Program Overview

This program is for graduates with non-Education bachelor degrees wanting to qualify to teach disciplines in secondary schools. For admission, your bachelor degree disciplines must align with the current subject offerings of Queensland schools.

In this program you will:

  • Build on existing subject knowledge with discipline-specific courses preparing you for the classroom

  • Assess students’ learning needs, design lesson plans and manage a diverse classroom

  • Complete Supervised Professional Experience in three blocks, totalling 60 days of practice teaching, with opportunity to gain experience rurally and remotely

  • Attend ongoing professional development seminars and employment forums

  • Meet with employer representatives, The Queensland College of Teachers, teacher unions and international recruiters


Sunshine CoastAustralia

  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 27,400


IELTS: 7.5 TOEFL: 85

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Required courses (12) 144 units

  • EDU712 Diversity and Inclusion

  • EDU713 Individual Learner Needs

  • EDU714 Professional Experience: Managing Learning Environments

  • EDU715 Literacy and Numeracy across the Curriculum

  • EDU716 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Teaching and Learning

  • EDU717 Using Data for Learning

  • EDU718 Teacher as Researcher

  • EDU719 Teacher as Global Practitioner

  • EDU720 Professional Experience: The Professional Teacher

  • EDU764 Quality Teaching and Learning

  • EDU765 Professional Experience: Orientation to the Profession

  • EDU766 Assessing Learning


Required Senior curriculum courses (2) 24 units

Select 2 Senior curriculum courses associated with your teaching areas from:

  • EDU727 Teaching Senior Secondary Arts 1

  • EDU728 Teaching Senior Secondary Arts 2

  • EDU736 Teaching Senior Secondary Business

  • EDU738 Teaching Senior Secondary English

  • EDU740 Teaching Senior Secondary Geography

  • EDU742 Teaching Senior Secondary History

  • EDU744 Teaching Senior Secondary HPE

  • EDU746 Teaching Senior Secondary Languages

  • EDU748 Teaching Senior Secondary Mathematics

  • EDU760 Teaching Senior Secondary Science 1

  • EDU761 Teaching Senior Secondary Science 2

  • EDU763 Teaching Senior Secondary Technology

  • EDU793 Teaching Senior Secondary Curriculum

  • EDU794 Teaching Senior Secondary Psychology


Required Junior curriculum courses (2) 24 units

Select 2 Junior curriculum courses associated with your teaching areas from:

  • EDU725 Teaching Junior Secondary Arts 1

  • EDU726 Teaching Junior Secondary Arts 2

  • EDU729 Teaching Junior Secondary Business

  • EDU737 Teaching Junior Secondary English

  • EDU739 Teaching Junior Secondary Geography

  • EDU741 Teaching Junior Secondary History

  • EDU743 Teaching Junior Secondary HPE

  • EDU745 Teaching Junior Secondary Languages

  • EDU747 Teaching Junior Secondary Mathematics

  • EDU749 Teaching Junior Secondary Science 1

  • EDU759 Teaching Junior Secondary Science 2

  • EDU762 Teaching Junior Secondary Technology

Research has shown that the most effective teachers are those who have academic capability, literacy and numeracy skills, and personal characteristics (non-academic capabilities). Entry to this program requires that applicants meet academic and non-academic criteria.


Academic qualifications

Applicants must have completed a non-Education Bachelor's degree (AQF Level 7), or equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 4.0 from a recognised tertiary institution. In addition, applicants must satisfy the discipline study requirements of at least one-quarter of a degree in a nominated first teaching area and one-sixth of a degree in a nominated second teaching area. Teaching Area One and Teaching Area Two must be from contrasting subject areas or different discipline areas and contain no more than 2 introductory courses in each area.


The Master of Teaching (Secondary) program at USC offers the following teaching areas:

Accounting, Agricultural Science, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Chinese, Drama, Dance, Design and Technology, Digital Technologies, Earth and Environmental Science, Economics and Business, English, Film, Television and New Media, French, Geography, German, Health and Physical Education, History, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Legal Studies, Marine Science, Mathematics, Media Arts, Music, Physics, Psychology, Science, Spanish, Study of Religion and Visual Arts.

Applicants from a non-English speaking background must attain an IELTS score of at least 7.5 with a minimum of 8.0 in speaking and listening and 7.0 in all other subtests.

Annual tuition fee ($AUD)


  • Corporate trainer

  • Education consultant

  • Teacher in secondary schools (Years 7-12)

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