Program Overview

Make an impact on young people's lives. The Master of Teaching (Primary) program qualifies graduates with non-education bachelor degrees to teach in primary schools with students in Prep to Year 6.

In this program you will:

  • Learn to inspire young students and apply existing subject knowledge in the classroom

  • Study core courses that prepare you to teach english, maths, science, technology, arts, history, geography, health and physical education (PE)

  • Learn how to motivate and encourage young students through curriculum design, teaching strategies and behaviour management

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development seminars and employment forums

  • Complete Supervised Professional Experience in three blocks, totalling 60 days of practice teaching, with the opportunity to gain experience in rural and remote areas throughout Queensland


Sunshine CoastAustralia

  Course Duration

24 Months

  Tuition Fee

AU$ 27,400


IELTS: 7.5 TOEFL: 85

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Discipline specific courses (9) 96 units

  • EDU767 Teaching Primary School English: Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • EDU768 Teaching Mathematics in the Early Years

  • EDU769 Teaching Science in Primary School

  • EDU774 Teaching Primary School Mathematics

  • EDU776 Teaching Reading and Writing

  • EDU777 Teaching Arts in Primary School

  • EDU778 Teaching HASS in Primary School

  • EDU779 Teaching HPE in Primary School(6 units) Δ

  • EDU780 Teaching Technologies: Curriculum and Pedagogy(6 units)


Professional courses (8) 96 units

  • EDU712 Diversity and Inclusion

  • EDU716 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Teaching and Learning

  • EDU717 Using Data for Learning

  • EDU718 Teacher as Researcher

  • EDU720 Professional Experience: The Professional Teacher

  • EDU792 Professional Experience: Individual Learner Needs

  • EDU795 Professional Experience: Orientation to Teaching and Learning

  • EDU796 English Language and Literacy

Research has shown that the most effective teachers are those who have academic capability, literacy and numeracy skills, and personal characteristics (non-academic capabilities). Entry to this program requires that applicants meet academic and non-academic criteria.


Academic qualifications

You must have completed a non-education bachelor's degree (AQF Level 7) or equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 4.0 from a recognised tertiary institution which includes the equivalent of at least one full-time year of study in areas relevant to one or more learning areas of the primary school curriculum.

Applicants from a non-English speaking background must attain an IELTS score of at least 7.5 with a minimum of 8.0 in speaking and listening and 7.0 in all other subtests.

Annual tuition fee ($AUD)


  • Children's advocate

  • Children's television presenter

  • College /University tutor or lecturer

  • Community education centre leader

  • Education consultant

  • Education exhibition organiser

  • Education Policy Analyst

  • Primary school teacher

  • Private practice tutor

  • Teacher of English overseas

  • Youth support worker

  • Zoo education officer

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