed the university among the top universities in France and the world. On a global scale, IP Paris is acknowledged as the benchmark institution. The École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris, and Télécom SudParis had gone to great lengths together to represent the superiority of French education and research, as seen by its results in rankings. Here are some noteworthy highlights from the Polytechnic Institute of Paris rankings -


  • THE World University Ranking 2022 - #91
  • THE Young University Ranking 2022 - #6
  • QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2022 - #12
  • CWUR 2021 to 22 - #41
  • ARWU 2021 - #301 - 400


Course-Wise Rankings

Here are a few of the university’s subject-wise rankings according to THE 2022 -


Engineering & Technology - #101 - 125

Research - 47.1

Teaching - 53.5


Life Sciences - #84

Research - 26.5

Teaching - 40.9


Physical Sciences - #22

Research - 74.2

Teaching - 78.5


Business & Economics - #126 - 150

Research - 48.7

Teaching - 48.7


Computer Science - #48

Research - 64.6

Teaching - 76.7


QS Ranks

US News Ranks








The Institut Polytechnique de Paris offers students a dynamic and bountiful student life on a special 200-hectare campus. A vast network of academic, athletic, and scientific amenities is available on its campus. The aim of the institute is centred on the transfer of knowledge to the economy and society. Its network of incubators, 30 top-notch laboratories, multidisciplinary centres, commercial and public research partners, and innovation centres all contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge innovation and the development of students' creativity. A number of significant Polytechnic Institute of Paris facilities are listed here  -


  • Laboratories
  • Education facilities
  • Libraries
  • Innovation Park
  • Sports facilities
  • Health & Social Security
  • Student associations & clubs



Polytechnic Institute Of Paris Entry Requirements

At IP Paris, overseas students from more than 60 different countries make up 30% of the entire student body. There are three rounds of application deadlines for these students beginning in November. Each programme has its own deadlines, which must be verified on the university's official website. There is no open application policy at Ecole Polytechnique, and no applications are accepted after the deadline. Here are a few Polytechnic Institute of Paris entry requirements to consider while submitting an application to the university:

  • Previous Official Academic transcripts translated into English or French
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (~83-86%)
  • English proficiency test scores
  • CV/Resume
  • Interview
  • SOP
  • LOR
  • Medical records containing health background details stating any illness or physical disability (if applicable)
  • Health insurance
  • Work experience
  • Although it is not required, it is advised that students learn some basic French before joining in order to improve their communication


Polytechnic Institute Of Paris Fees

At IP Paris, the tuition costs stay the same throughout the duration of the programme. Additionally, financial help and scholarships may be available to students. These funds are few and frequently fall short of fully covering the cost of tuition. Once the academic year has begun, it is typically rare for a student's fee status to change. Students may be qualified to pay tuition at the EU rate for the next academic year if they acquire EU citizenship or if their nation enters the EU. A change in fee status, however, is not always instant. The approximate Polytechnic Institute of Paris fees for students are -

  • EU Students - €13,500 / year
  • Non-EU Students - €16,800 / year


Polytechnic Institute Of Paris Placement

All of Ecole Polytechnique's academic programmes are created for top-tier students who have exceptional talent and are capable of completing a rigorous course load. The Polytechnic Institute of Paris's acceptance rate is at 10%, indicating that admission is tough and that the screening process is extremely rigorous. However, the employability is great with a majority of graduates at IP Paris, getting to work as soon as they finish their degrees. A little over 47% of students enter the corporate sector, 29% pursue a PhD, 15% opt for the public sector, and 3% establish their own business. The following are some of the highest graduation incomes along with the professions they work in that come with Polytechnic Institute of Paris placements:

  • Compliance, AML, KYC and monitoring - EUR 144062.90
  • Executive management and change - EUR 123961.10
  • Financial services - EUR 117260.50
  • Sales and business development - EUR 78732.05
  • Finance control and strategy - EUR 76219.32


Regardless of the programme you are studying, there are several scholarship opportunities provided by the Polytechnic Institue of Paris as well as other organisations. With so many scholarships available now, overseas students can greatly lower the financial burden of studying in a new country. You can apply for scholarships to study at IP Paris through UniScholars. You can find the following types of scholarships based on your academic performance and financial situation:


  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Need-based scholarships
  • Country-specific scholarships
  • College-specific scholarships
  • Student-specific scholarships


Most international students are obligated to show proof of sufficient funds in order to obtain a visa. While some students may have the opportunity to make use of scholarships, not all students cut the eligibility to get a scholarship or a grant. Moreover, not all scholarships cover 100% of your study abroad expenses. At such times, most students resort to acquiring education loans to avoid the financial hassles associated with studying at the university. For Indian students, UniCreds is the ideal education loan marketplace if you’re looking for low-interest rates and free consultation services!


There are several student housing options available for students planning to attend the Polytechnic Institute of Paris. You may select from a wide choice of affordable yet elegant student flats, halls of residence, studios, ensuites, and more! You have the option of staying on campus in the university halls of residence or in a private residence. Because of their proximity to the university, on-campus housing options may be ideal; nevertheless, they tend to fill up fast and are more expensive.


UniAcco simplifies the process of finding student housing and offers a variety of options. As a result, students can select from a wide range of available student accommodation near the university, such as luxury studios, en-suites, and shared apartments that are more inexpensive and student-friendly.

Cost of Living

Paris is ranked ninth in the QS Best Student Cities 2022 rankings. Because it is the capital city, the cost of living in Paris is greater than in other areas of the country. However, France is a popular destination for international students, owing to the low cost of education and the country's world-renowned culture. Living expenditures also largely vary on factors such as student accommodation, spending patterns, lifestyle, location, and more. Here is a breakdown of a student's monthly living expenses in Paris -



Cost (per month)

Off-Campus Accommodation 


On-Campus Accommodation




Food Cost


Utility Cost








Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation 


Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation